Shaped Pouches Manufacturers In China

Top 10 Shaped Pouches Manufacturers & Suppliers In China

Top 10 Shaped Pouches Manufacturers In China


Packaging bags and pouches are in demand by every brand these days. They play an important role in the overall functioning of a product. They give an attractive look to products and provide protection and long shelf life to packaged items.

The unique packaging designs catch the eye of passers and convince them for their purchasing. That is why packaging bags and pouches are very important for every brand. They pave the way for the ultimate success of products and help businesses to expand.

China is famous for manufacturing high-quality packaging bags & pouches. They have a long list of companies that manufacture premium quality packaging bags and pouches. They all provide excellent services to their customers. From printing quality to the presentation on market shelves, they are simply superb!

If you really want to expand your brand and want it to be recognized by everybody, these packaging companies are there for you!


rinpac logo gray
  • Business Type: Rinpac is the top Chinese company that manufactures flexible packaging bags and pouches. Rinpac supplies their packaging bags and pouches to 500+ brands. They deal with various industries and come up with the best packaging solutions.
  • Established Year: 2002.
  • Location: China.
  • Products: Rinpac has a broad range of packaging bags and pouches. Yet they offer customized solutions to their customers. Below is the list of some of their commonly used products.
  • Shaped pouches
  • Stand up Pouches
  • Flat bottom Pouches
  • Fin seal Pouches
  • Mylar Bags
  • Side Gusseted Bags
  • Aluminum Foil Bags
  • Sustainable Pouches

Rinpac is a top manufacturing company for flexible packaging bags and pouches. They have a variety of designs for flexible packaging yet they offer customized solutions. Yes. You can order bags of your own choice. They customize them for you in various designs and print them in a variety of materials.

They deal with all sorts of industries. From food to commercial, they provide the best packaging solutions. Their attractive designs and superior-quality printing materials guarantee the ultimate success of your products as they hit the market.

They facilitate their customers in the best possible manner. Customer satisfaction is their main priority. So they assure that their customers get fully satisfied with them. They manufacture flexible packaging bags & pouches as per the needs and demands of branding campaigns.


Tedpack logo
  • Business Type: TedPack is the manufacturer and supplier for packaging bags and pouches for food and non-food items. For beauty and agricultural products. Their main markets are in the USA and Europe.
  • Established Year: 2011. 
  • Location: Dongguan, China.
  • Products: Famous products of TedPack are,
  • Coffee Bag
  • Pet Food Bag
  • Spout Bag
  • Kraft Paper Bag
  • Quad Seal Bag
  • 3 Side Seal Pouch
  • Gusset Bag
  • Flexible Packaging Film

Located in Dongguan, just a one-hour drive away from Hong Kong, TedPack is the manufacturer company for top-quality packaging bags and pouches. Their main market is in the USA and Europe. They have 20 years of experience in dealing with traders, end-product users, and purchasers. They have provided their services to 1000 customers so far.

 They manufacture and supply superior quality white, black, and brown kraft paper packaging bags and pouches used for multiple purposes. Like for food and non-food items.

Their markets in the USA and Europe clearly tell their success stories and the trust they have gained in the international market. You can contact them for fine packaging of your products. 

Guangzhou Novel

Guangzhou Novel logo
  • Business type: Novel Packaging is a top class manufacturer of plastic colour-printing and laminating flexible packaging. They deal with high barrier film, multifunction films, vacuum coating film and high performance composite materials used for food and some other purposes.
  • Established Year: 2004
  • Location: Guangzhou, China
  • Products:
  • Coffee and tea packaging film
  • Chips packaging film
  • Easy tear lidding film
  • Pharmaceutical film
  • Instant noodles packaging film
  • Milk powder film
  • Printed vacuum film for meat

Guangzhou Novel has over 17 years of production and management experience in the packaging industry. They have earned a good reputation in these 17 years. The company uses modern technology and the latest research to introduce the best packaging solutions in the international market. They supply their products to Big famous Brands like Nestle, Mars, P&G, etc.

This company deals in plastic color-printing and laminating flexible packaging. Its high barrier film, multifunction films, and vacuum films are highly demanded in the market. As they serve many purposes in households and other industries. 

Besides the pre-made pouches and laminated roll stock, Novel also provides raw material which is recycled and has a high barrier. All products are highly sustainable and serve great purposes for food packaging.

Sante Pack

Sante Pack logo
  • Business type: Sante Pack deals in the manufacturing of flexible packaging bags and pouches.
  • Establishes Year: 1992.
  • Location: Shandong, China
  • Products
  • Stand up pouch
  • 3 side seal pouch
  • Pet food bag
  • Flat bottom pouch
  • Biodegradable plastic bags
  • Kraft paper bag
  • Zip lock bag 

SantePack is a Chinese brand specializing in manufacturing flexible packaging bags. They have over 10 years of experience in dealing with plastic bags. They are fully devoted to making premium quality plastic bags. They supply packaging bags and pouches to 30+ industries from 15 countries. 

They are amazingly good at packaging analysis. They don’t only manufacture but also advise the brand owners and come up with best packaging solutions. They give 100% quality assurance. Problems in any packaging are compensated for and not ignored.

Their customer service is excellent. Their professional staff is always available for customer assistance. Buying directly from their factory saves you 30-40%! They also send free unprinted samples for testing. 

Their devotion to packaging, ethical dealing with customers and flexible prices provoke the brand owners and normal users to stop at their door. They have answers to all kinds of packaging needs.

