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  • Choose the most suitable flexible packaging bags & pouches according to your brand and products;
  • Customized packaging bags & pouches solutions for any industry;
  • Years of experience in packaging bags & pouches design and development team;
  • Extensive experience in the flexible packaging industry;
  • Fast quotation.
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Rinpac packaging bags & pouches wholesale

Top Packaging Bags & Pouches Manufacturer In China

Rinpac produces high quality flexible packaging pouches in a variety of materials for food, commercial and industrial applications. We strive to create pouches and pouch products that meet your requirements and high standards. We do this by understanding your unique packaging needs and providing customized solutions.

Our wide range of flexible packaging pouches are manufactured in-house, so we control all aspects of quality and functionality. We can customize flexible packaging bags to fit your brand and product, helping you achieve your creative branding and deepen the user’s visual hammering concept.

Our team of bag manufacturing experts are adept at combining your product and brand to understand your packaging needs and translate them into flexible bags that are tailored to your needs and unique. We use only high quality plastic materials, and printing processes to ensure that our flexible packaging bags and pouches are the best on the market.

Custom Packaging Bags & Pouches From Rinpac

Rinpac is a top flexible bag and pouch manufacturing center located in China. We use high quality materials and printing processes to ensure that we function well and provide you with a lifetime of service. Our goal is to bring innovative, one-of-a-kind pouch products to help drive better results for your branding campaigns.

Customized Shaped Pouch

Shaped Pouches

Shaped pouches are mainly for promotion products offer a guarantee to stand out on the retail shelf.

Custom Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags

Mylar bags create a barrier between your food and the environment.

Stand Up Pouch Ziplock Bags

Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are the ideal container for a variety of solid, liquid and powdered foods as well as non-food items. They are suitable for growing brands and large brands interested in packaging supply chain management.

3 Side Seal Flat Pouch

Flat Pouches

Flat pouches or flat bags are the most economical flexible packaging solution. They are a neat and convenient way to package and distribute products, especially food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Flat Bottom Food Bags Packaging

Flat Bottom Pouches

Flat bottom pouches are pouches with the completely flat bottom, also called box pouches or quad seal pouches allow specialty food creators to proudly display their brands on store shelves.

Child Resistant Mylar Bags For Cannabis

Child Resistant Bags

Designed to reduce the risk of children successfully opening packages, child-resistant packaging bags (kiddie-proof bags) provide protection for everything from detergent pods to medical products and medical marijuana.

Custom Packaging Bags & Pouches From Any Industries

Custom packaging bags and pouches have countless uses in many industries. They are versatile and are used in many industries such as baby food and puree pouches, cheese packaging, cracker packaging, garment bags, etc. Rinpac offers custom pouches to store and display dry, liquid, and powdered products. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet a variety of needs and enhance your business by creating an upscale customer experience.



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Dry Food

Dry Food

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Pet Food

Pet Food

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Baby Care

Baby Care

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6 key advantages to choose Custom Flexible packaging and pouches manufacturer from Rinpac

Experienced In Industry

With two decades of expertise in the flexible packaging industry, we provide a comprehensive selection of flexible packaging options.

Integrated Solutions

At Rinpac, we provide comprehensive services that include packaging consulting, design, sampling, manufacturing, quality assurance, and logistics.

All Customers Served

We have worked with a diverse range of customers, including end-users and trading companies, and we understand the unique needs of each. We recognize the difference between clients and users and strive to deliver exceptional service to both.

Distance-Free Service

We offer our services without any geographical limitations and regularly attend trade shows in Europe and the USA. Our 24/7 service includes face-to-face meetings, video conferences, and the fastest feedback possible.

Market Focus

Our market focus is primarily on Europe and the USA, and we have a deep understanding of the local culture and policies in the flexible packaging industry. We are also well-versed in Federal and State laws.

Continuous Development

At Rinpac, we are committed to continuous development and support. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and ideas in flexible packaging and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service.

The Manufacturing Process for Our Custom Packaging Bags & Pouches

If you are looking for custom packaging bags, it is important to understand the manufacturing process. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand how custom packaging bags are made and what to expect during the process.

Design and Specification

The first step in the custom packaging bag manufacturing process is to create a design and specification. This is where you work with the manufacturer to create a design that meets your specific needs. This can include the size and shape of the bag, the materials used, and any special features such as zippers or handles.

Material Selection

Once the design and specifications are finalized, the next step is to select the materials for the bag. This can include options such as plastic, paper, and the specific properties of each material can affect the functionality of the bag.

Printing and Graphics

After the materials are selected, it's time to add graphics or printing to the bag. This can include a company logo, product information, or other branding elements. The printing process can vary depending on the type of material and design, but it is typically done using digital or screen printing.

Cutting and Stitching

Once the design and graphics are finalized, the next step is to cut and stitch the material to create the final product. This can involve using a die-cutting machine or manually cutting the material to the desired size and shape. The material is then stitched together using a sewing machine or other method.

Quality Control and Inspection

After the bags are cut and stitched, they go through a quality control and inspection process. This ensures that the bags meet all the specifications and requirements of the design, materials, and printing. Any defects or issues are identified and addressed before the bags are shipped to the customer.

Packaging and Shipping

Once the bags have passed the quality control and inspection process, they are packaged and shipped to you. The bags are typically shipped flat to save space and reduce shipping costs.

If you’re looking for custom packaging bags, consider working with a reliable and experienced manufacturer like us. Rinpac can help guide you through the process and create packaging bags that meet your specific needs and requirements. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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