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Rinpac has a desirable record for universally acclaimed packaging bags and pouches. A customer laid his eyes on the bag and could not stop himself from praising the attractiveness it brought to the table. A product resonates so well with a packaging bag that it automatically becomes the customer’s preference. Rinpac took business owners’ packaging-related worries out of the window by offering bags and pouches that increase the shelf-life of their products. These are just a few scenarios that Rinpac is a proud possessor of, and the credit goes to the Research and Development team working every day to make them the next biggest thing. They are successfully finding a perfect harmony between customers’ needs and the organization’s objectives.  

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Packaging Bags & Pouches R&D Target

If a business is a car, then the driver is the R&D department. It is powerful enough to drive your business in the right or wrong direction based on the research and development that goes into each project. And the story is not any different for Rinpac.

All the packaging bags and pouches enhanced or introduced by Rinpac, a packaging manufacturing company, are not mere products composed of a particular material. The incredible bags are backed by a sequence of phases conducted by the R&D team. Rinpac’s pouches and bags came into being or perfected mainly after going through the following three steps:

Conception and theory

Rinpac devotes all its energy to ease the life of its customers. If their feedback highlights any shortcomings in existing pouches or calls attention to a market gap, the R&D team immediately take it into consideration.

Research and Exploration

Every idea on paper cannot get converted into an actual product. Rinpac, before spending money on the production of a product, checks for the marketability of the new product. A lot of factors play their role in declaring the feasibility of a product, including technical, economic, and financial, to name a few. After passing all the matrix with flying colors, it's declared a viable product and approved for production.

Design and development

The job left is dependent on Rinpac’s machinery, that meets the standard of state-of-the-art manufacturing industries, to translate the ideas into an actual physical product.

R&D Target

Packaging Bags & Pouches R&D Objectives

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Types of Packaging Bags & Pouches R&D

Basic Research

Mylar Bags

According to the latest research, there will be a massive demand for mylar bags by 2027, and the growth curve is evident and leading to the same possibility. This demand

for mylar bags leads to a supply and demand ratio imbalance, so all manufacturing companies have diverted their attention in that direction. But the major issue that will sustain is not limited to the availability of enough mylar bags to fulfill customers’ demands but the supply of supreme quality mylar bags. And Rinpac, over the years, perfected these bags and pouches to the highest level. A large number of orders delivered regularly with ideal turnaround times never led us to push the quality of these bags under the carpet.

mylar bags trends

The question that still arises is, what makes mylar bags so desirable? And the answer is pretty simple: they are sustainable against all odds. Every business owner, supplier, and distributor has a clear priority of keeping their product undamaged and increasing a product’s shelf-life. Rinpac registered all these issues, and after our teams’ research, we came up with perfectly crafted mylar bags to seal the product so that even oxygen and light could not pass. Our mylar bags are protected from invasion by light and moisture, and the durable puncture-resistant seal on the top is like the icing on the cake.

Any product that demands moisture resistance, chemical stability, aroma barrier properties, electrical insulation, and high tensile strength will surely approve Rinpac’s mylar bags as their packaging option.

Shaped Pouches

The current generation is exposed to so much content that once really need to upgrade their game to get validation from millennials. And to adjust to this rapidly fast-track world, the flexible packaging research and development team has stepped up its game to achieve innovation.

Public acceptance is not only dependent on sustainable packages but a rising hunger for something unique lingering in the mind of the customers is another issue. Rinpac’s shaped pouches are an exceptional remedy with the dual purpose of sustainability and eye-catching appearance.

Rinpac’s R&D team ensures the availability of high-profile machinery that craft-shaped pouches beyond 2D structures. And the effect of this machinery is quite visible in the latest conical and 3-dimensional designs. Another achievement is restricting the design waste of shaped pouches to a minimum.

2d design for shaped pouches

Flat Pouches

The increasing population demands an expansion in the flexible packaging pouches and bags. Especially the upward trajectory witnessed by the food and beverage industry is in dire need of flat pouches, and its main contributing factors are portability and convenience.

The ever-increasing demands keep all the vendors and manufacturers on their toes, and they are competing with others in terms of pricing models, designs, and product differentiation. Rinpac’s R&D team wants to bring a perfect and economical flat pouch model for their customers, and they have pretty much succeeded in winning their customers’ hearts.

The R&D team has polished the flat pouches and bags model and paid full attention to even minute details. The areas they were mainly focused on include appearance, handling convenience, content safety, and product specification. And the upgraded and proposed model has great potential to compete with ever-growing manufacturers in the field.

Applied Research

Cannabis Packaging

The legalization of cannabis in a considerable portion of the world and its medical benefits resulted in its rising demands and generated remarkable revenue. Many start-ups are focussing on cannabis products, ultimately increasing the packaging demands. Rinpac has incredible research on cannabis packaging, and a wide range of packaging options for cannabis products is proof of it.

One of the critical issues associated with cannabis packaging is proper labeling which involves proper dosage recommendation, expected effects on health, and nutritional value in the case of edible products. Rinpac’s R&D team has produced a piece of valuable descriptive information when packaging any product. There is a particular standard, and the protocol is followed based on these instructions. Every packaging bag is not best suited for all cannabis products. In short, there is no one-stop for every product. There is detailed information that Rinpac’s consultation team will provide. For instance, edible packaging is ideal for cannabis edible products, and in the case of more sensitive items, mylar bags are always feasible and transport-friendly.

3 side seal bag Cannabis Seed Packaging

Smoking packaging

There are certain restrictions on advertising tobacco products for known reasons. In that case, the packaging of these products takes full responsibility for their branding and serves as the main ingredient for marketing. Here the packaging industry comes into play, and Rinpac’s R&D department works on the same principle of proposing packaging that depicts the brand’s vision.

There is no one answer for smoking-related products at Rinpac. They have a wide range that encompasses all products in this category, including tobacco, cigarette, and vaping. The R&D team has paid a deserving amount of time and energy to evaluate economic, marketing, and feasible models for each product. They have conducted specialized research, giving importance to even minute details, as a generalized research model can be misleading at times.

The R&D team has monitored the research and constructed a catalog for smoking products, and also mentions the reason for the inclination towards packaging bags over others.

Cartridge Packaging

Food packaging

The food industry has a vital contribution to the economy of a country. And here, the role of packaging bags and pouches manufacturers comes into play. The food industry will always witness a rise in demand as the world’s population is increasing, and so is the demand for food.

Rinpac’s aim is the delivery of fresh food in a way that is sustainable in the longer run. So the focus of the R&D team is to bring a packaging bag that holds all the attributes that will keep the food intact in combination with innovative design and appearance. We want to bring a customer their favorite foods in the best form coupled with creative packaging solutions.

According to the latest research, the food industry is producing a lot of waste that eventually badly impacts our surroundings. Rinpac is playing a significant role in the betterment of its environment by proposing ways to reduce waste generated in the production of these products. Another appreciatable step is eco-friendly packages for the food industry that won’t pollute the environment for years and eventually decompose.

R&D Results

In Rinpac, after completing a research project, the R&D team deduces the relevant result that will propose a practical solution to a problem and bring innovations.

Rinpac has always been clear to bring changes that leave a lasting impact on the customers and proves viable for the organization. Whether that change depends on innovative high-end machinery or selecting an ideal packaging for a novel product, they never shy away from devoting their resource to accomplish that mission.

Rinpac’s R&D process started with scanning the business environment for possible threats and opportunities. Then after performing the research, they get a clue to implement the project effectively. And that’s how the alluring designs and magnificently crafted packaging bags and pouches in Rinpac come into existence.

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