10 Best Shaped Pouches Manufacturer & Supplier In The UK


A rack in a grocery store possesses numerous products of the same category competing to get their customers’ attention. And out of these trillions of options, a customer takes a few seconds to declare one product victorious in this battle for attention contest. One of the undeniable factors that played nicely with the customer’s psyche in this selection process is the product’s packaging.

Over a decade, the business world started investing substantial money in packaging to mould customers’ decisions in favor of their products. A series of well-built and highly appreciated packaging bags and pouches options are available in the market including mylar bags and eco-friendly pouches. The latest innovative entry of shaped pouches is snatching all the buzz of packaging manufacturers. But out of those, only a few succeeded in bringing unbelievable shapes, as suggested in this blog that offers profound insight into the product’s true nature.

Here will solely introduce you to those shaped pouches companies listed as the top 10 shaped pouches manufacturers in the UK that will set your business in motion and sweep your customers off their feet.


Source: https://fresherpack.co.uk/

Discover top-tier food storage solutions at FresherPack, the UK’s premier experts for homes and small businesses since 2007. Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, with a distribution center in North Lincolnshire, we’ve satisfied 10000’s of customers. Explore our Google reviews for proof. Benefit from friendly service, competitive prices, and quality products delivered across the UK and Europe. Contact us for expert advice or browse our expanding product range. Buy effortlessly online or reach us at hello@fresherpack.co.uk.

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 2007
  • Location:  UK
  • Products: Vacuum sealer bags, Mylar foil bags, Oxygen Absorbers and Zip Lock Foil Bags

Vac Pack

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: U.K
  • Products: Vacuum sealer bags and rolls ,Valve storage vacuum seal bags, Smell Proof Stash Bag, oxygen absorbers 

Based in Nottinghamshire, we specialize in comprehensive vacuum packaging solutions, from consumables to equipment. Originating from firsthand challenges in packaging procurement, our business addresses stock availability and quality concerns. Recognizing the market need, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with suppliers, resulting in a premium range of foil/mylar bags and vacuum packing machines. We take pride in offering quality at competitive prices, with the flexibility to tailor quotes for large volume orders. Our products, designed for both home and business use, signify our commitment to excellence. Contact us for personalized advice on your packaging needs.

Jamo Solutions LTD

  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: UK
  • Year established: 2015
  • Products: Shaped pouches, Tea and coffee bags, Stand Up pouches, Flat pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Child resistant bags, Spout pouches, Side gusseted pouches, Fin seal pouches, Aluminium foil bags, Window pouches, Sustainable pouches, Anti-counterfeiting pouches

Offering premium, food-safe packaging at competitive rates, we serve customers seamlessly through four diverse channels: online shop, phone, Amazon, and eBay. With ample stock, orders are dispatched promptly. Our dedicated customer service, accessible via phone, email, and chat, is professional and friendly. A distinctive feature is our provision of free samples, allowing customers to experience the quality firsthand—an exclusive offering that sets us apart.


Source: https://www.fastpacks.co.uk/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: U.K.
  • Products: Mylar Bags , Pre-Roll Tubes

Fastpacks provides swift and cost-effective airtight storage solutions and headshop supplies, shipped directly from our UK warehouse. Specializing in Mylar Bags and Medical Grade Airtight Packaging, our range includes pre-roll tubes, pop top and squeeze bottles, smoking accessories, and tamper-evident holographic stickers. For bulk orders exceeding 500pcs, contact us at fastpacks@yahoo.com for personalized assistance.


Source: https://calipacks.co.uk/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: UK
  • Products: Train Wreck Pre Roll Tube ,  Mylar Packs , Die-cut Packs


Orders at Calipacks are typically fulfilled the next working day and guaranteed within 5 working days, except for customized orders, which may take up to 3 weeks. For precise delivery details, reach out to us at info@calipacks.co.uk. We utilize various providers based on order size and delivery preference, including Royal Mail Tracked for smaller orders and UPS or TNT for larger or international orders. Upon processing, you’ll receive a tracking code via email for convenient order tracking on your account. Please consult this code for delivery updates before contacting us for additional information.

