Shaped Pouches Manufacturers In The USA

Top 10 Shaped Pouches Manufacturers & Suppliers In The USA


Shaped pouches have revolutionized the packaging industry, providing innovative and versatile solutions for a variety of products. These pouches are distinguished by their custom shapes, which enhance brand recognition and consumer appeal. In this articles we will explore 10 Shaped Pouches Manufacturers & Suppliers In The USA.

A business owner with an in-build notion that only the quality of the product matters and not the looks ought to reassess his flawed perception. There is no denying the fact that good packaging preserves the product’s quality and ensures its efficient distribution. But the other advantage of packaging is missed by many altogether – the relative influence of packaging on a product’s branding.  

Do you have experience buying gummies packed in monochromatic or dull packaging? The expected answer is no because priority is given to colors and unique shapes to make the packaging universally acceptable. Shaped pouches can further step up your game.

If you want to package any cannabis product instead of going with the ordinary, why not have a shaped pouch with a leaf-like structure? Read further to get an insight into the shaped pouches manufacturers with dedicated years at their backs to master the design game and be labeled as the top ten.

Glenroy. Inc

Glenroy logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Norxway Ave, Menomonee Falls, USA
  • Year established: 1965
  • Products: Flexible packaging films: High Barrier Film Laminations, Pouch Film Laminations, Stick Pack Film; Stand Up Pouches & Bags: PCR Pouches, Recyclable Pouches, Premade STANDCAP Pouches, Recycle-ready STANDCAP, Spouted Pouches, Shaped Pouches, Zipper Pouches, Slider Pouches, Box Pouches; Narrow Web Flexible Packaging

The story of Glenroy starts as a small family venture with a passion for revolutionizing the packaging game and leaving a lasting impact on suppliers and distributors. And now, after more than 55 years of working, they are running comfortably and sustaining in an era of fluctuating circumstances.

Glenroy customers are scattered around the globe in all sectors, either small manufacturers or established brands. They majorly received acclaim for their eco-friendly pouches and achieved remarkable innovations in shaped pouches as well.

They have ensured the availability of diversely shaped pouches with the customization and enhanced their beauty even further with ultra-modern printing techniques.  


carepac logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: California, USA
  • Year established: 2015
  • Products: Recyclable bags, Stand Up pouch, Lay Flat, Child resistant, Vacuum Bags, ESD Shielding pouches

The Carepac manufacturing industry was built with a promising objective of not letting customers’ products stay on the shelf for longer. They have shown self-assurance in their pocket-friendly pricing model and give their customers a 5% Price match guarantee.   

They cater to all industrial areas, either FDA food items like snack packaging or other bag usages. Anyone with a custom size and print that goes with their vision landed himself at the right place. They go a mile ahead and complement their pouches with miscellaneous features, including materials, zipper, and pouch finishes, to name a few. A customer will put together his choices, and Carepac will assemble and manufacture a perfect one to match the customer’s dreams.


rinpac logo gray
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: China
  • Year established: 2002
  • Products: Shaped pouches, Mylar bags, Stand Up pouches, Flat pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Child resistant bags, Spout pouches, Side gusseted pouches, Fin seal pouches, Aluminium foil bags, Window pouches, Sustainable pouches, Anti-counterfeiting pouches

The year 2002 witnessed the founding of a new packaging manufacturing industry that has taken the industry by storm. The passion and hard work that the team carried forward cleared the way for acceptance from the distributors and suppliers. Now they own a vast range of pouches and bags to provide over 500 brands with the finest quality packaging.

Rinpac provides their customers with all the valuable services from low minimum order quantity to after-sale services.

Their major plus is the innovation that they brought in the shaped pouches industry. Their shaped pouches are unmatchable, and their lip-shaped and mask-shaped pouches tell the same story. Sharp die-cuts and no-glitch printing are the accurate adjectives that can determine the extent of their attractive appearance.

InterFlex Group

InterFlex Group logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Wilkesboro, North Carolina
  • Year established: 1975
  • Products: Flat bottom pouches, Quad seal bags, Shaped pouches (Optional handle), Wicketed bags, 3 Side Seal pouches, Stand Up pouch

InterFlex Group, a packaging manufacturer with platforms both in UK and US, has made a global commitment to provide sustainable packaging services to all its customers. A good production unit and customer service are achieved by a reliable system working at the back end.

Along with other exceptional collections, they provide shaped pouches with an optional handle to make them easy to carry. Custom printing further privileges the customers to lock the design of their choice on the bag.

The supreme finishing of the pouches and bags and attention to every detail reflect the years of experience that InterFlex Group proudly holds. They specially mastered crafting shaped pouches for food items, including dry fruit packaging.

