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  • Choose the most suitable flexible packaging bags & pouches for beauty according to your brand and products;
  • Customized beauty packaging bags & pouches solutions for any industry;
  • Years of experience in packaging bags & pouches design and development team;
  • Extensive experience in the flexible packaging industry;
  • Fast quotation.
Facial Mask Packaging
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Beauty Packaging Bags & Pouches Supplier And Manufacturer in China

Rinpac has been serving multiple industries, including the beauty industry. We care for our clients and know that packaging matters a lot in the beauty industry. Customers do not buy only the product but look for some aesthetic packaging, especially in beauty products. 

The first look of your product can change the game. If you have an effective product but not the packaging so you can collapse as you have heard that the first impression is the last impression. Your packaging can either take your brand high or can fall you.

But you don’t have to worry because Rinpac does every effort for the packaging of your brand and offers multiple types of packaging whether you are a small brand owner or running an international brand. We have multiple solutions for your packaging problems so you can fly high with your dream beauty brand.

Wholesale Beauty Packaging Bags & Pouches in Bulk

Rinpac has a wide variety of beauty packaging and we recommend it according to your brand and problem, of course, you can customize it according to your desire and trend and can get your packaging solution in bulk. There’s always a perk to buying in bulk because there is always a discount to buy in bulk.

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Custom Types of Beauty Packaging Bags & Pouches

custom Body Scrub Packaging

Flat Pouches for Beauty Packaging

Flat pouches are more desirable for the industries that make cleansers, creams, gel-based products, and facial mask packages as they lie flat on a surface, and with their tear notches it is easy for the customers to open them. It is desirable for the single-time used product.

Bath Salt Packaging bottom

Flat Bottom Pouches for Beauty Packaging

The industries that usually make beauty tools like make-up brushes and other accessories, mostly use flat bottom pouches so that their products reach their destination without any spoilage and breakage. 

Facial Mask Packaging back

Stand-up Pouches for Beauty Packaging

Stand-up pouches are also used by industries that make liquid products like shampoo, cleansers, and body washes. You can absolutely customize according to your need and desire and we will be contented to make your customization packaging.

Soap Packaging opening

Mylar Bags for Beauty Packaging

Mylar bags are used by industries that are concerned to increase the shelf life of their products and they can be stored for a long period of time like wax beans, powder scrubs, and so on. Its zipper option makes it convenient for their customer to use according to their need and then lock it for future use. 

Customized Side Gusseted Bags Coffee

Side Gusseted Bags for Beauty Packaging

Side gusseted bags are mostly used by skincare brands to keep their product fresh and safe and to keep them customer friendly, you can get them according to your customization need. Side gusseted bags make it easy to fill your product without any wastage and it's an affordable option for your packaging need.

Fin Seal Pouch For Rice packaging

Fin Seal Pouches for Beauty Packaging

Fin seal pouches are also used by the beauty industries to keep it easy to open for their customers. It is often used by industries that make dry products like bleach powder, scrub powder, beauty soaps or dry shampoos, and so on.

Customized Your Beauty Packaging from Chinese Manufacturer

Beauty Packaging bags and pouches size

We have every size for your products needs and if you want any other size so we would love to make it for you. You can get any custom size for your product. If you want to offer your product in multiple packaging sizes so we will support you by creating different sizes of packaging.

Beauty Packaging bags and pouches Material

We offer multiple materials for packaging whether it is foil, plastic, or any other you want for your packaging solution. We offer according to your business scale by keeping harmony between your budget and trend.

Beauty Packaging bags and pouches shape

You can get any shape for your packaging to make it more aesthetic and fascinating to pump your targeted audience as we know that customers look more for aesthetic products to add to their vanity as it gives them a kind of satisfaction. So yes! We will try our best to make your dream shape packaging.

Beauty Packaging bags and pouches printing method

We have different types of printing methods for your packaging solutions. Whether you want rotogravure, glossy, matte finish, spot UV, spot color, screen printed, hot stamp, or any other you want, you will be welcome with different types of printing methods.

Beauty Packaging bags and pouches Adds On

You can get ads on design on your pouches and bags to advertise your products and have more and more customers. We can customize any shape, and any printing method to advertise your product by printing your brand name or your particular slang.

Beauty Packaging bags and pouches Function Capacities

Packaging must be capable to save the product from weather, light, dust, temperature, moisture, and air. Our packaging solutions have all these capacities to make your product safe with the best customization packaging.

