Packaging Bags & Pouches After-Sale Services

Do you want warranty services for your products? Do you want to enjoy our after-sale care services?

We ensure you the opportunity of extensive after-sale services.

“Any type of help at any time”

Service Throughout the entire lifespan of your product

Once you purchase the packaging Bags and Pouches from Rinpac, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee and assistance services for your products.  

Any type of aid or support which you need after buying our products, we’ll certainly provide you with them.

Our dedicated team will assist you from order to delivery in all possible ways.

The after-sale service team will be there for you to facilitate you with the perfect home services.

after-sale service

Take care of your project end to end

Rinpac assures you that promising warranty favors, brand loyalty, and a word-of-mouth marketing strategy for your project.

The entire team from manufacturers to professionals ever ready to answer your queries, to solve your problems regarding your project from start-up to product return. We not only manufacture products for you but we take care of your preferences and needs. Our experts will advise and give frequent solutions to one or more issues.

Need support? We're 24/7/365 at your service

Are you facing difficulties regarding your product after purchasing it?

Don’t worry!

Our help desk and technical support services providers are ready to assist you round the clock.

We have a clear exchange and return policy for your products.

Firstly, you’ll find our bags and pouches the ideal ones. In case you find any error in our delivery or faulty pieces in your order, you can contact us immediately. Our team will reply to you within 12 hours after the placement of your order.

We will guide you thoroughly about everything from design, size, and shape to the price of your product.

Don’t get late and order your products from Rinpac.

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