Fres-co System

Fres-co System logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Telford, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Year established: 1978
  • Products: Rollstock; Pouches: Shaped pouches, Stand-up and Flat pouches, Flat 3-side seal pouches, Barrel Pouches, Flexible Bucket Pouches; Bags; Degassing valves

From 1978 until now, more than 40 years later, the world has seen several changes in the Fres-co system, from manufacturing technology to policies. But there was one factor that stayed constant, its hunger to make the availability of the finest flexible packaging systems possible around the globe.

A shaped pouches company that started its journey with packaging coffee has now diversified its target market, including dairy products, juices, tomatoes, food ingredients, and chemicals. But if you wish to take dual advantage of preserving the food with an eye-catchy view, then their plastic shaped bags will be the next big thing for your business. And the cherry on the cake is they are highly cost-effective.

Sonoco Products Company

Sonoco Products Company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Hartsville, California, USA
  • Year established: 1899
  • Products: Consumer Packaging: Flexible Packaging, Rigid Paper Containers, Rigid Plastic Packaging, Blister Packaging, Ends & Closures, EnviroSense Sustainable Packaging, Metal Packaging; Industrial Products; Protective packaging: Temperature Assurance, Foam Packaging, Fast Packs, Protection for Paper Rolls, Returnable Dunnage, Molded Foam Components, Corner Posts, Custom Assemblies; Healthcare Packaging

When Sonoco, a shaped pouches manufacturer, laid the foundation in 1899, it was a small venture of 12 workers and considered an ultimate pioneer in their respective area of work. Ever since they have transformed the industry in a good way and stand tall on a bigger scale with a dedicated and experienced team that is thriving day and night to satisfy its customers.  

Miscellaneous products in more than 85 countries own a package with their names engraved, and the number is not stopping anytime sooner. They provide packages to all sectors and applications, especially for products with high sensitivity to the surrounding environment, paying ultra-attention to humidity, ultraviolet light, oxygen, or trace gases.

Hawk Packaging

Hawk Packaging logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: San Marcos, CA, United States
  • Year established: 2017
  • Products: Stand Up Pouch, Flat Bottom Bag, Kraft Paper Pouch, Flat Pouch, Side Gusset Bag, Fin Seal Pouch, Spout Pouch, Custom Shapes

Hawk packaging is another incredible success story in the packaging industry, and its name is associated with countless brands.  They don’t just promise you pouches and bags of appreciable quality but also pair them with reasonable prices and a cooperative and vigilant team.

They have custom shape pouches to yield a shape that will be a perfect match for your product. A systematic approach is there to refine each step, including material options, printing, faster lead time, and quality assurance to perfection.

Name any product that comes to your mind, and you will find a packaging solution catering to it, whether it’s the food industry or fitness packaging. Hawk packaging team believes in delivering a unique shaped pouches variety to make your product stand out.

Impak Corp.

sorbent systems logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Year established: 1998
  • Products: Mylar Bags, Stand Up Pouches, Custom Print, Foil Ziplock Bags, SpoutPak Bags, Child Resistant, Vacuum Seal Bags, StikPak Pouches, Uniquely Shaped Pouches, Window Pouches, High Barrier Drum Liners, Foil-Lined Kraft Pouches

Sorbent systems, an online platform owned by Impak Corp., is an established business that facilitates suppliers and manufacturers with flexible packaging solutions. Almost 30 years into this journey of daily progression and dealing with millions of customers, they never shy away from polishing their packaging product to achieve the results their customers desire.  

They are willing to take any challenge and provide the immediate packaging solution that your product deserves. Whether you want packaging that preserves the food better, like in mylar bags, or an aesthetic view to complement your product, as in plastic-shaped pouches, you will find the answer here. Pair up the shaped pouches with custom designs, and your product will get a flawless wrap.

RubeeFlex Packaging

RubeeFlex Packaging logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Harriman, NY, USA
  • Year established: 2017
  • Products: Stand up Pouches, Spouted & Shaped Pouches, Block Bottom Bags, Dual Pouches, Biodegradable Pouches, Digital Printing Service, FabricFeel Packaging, Shiftable Printing

RubeeFlex is a packaging manufacturer built to simplify the process of selecting a packaging solution that goes well with the items placed inside. Their customer service is crystal clear from the policies, faster leads for timely delivery, and a consultation team always ready to facilitate the customers in every department.

The goal is to craft a bag that can meet the customer’s requirements. A wide variety of options are available for suppliers and distributors based on their preferences. There are shaped pouches to enhance the beauty of the package or eco-friendly packaging to accommodate the global responsibility towards the environment. Shaped pouches with a sprout on the top can take it a step ahead and ease the process of pouring for users.   


Roastar logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Wausau, USA
  • Year established: 2011
  • Products: Gusseted bags, Flat bottom pouches, Stand-up pouches, Flat pouches, Tin cans, Stickers and labels, Rollstock

Roastar, another packaging company, successfully steals one of the top spots of the fine quality shaped pouches companies. They offer custom-print pouches to various industrial areas, including coffee, pet food, and smoking packaging to name a few. The speedy lead time of 5 business days points out a lot of positives of the shaped pouches company, including its express manufacturing and no-compromise delivery policy.

