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Rinpac helps brand owners, wholesalers and distributors to enrich their flexible packaging and help promote their brand presence through high-end comprehensive manufacturing.

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If you want a sample from the stock so you will absolutely get the sample for free but you will be liable for delivery charges if you want a customized sample so yeah! It will charge an amount according to customization.

MOQ means minimum order quantity. Our MOQ requirements are:

  • Stocked bags and pouches ( 500 pcs)
  • Customized bags and pouches (2,000-10,000 pcs). It varies from pouch to pouch.


Yes, you can get knifeline template by providing your bag design, type, and size.

Flexible packing pouches come in the form of aluminum pouches, stand-up pouches with or without zip lock, vacuum pouches, kraft paper pouches, side gusseted pouches, three-side seal pouches, and center seal pouches. They come into existence with paper, plastic, film, aluminum foil, etc.

They are supportive for food as well as non-food items and can be used for dry as well as liquid items from flour, nuts, pulses, detergent, industrial tools, and farming fertilizers, to spirits, beverages, milk, syrups, sauces, etc.

You should go with flexible packaging bags and pouches because of the following grounds:

  • It is convenient and eco-friendly.
  • It increases the shelf life of products.
  • It is shipping-friendly you can order larger quantities in a low amount so yeah! it’s an affordable option.
  • It looks more creative and produces more and more customers.
  • It is customer friendly as it is reusable and easy to keep anywhere so customers look more for flexible packaging than boxes, cans, and cases.

There are some stages involved in the production of flexible packaging to keep the kinship between quality and trend:

  • Graphic designing of pouches or bags.
  • Rotogravure roll making.
  • Flexographic printing.
  • Lamination process.
  • Slitting process.
  • Bags or pouches-making process. 
  • Packing.
  • Inspection by experts.
  • Shipping to the final destination.

We offer a wide variety of bags for you so you can pick your desired ones:

  • Mylar bags.
  • Child-resistant bags.
  • Side gusseted bags.
  • Aluminum foil bags.
  • Tamper evident bags.
  • Anti-counterfeit bags.
  • Shaped pouches. 
  • Stand up pouches.
  • Flat pouches.
  • Flat bottom pouches.
  • Spout pouches.
  • Fin seal pouches.
  • Window pouches.
  • Sustainable pouches.

Yes, we have a team who would suggest packaging material according to your design, size, and customization.  


Absolutely yes! You can get whatever design including size, pattern, volume, packaging, or any other customization you want, you will be welcome. We will try our best to turn your imagination into reality.

Yes of course! You can have a custom design and mock-up sample to check whether the quality and design is matching with your requirements.

We provide a variety of surface handling, nearly depending on the design and size of bags and pouches.

Yes, you can get any custom package. You just have to clear the design and everything you want for a custom package.


If your desired bags and pouches are in stock then it will take 5-7 business days. But if you want your unique and customized packaging then it will take 15-25 days but yes of course! If you want faster delivery then you will find us supportive.

By landing on Rinpac, go with the following process:

  • Choose your bag or pouch.
  • Customization and the free sample would be open for you.
  • If you want customization then go with the customization process.
  • Confirm your order.
  • 30% deposit payment when you confirmed for mass production.
  • We arrange all the material after your order confirmation.
  • Production will start at Rinpac.
  • The remaining payment will be taken when the final pathe package is shipped to the destination.
  • You will be supported with after-sales services as well.

We try our best that our clients meet what they crave while delivering their bags and pouches but if you get any defective bag or pouch and you return it within 20 business days then you will be entertained with the new one.

  • Custom samples take 3-7 business days.
  • Stock bags and pouches take 5-7 days.
  • Customized larger quantity packages take 15-25 days.

Our prices vary from pouches to pouches and every customization has different designs, colours, sizes, and patterns so yeah we don’t have any specific price list. 

Client satisfaction was the very first objective of Rinpac confirmation of existence. Whatever services you want, you can feel free to talk with our customer care center.


  • Free sample: shipping charges will be applied.
  • For the stock: 100% payment before shipping.
  • For customized orders: 30% deposit when mass order confirmed, 70% balance before shipping.

You can pay via cash, bank transfer, or through PayPal.


  • For small orders, we do shipping by air or by express.
  • For large orders, shipping is done by air or we also arrange sea shipment.
  • Packages will not be handed over other than to the person who registered while the confirmation.
  • Packages will not be delivered/shipped other than at the registered destination.

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