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Rinpac is the top manufacturing Chinese company that produces flexible packaging bags and pouches. They have years of experience in the manufacturing industry. They provide brilliant and quick services to their customers using advanced manufacturing units and professional staff to deal with the vendors. They deliver orders on time and never disappoint their hand shakers. They have been benefiting both small and large companies with their amazing campaign strategies.

They come up with the best packaging solutions for several industries like food packaging, make-up items packaging, coffee packaging, clothes packaging, etc. And each of them is uniquely packed and steals the show in markets because of attractive packaging and premium printing quality. Despite of bulk orders they receive, their service is world-class. The content below describes very well the company’s excellent services to its customers.

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Identifying Your Packaging Bags & Pouches Idea

Research & Development

Research and development is an integral part of any business. So the items to be launched in the market can be designed and created with keen research of customers' needs and therefore this step makes it easier for the companies to target their purchasers. And the story of Rinpac is no different than this.

Custom Packaging Bags & Pouches Drawing

Bag & Pouch Design

Rinpac is a top manufacturer of packaging bags and pouches. Their unique designs are the main reason behind their Big name. Rinpac is the most efficient choice of branding campaigns because of their attractive and high quality designs. Broad range of bags and pouches designs targets the customers. Along with the fabulous packaging ideas, they also offer customized bags and pouches. 

Plastic Bags and Pouches Manufacturing

Bags & Pouches Manufacturing

Rinpac helps brand owners, wholesalers, and distributors to promote their brands and make their names in the Market with flexible packaging and high-end comprehensive manufacturing. All the products are manufactured in sophisticated and modern manufacturing units featuring high-end machinery, tools, and equipment.

Printing during the Packaging of Bags and Pouches Production Process

Bags & Pouches Printing

Printing is the part of brands and helps them build their reputation in the Market. That's why excellent packaging quality and flawless printing method is used for best results. Manufacturing bags of Rinpac in China are printing packaging bags and pouches in the unique and best way possible. Brands can order them in different prints or can customize them according to their taste. 

Bags & Pouches Manufacturing and Packaging

Quality and Management

Along with the top-notch quality, the company assures the safe and timely delivery of products to their customers. Orders taken in bulk quantities don't affect the overall performance of products and guarantee zero faults.

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing management system able Rinpac to assist clients. They keep them up to date with relevant stock information and this improves customer satisfaction levels.

after-sale service

After- sale Service

Not compromising on quality, timely delivery, and offering testing options through free samples are not only the reasons behind the trust that customers have on company. But the services they provide after the sale is another important reason for their success. If there is any fault in the making of the product, the customers can complain to the company and in response an immediate action is taken to satisfy their customers. An Instruction card is also available as a guideline.

free sample

Free Sample

Customer satisfaction is the biggest priority. For this, the company provides free samples of bags and pouches for testing. Customers chose them as per their need.  



Along with the excellence in the manufacturing process, the company also assures to assist customers in the best way possible. 12-hour response times aim to provide ease to services. The customer's queries about products and other information are answered on time. 

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