Get Your Beauty Bags & Pouches in Bulk Step By Step

Replay Your Inquiry within 12 hours

If you want your packaging for your pouches and bags in bulk so you will find us on your back, you can submit your inquiry about your order and you will be entertained within 12 hours.

Deliver Your Customized Beauty Packaging Design

After your inquiry and customization, we make our best effort to make your desired packaging in bulk to deliver to you in the desired possible time.

Fulfill Efficient Beauty Packaging Manufacturing

We do our every possible effort to turn your imagination into reality. You can get your efficient packaging design by Rinpac in bulk to deliver your product to a large number of customers without any hurdle.

Satisfy Beauty Packaging Based On Your Requirement

We bring the most desirable packaging solutions for your beauty products to make your products attractive from inside and out on the basis of your requirement.

Rinpac packaging bags & pouches wholesale

Benefit From Your Beauty Packaging Bags & Pouches Manufacturer

Wholesale Beauty Packaging Price

Rinpac not only offers different packaging solutions to your brand but multiple perks as well to its clients. You can get your bags and pouches at very affordable prices. If you are willing to purchase in bulk so you will absolutely get a discount on your dream packaging.

Fast production turnaround

We are equipped with high-power plants and machinery and we always keep an eye on the innovation of the plants and machinery which increases the turnaround time and makes it possible to deliver your dream bags and pouches in less possible time.

Free packaging bag and pouch sample

We always provide packaging solutions to our clients whether from our stock or if they want any customization. And yes! You will definitely get a sample of a bag and pouch for free to check the quality and design.

packaging bags and pouches processing

Low Minimum Order Quantity

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small owner or you are running a large-scale business. We treat every client with the same love and respect and you can even order a low quantity according to your customization need and we would be excited to deliver your order to your destination.

High Bag and Pouch Quality

When we say that we don’t compromise on quality so we mean it! Low-quality and unprofessional packaging is not our thing and when it comes to beauty packaging so we care even more to keep a kinship between captivation and quality. 

Worry-free After sale Services

You order, we make and deliver to your doorstep. Do you think it's enough? No! We care for our clients even after the delivery of their desirable bags and pouches and if they find any mishap, spoilage, or anything that is not according to your requirement then obviously you will be supported with every possible solution. 

Beauty Packaging Bags & Pouches in China

Why does each and every beauty brand care about the packaging? Because as we discussed before that beauty packaging talk about itself. Your brand can stand out in the sea of other brands not only with the effectiveness of the product but with the eye catchy packaging too.

Our name shines in the crowd of packaging manufacturers in China. We came into existence with the primary motive of customer satisfaction and we still doing our best effort on every possible solution to beauty packaging so you can take your brand to the next level in the beauty industry.

Our research and development team is the heart of Rinpac. They provide us with every possible solution and innovation of plants, machinery, and pieces of equipment. We create the best and your favorite design in less time and then we deliver to the final destination with the aim of taking your brand high with our packaging solution.

Beauty Packaging Bags & Pouches Design at Rinpac

We have numerous designs for beauty packaging and we make them according to the trend because we all know that customers not only purchase what they need but they more rush toward the current trend.

Rinpac makes it possible to not compromise on anything that the client demands. All our designs are according to the current trend of the beauty industry but still if you want any customization in the design, shape, size, or printing method so you can discuss it without any hesitation. It would be a pleasure for us to mold your imagination into reality.

Beauty Packaging Bags & Pouches Wholesale at Rinpac

We provide wholesale beauty and cosmetic packaging to your packaging needs. You can select your design and can discuss your customer’s needs and then leave the rest to us.

We deliver beauty packaging at wholesale price and the prices suit you the most because after experiencing our beauty packaging at wholesale, there is no way to get back because of course! There is no other option for us other than client satisfaction.

Buy Beauty Packaging Bags & Pouches in Bulk

We know that you want to be free from your packaging problems and it is a hard time for you when you have your beauty products in your stock but you are running out of bags and pouches.

Rinpac offers beauty packaging in bulk so can purchase in bulk and get out of the problem to deliver your product on time because it’s obvious that when you have bags and pouches in bulk so you can deliver your order at any time.

And yes! How can we forget your ease? You will definitely get a discount on purchasing in bulk as we discussed before so we can both fly high according to our motives and make difference in the crowd.

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