Minfly Packaging

Minfly Packaging logo
  • Business type: Minfly packaging specially deals with clients who are in food, drink, and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Established year: 2016.
  • Location: Shandong and Guangdong provinces, China.
  • Products
  • Pet food bag
  • Coffee bag
  • Boba cup
  • Spout bag
  • Fruit bag
  • Recycles bag

The company has installed big machinery set up for producing colorful packaging bags and pouches. They mostly deal with clients who are in the food, drink, and pharmaceutical industries. 

They provide customized solutions to their clients. Their designs are very unique from the other companies as they follow the latest trends. The competitive mindset has helped them in growing their business all around the world.

Yingzhicai Packaging

Yingzhicai Packaging logo
  • Business type: The company is specialized in producing plastic packaging bags. They cover products of many industries like food, beverage, dairy and cosmetics.
  • Established year: 1996.
  • Location: Shandong province, China.
  • Products
  • Plastic packaging bags
  • Spout bags
  • Three-side seal bags
  • Aluminum bags
  • Special shaped bags
  • Aluminum foil bags

Yingzhicai is a China-based packaging company famous for producing plastic bags and aluminum foil bags. Both of these serve great purposes in Food and many other industries. 

Their prices are very competitive and their quality is very nice. There is a single worker appointed for each step of the packaging process that assures premium packaging quality.

Their team is available for 7/24 hours of service. They make sure to meet the demands of their customers and take feedback from them after every order completion. They attend exhibitions. So you can have a meeting with them and check out their products.

Weiyi Packaging

Weiyi Packaging logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Established year: 2003
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Products
  • Coffee bag
  • Cosmetics bag
  • Aluminum foil packaging film
  • Mylar bag
  • Kraft paper pouch

The company specializes in flexible packaging. Functional since 2003, Weiyi packaging works under a strict service system and their factory unit now processes high-end machinery for multi-color and flexible packaging. 

With the help of modern technology, they provide computerized designs and marketing ideas to their customers. Their staff is very professional in dealing with matters and guides the new clients very precisely.

Their best thing is that they accept both small and large order quantities and provide free samples to interested parties.

Hezcy Packaging

Hezcy Packaging logo
  • Business type: Hezcy is a professional manufacturer of sustainable flexible packaging and custom value-added assembly services.
  • Established year: Hezcy has 35 years of experience in the packaging field.
  • Location: Guangdong province, China
  • Products
  • Stand up pouch
  • Flat bottom pouch
  • 2 and 3-side seal pouch
  • Quad seal pouch
  • Shaped pouches
  • Vacuum pouches
  • Spout pouches

Hezcy is a professional manufacturer of flexible packaging. They have 35 years of experience in the flexible packaging field. The reason that Hezcy is the leading packaging company among all the packaging brands is its ability to deliver high-quality and full-service manufacturing.

They are certified every year. They are the packaging business partners of the world’s biggest companies like Disney and Wal-Mart. All the team staff is highly professional. They deliver the maximum in the minimum time. 

Hezcy introduces the most unique designs in the market in an affordable range of yours. The use of modern technology results in awesome printing quality. 

Choosing Hezcy as your packaging partner will definitely increase the sales value of your business. They are very economical, especially for overseas business parties.

Meifeng Plastic Product

Meifeng Plastic Product logo
  • Business type: Manufacturer and trader of flexible packaging bags.
  • Established year: 2005
  • Location: Shandong, China.
  • Products
  • Pet food bag
  • Tea bag
  • Food packaging bag
  • Cat litter bag
  • Coffee bag

Meifeng plastic packaging is an industrial-trade integrated enterprise with R&D, design, printing, film blowing, compounding, and bag-making capabilities. Its factory unit is spread over 6000 square meters. The company has earned a good reputation in both the local and international markets.

They customize products and provide free samples. They have a wide range of packaging bags for different purposes. They work on the principle of “Quality First and Service first”. We are well known for the latest trends so they continuously work on innovative ideas and study market demands.

Their business network in the United States, Canada, and Japan urge businessmen and vendors to contact them for the best packaging solutions. Reach them today for the best quality services!

Guoshengli Packaging

Guoshengli Packaging logo
  • Business type: High-quality flexible packaging supplier and specialized in roll stock film.
  • Established year: 1999
  • Location: Shandong province, China.
  • Products
  • Bottom Gusseted pouches
  • Box pouches
  • Kraft paper pouches
  • Shaped pouches
  • Spouted pouches
  • Zipper pouches

Guoshengli packaging is a high-quality customized flexible packaging supplier. They have over 20 years of experience in making roll-stock film packaging pouches. The factory unit is featured with high-end printing machines that print top-notch flexible packaging bags and pouches.

The company has earned a good reputation in the packaging industry due to its premium quality packaging bags and pouches. Professional communication between the staff and customers results in the best packaging solutions.

By using modern printing machines, they produce the most reliable packaging bags and pouches that serve their purposes in the long run and help your business grow.

Contact them for the best packaging solutions and professional guidance and give them a chance to make your products a complete success!

Final Words

Packaging is the demand of every brand and industry. All the products manufactured in factories need to be packaged before they hit the market’s shelf. Packaging increases the sales value of your products as it gives an attractive look and helps in increasing the overall performance of items. 

Different products need different packaging solutions. Packaging companies introduce a broad range of shoes and designs. If you really want your products to get known by everybody out there, you must search for top packaging companies.

There are numerous packaging companies that are serving very well and can help your business flourish. You must contact them for flexible packaging solutions. They give complete professional guidance to you and assist you in the best possible manner. 

So what are you waiting for? When there are a number of packaging companies to help your business grow. They are only one call or message away. Reach them now and get exciting packaging solutions.

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