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Rinpac retains an enviable history of delivering error-free orders and producing packaging bags and pouches with every aspect flawlessly polished to perfection. We never shy away from giving credit for this honor to our effective team working to no end and transforming every idea into an elegant packaging bag simply with their high-quality work.

Rinpac quality management cell collaborates with all the other team members, including our manufacturing team, to capture the finer points and the questions and problems revolving around the manufacturing process. They believe in painting the canvas that captures the journey of our packaging bags and pouches not with big strokes but competently to get their nitty-gritty the right way.

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Basic Checking

Appearance Inspection

To keep Rinpac’s packaging bags’ and pouches’ beautifully crisp quality and impression in check, we take all the measurements to prevent the delivery of packaging bags that can lead to unsatisfied customers. The most common abnormalities checks performed before their delivery to the customers includes ruptures, seal defects, abrasion, and pinholes, to name a few.

In the daylight, the accuracy is measured by human sensory recognition with a margin of 0.5mm to observe creases, bubbles, scratches, perforations, adhesions, foreign bodies, delamination, soiling, etc.

Printing Quality Inspection

Rinpac promises the delivery of visually appealing packaging bags and pouches, and any defect that dents their attractiveness is highly discouraged on our part. We possess many types of equipment, including densitometers and spectrophotometers, to judge the photogenic density and printing quality of our packaging bags. The surface tension value gives us the final verdict about the quality of our bags and whether they are good enough to grab a spot in the real world.

Dimensional Deviation Detection

Rinpac spends energy to provide its customers with packaging bags with absolute measurements of threesome properties – thickness, length, and width, collectively termed as dimensional specifications.

A lot of factors play their part in undermining the hard work of the manufacturing team, and one of them is the usage of compromised quality material in the production phase. To avoid such events attention is paid to the thickness that ultimately distorts the mechanical properties and barrier performance, with strict control over the cost.

A fluctuation in external factors like temperature and humidity, equipment conditions, process factors, internal molecular crystallization, orientation, and internal stress can leave a lasting impact on the packaging bag’s film. A dedicated team under their supreme supervision pays their consideration, and the careful investigation finds a solution to yield a packaging bag free from all these possible errors.

Performance Checking

Rinpac aims to craft packaging bags and pouches with a pure resin film that operates both ways to keep your edible items out of harm’s way and is durable. The film takes the journey to reach the point with unimaginable physical and mechanical strength. This trip requires the film to have an alliance with other additives, including a certain amount of plasticizers, stabilizers, antioxidants, fillers, lubricants, and foaming agents, to name a few. At times a misguided alliance of this sort can lead to a packaging bag that is not favorable for carrying edible items. To clear that ground and provide our customers with health-conscious packaging bags, our team considers it mandatory to perform the following physical and chemical performance tests.

Outgoing inspection

The manufacturing of packaging bags and pouches is a long work, and sequential execution of the steps goes into the making of these products. Rinpac’s focus is not confined merely to manufacturing but packaging customers’ products in a way that the world desire. And that’s only possible with the timely and accurate delivery of products that masters accuracy in all the departments under the umbrella of outgoing inspection.

The common approach to conducting the outgoing inspection is the simulation of different environments and testing our packaging bags’ performance under these controlled surroundings. The exposure of our bags and pouches to a series of prepared chemicals for a defined period in a controlled temperature helps us decide the fate of that particular product.

Sensory index inspection

Human has a natural tendency to discern the quality of the packaging bags and pouches as perceived by their senses. Sensory index inspection is led by Rinpac’s specialized team that weighs each aspect and comes up with the best decision in favor of the company and its customers.

The intuitive way that perfectly scales the product in terms of its quality is to observe any odd smell that a box carrying packaging bag film contains. The other comparatively complex testing includes the strips of the packaging film dipped for a defined period in a liquor made of different components. The mixture, placed in a sealed bottle, is heated up, and the smell of the vapors is the criteria for our standard packaging bags’ quality.  

Residual solvent testing

Rinpac pays special attention to examining the likely issues that yield compromised packaging bags to assure our customers of a safe product. Solvents are unavoidable components used in almost all the stages of the manufacturing process. If these solvents exist not under the accepted standards, it eventually has a drastic effect on the packaging bags and pouches.

Our team thus brings into play residual solvent testing to cope with this issue, and the technique adopted to perform the task is gas chromatography.

Guaranteeing quality is a team effort

Quality delivered by Rinpac in the form of alluring packaging bags and pouches has established our name as a high-performance business. A skillful and well-gelled team laid the foundation for the success we have enjoyed over the years, and it’s the main factor that drives the company forward.

The collaboration of all the team members, whether from quality assurance, manufacturing team, or any other department, plays a significant role in one way or another in the smooth execution of all the steps from production to delivery. This unimaginable force of team effort made it possible to craft packaging bags and pouches of this stature.

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