Packaging bags and pouches have the potential to bring a feeling of instant gratification to customers. Even a startup with their shaped pouches placed either on a shelf of a customer’s home or in a grocery store sharing space with similar items will make them stand out in the leagues of established brands.

Final Words

Every business owner aspires to package their product in a way that settles in customers’ hearts and strikes a chord with almost everyone. The flexible plastic shaped pouches have all the ingredients to capture a customer’s attention and steal the limelight when surrounded by thousands of other products in the same category. And that makes the shaped pouches factory workers quite busy.

Top 10 Shaped Pouches Manufacturers & Suppliers In The USA are Glenroy, Carepac, Rinpac, Interflex, Fres-co, Sonoco products, Hawk Packaging, Impak Corp., Rubeeflex packaging, and Roastar.

The shaped pouches suppliers make every effort to present innovative designs with a unique feel that is enough to capture the customer’s attention. Many shaped pouches suppliers have progressed to achieve a combination of package and product that fits like a glove.  

We have listed the premium shaped packaging manufacturers that can craft a one-of-a-kind shaped packaging pouch that represents your product and brand vision. Are you still hesitant to choose? You can get a quote that will give you further clarity.


How many types of pouches are there? 

There are several types of pouches, including stand-up pouches, flat pouches, gusseted pouches, spouted pouches, retort pouches, vacuum pouches, and zipper pouches, among others.

What materials are used to make pouches? 

Pouches are typically made from a variety of materials, including plastic films, aluminum foil, paper, and composite laminates. These materials are chosen based on the specific needs of the product, such as barrier properties, durability, and printability.

What material is used for pouch packaging? 

Common materials used for pouch packaging include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and aluminum foil. Multi-layer laminates that combine different materials are also frequently used to enhance barrier properties and strength.

What is a pouch bag used for? 

Pouch bags are used for packaging a wide range of products, including food items (snacks, sauces, and beverages), pharmaceuticals, personal care products, pet food, and household items. They provide convenient, lightweight, and resealable packaging solutions.

What were pouches made of? 

Historically, pouches were made from natural materials such as animal hides, leather, and cloth. These materials were chosen for their durability and availability.

What fabric are pouches made of? 

Modern fabric pouches are often made from materials such as cotton, canvas, polyester, nylon, and various blends. These fabrics provide durability and are suitable for reusable pouches and bags.

How are pouches printed? 

Pouches are printed using methods like flexographic printing, gravure printing, digital printing, and rotogravure printing. The choice of printing method depends on factors such as design complexity, print run length, and desired print quality.

How are pouches manufactured? 

Pouches are manufactured through a process that involves printing the design on large rolls of film, laminating multiple layers together to create a strong barrier material, and then cutting and sealing the material into the desired pouch shape. This can involve heat sealing, adhesive bonding, and incorporating features like zippers or spouts.

How is a flexible pouch made? 

A flexible pouch is made by laminating multiple layers of materials to create a barrier film, printing the design on the film, cutting it into the desired shape, and sealing the edges using heat or adhesives. Additional features like zippers or spouts can be added during the manufacturing process.

How do you store homemade pouches? 

Homemade pouches should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If they contain perishable items, they should be stored in airtight containers or refrigerated as necessary to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage.

How are pouches packaged? 

Pouches are typically packaged in bulk for distribution. This can involve boxing or palletizing large quantities of pouches, which are then shipped to retailers or end-users. Some pouches may also be individually packaged or bundled together for sale.

Is it cheaper to make your own pouches? 

Making your own pouches can be cost-effective if you have the necessary equipment and materials and if you are producing them in large quantities. However, for smaller quantities, it may be more economical to purchase pre-made pouches due to the costs associated with printing, laminating, and sealing equipment.

How can we make a pouch? 

To make a pouch, you will need to design the pouch shape, select appropriate materials, print the design on the material, cut the material to size, and seal the edges. This can be done manually for small quantities or using specialized machinery for larger production runs.

What is pouch product? 

A pouch product is any item that is packaged in a pouch. This includes a wide range of products such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pet food, and household items.

What is premade pouches? 

Premade pouches are pouches that are manufactured and sealed into their final shape before being sold to companies for filling. These companies then fill the pouches with their products and seal the open end.

What type of plastic are pouches made of? 

Pouches are commonly made from plastics such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These plastics provide the necessary barrier properties and durability for various packaging applications.

Are plastic food pouches safe? 

Plastic food pouches are generally safe when made from food-grade materials that meet regulatory standards. It is important to ensure that the pouches are free from harmful chemicals and are suitable for the intended food product.

What material is medical pouch? 

Medical pouches are typically made from materials that provide high barrier properties and sterility, such as medical-grade paper, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and laminates that may include aluminum foil. These materials ensure the contents remain sterile and protected from contamination.

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