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Rinpac prioritizes customer needs and never compromises on the quality and variety of packaging bags. We have a wide variety of clients who are running their dream brands locally and internationally.

Whether you are a local business owner or running an international brand, you will find your desirable printed packaging by Rinpac and we always support you with our bags and pouches by keeping harmony between your objective and your customer’s need.

Rinpac do every possible effort to increase the shelf life of your product by offering multiple packaging of bags and pouches so you can pick yours.

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Rotogravure printed packaging

Rinpac offers rotogravure printed packaging for pouches and bags if you are running a large-scale brand because obviously it produces high-quality images to make the bags and pouches eye catchy and it attracts customers easily. It is mostly used for stand-up pouches.

It gives a more professional and glamorous look to your bags and pouches.

A customer judges the quality of a product by the packaging of the product so the rotogravure printed packaging tells the quality of your product. Take your brand to the next level with rotogravure printed packaging.

Toppan printed packaging

Rinpac provides you with Toppan printed packaging which is eco-friendly and gives an effective impact on the bags and pouches. You can get customized printing through the Toppan printed packaging. It makes your brand competitive and brings a large number of potential customers.

Screen printed packaging

Screen printing is used for printing images and text with single-color ink. It doesn’t cost your leg and arm but it’s an affordable printing method for your pouches and bags.

If you are a small owner of your brand and you want affordable printing bags and pouches so you will find Rinpac on your back, we provide screen-printed pouches and bags which attract your customer by the look and words written on them.

Flexographic printed packaging

Rinpac offers flexographic printing which is widely used for flexible packaging, not for flat packages. You can get both water-based and oil-based text and images if you avail of flexographic printed packaging.

We offer flexographic printing to your bags and pouches if you have a very large quantity of orders to deliver.

Thermal transfer printing packaging

We offer thermal transfer printing to bags and pouches which enhances the text and images by heat transfer method on the pouches to make them more alluring and permanent.

You can customize the design and text on your bags and pouches and increase your audience with this printing.

Four-color printed packaging or CMYK printing

We also offer four-color printed packaging for your bags and pouches. It is the most demanding packaging nowadays. Mostly four colors are used; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to make vibrant and eye-catchy pictures on bags and pouches which tell the authenticity of your brand.

By creating full-color images and real effects to the pictures, demand is increasing for businesses to attract more and more customers.

Spot color printed packaging

Rinpac offers spot color printing in which single-color ink is used for each part of the package to make it more precise and attractive. We guarantee our clients that they will get the exact color or shade that they demand by spot color printed packaging.

It is largely used for a higher quantity of orders to maintain the consistency and quality of the brand. Whenever a client demands a specific color in a large print run, we offer spot-color printed packaging.

Polished glue packaging

Rinpac offers polished glue packaging for bags and pouches. It makes pouches and bags beautiful by applying a sticking picture or logo on the surface of pouches and bags. It’s again an affordable packaging solution for your bags and pouches. If you are an owner of a small brand then go with it.

Matte finish packaging

You can get matte finish packaging for your bags and pouches to give them a softer and smoother look. It makes the colors of the packages more defined because there is no reflection to make them brighter or darker.

Most food brands use matte finish pouches and bags to make their food products more wholesome and pure.

Spot UV packaging

It gives a very fascinating look to your bags and pouches. Your bags will be glossy as well as matte at the same time. The background will be matte and different or small parts of the bags and pouches will be glossy and shiny.

Top-rated brands use spot UV packaging to attract a large number of customers, we provide the best spot UV pouches and bags to take your brand to a next level.

Hot stamp packaging

We offer hot stamp packaging for your bags and pouches. It consists of a hot stamp press and foil that imprints a captivating design or an eye catchy logo into a surface. It’s a very affordable packaging solution as well as effective to increase your targeted audience.

Creation and design innovation

We at Rinpac do every possible effort to meet the client’s needs and desires. Our research and development department has a number of experts who work courageously on what assign to them.

They always keep an eye on the changing technology and demand of the customers. The R&D department plays a number of experiences to create and design bags and pouches that stand out your brand in a crowd.

Professional Packaging Bags & Pouches Manufacturers From China

Rinpac has been serving the brands with its heart and soul and we always update designs and plants in order to keep the quality and trend of bags and pouches up to date.

Our bags and pouches always attract customers and the customers can’t stop them to hold and check the bags and pouches in a sea of other bags and pouches. We proudly spark in the crowd of professional bags and pouches providers in China.

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