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Rinpac helps brand owners, wholesalers and distributors to enrich their flexible packaging and help promote their brand presence through high-end comprehensive manufacturing.

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Rinpac warehouse services

We are equipping the storage as well as security and protection of the products of customers. The strategy of time replenishment and intense focus on delivering maximum value for our buyers fetches a healthy connection with them and adds to the worth of our customers.

Our warehouse service will enable you to keep your items stored in a safe place and hygienic environment for around about 90 days. You can pick up your products whenever you are comfortable picking them up.

To promote our just-in-time inventory system we manipulate our marketing strategy on your behalf.

Warehousing & Logistics

We offer enormous deals for orders in bulk. Our warehouse management unit will keep every order separately and provide it to customers whenever they want to get the product. This procedure enables easiness and saves time for each customer.

The uniqueness of our warehouse service is that our packaging bags and pouches will remain in the best condition,  shipping will be on time, and all sorts of problems regarding your products be sorted out quickly.

Rinpac Logistic Services

The extensive chain of Logistic services brings tremendous success stories to Rinpac.

The skilled team, transport, and delivery department take care of every thick and thin of customers’ products.

Our long-term assurance of storage of your products propels us to grow.

One can surely rely on our warehouse and logistics services, as we not only deliver your order but earn your trust through our hard work.

Step-by-step manufacturing, storage, transportation, and delivery of your order and our struggle behind it are our prominences.

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