FFP Packaging

FFP Packaging logo
Source: https://www.ffppkg.co.uk/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1967
  • Location: Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton, UK
  • Products: Stand up pouches, Pre-made bags, Ovenable, Microwaveable and Recyclable pouches and bags, Recyclable laminates and lidding films.

FFP packaging is one of the contenders of our leading shaped pouches manufacturers for all the right reasons, whether it’s the quality or the services they have provided over the years. They offer a wide range of flexible packaging solutions that have been carefully developed by studying customer needs and market trends. They never fail to propose an on-time delivery of their reliable products.

With the introduction of shaped pouches manufacturing, they are rightfully fulfilling the company’s mission of supplying advanced eco-friendly and adaptable packaging. FFP has extensive expertise in creating superior packaging solutions for in-demand market sectors. They have bulk production of shaped pouches, and a large number of their orders constitute pet food packaging and bakery packaging.

Jam Packaging

Source: https://jampackaging.co.uk/
  • Business Type:   Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location:  UK
  • Products: Custom Mylar Packs , Direct Print Packs ,Custom Glass Jars ,Custom Concentrate Jars ,Custom Plastic Tubes ,Custom Tuna Tins

Jam Packaging strives to present the colors, features, specifications, and product details on the Site with utmost accuracy. However, we do not assure that these aspects will be entirely accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. Your electronic display may not precisely mirror the true colors and details of the products. Product availability is subject to change, and we cannot guarantee stock availability. We reserve the right to cease any product at any time for any reason. Prices for all products are subject to change.

The Cali Drip

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: UK
  • Products: Mylar Bags , Pound Bags

TheCaliDrip operates this website, and throughout the site, the terms “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to TheCaliDrip. By accessing or purchasing from our site, you engage in our “Service” and agree to comply with the provided terms and conditions. This includes additional terms, conditions, and policies referenced herein or available by hyperlink. The Terms of Service apply to all users of the site, including browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and contributors of content.

Id Packs

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Printing
  • Location: UK
  • Products:

ID Packs Ltd specializes in providing a range of packaging services, including Custom Packaging, Premade Packaging, and Wholesale options. Our offerings extend to Print services, encompassing Medical Label Print. We also supply Pop Top Vials, Premade Mylar Bags, Premade Self Seal Tins, and Concentrate Containers. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality packaging solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Loud420 Lables

Source: https://loud420labels.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: UK
  • Products: Mylar bags , Concentrate Packaging , Preroll Packaging

Welcome to our packaging business, where we specialize in crafting custom labels and Mylar bags tailored for your unique business needs. All bags and packaging featured on our site are sold empty, providing a blank canvas for your creativity. Contact us for personalized packaging solutions.

Experience our high-definition vinyl sticker packaging at a low cost, with no required minimums and a quick turnaround time. Additionally, we offer preprinted bags at the lowest cost compared to any supplier in the USA. Our efficient operations ensure fast and free shipping from California, with all orders processed within 24 hours. Elevate your packaging game with us!


Final Words

Packaging of a product is not a mere covering but an art with the ability to connect with the customers at an emotional level. With all the ingredients in the right place, it can do wonders for business owners. The color combination and image paired with essential text convey the message on the brand’s behalf. In that aspect, the magic of shaped pouches is their shape alone, if designed with the collaboration of a competent design and marketing team, is enough to resonate with the people and strike a chord at a deeper level. And that’s why the hype around shaped pouches is real and is not in the mood to die anytime sooner. We present you with the leading shaped pouches manufacturers in the UK that possess all the components you want in the packaging of your product.

We are well aware of the concerns and uncertainty you face in selecting the packaging bags and pouches for your product. If you need further reassurance, our consultation team will provide you with a quote and guide you through the process, helping you make a confident decision.

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