10 Best Shaped Pouches Manufacturer & Supplier In The UK


A rack in a grocery store possesses numerous products of the same category competing to get their customers’ attention. And out of these trillions of options, a customer takes a few seconds to declare one product victorious in this battle for attention contest. One of the undeniable factors that played nicely with the customer’s psyche in this selection process is the product’s packaging.

Over a decade, the business world started investing substantial money in packaging to mould customers’ decisions in favor of their products. A series of well-built and highly appreciated packaging bags and pouches options are available in the market including mylar bags and eco-friendly pouches. The latest innovative entry of shaped pouches is snatching all the buzz of packaging manufacturers. But out of those, only a few succeeded in bringing unbelievable shapes, as suggested in this blog that offers profound insight into the product’s true nature.

Here will solely introduce you to those shaped pouches companies listed as the top 10 shaped pouches manufacturers in the UK that will set your business in motion and sweep your customers off their feet.

KM Packaging

KM Packaging logo
Source: https://www.kmpackaging.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1984
  • Location: Oundle, Peterborough, UK
  • Products: Lidding Films, Skin Films, Pouches & Bags and Flow Wrap.

Since its inception over 38 years ago and decades of working progressively to present flexible packaging solutions, KM packaging, a shaped pouch manufacturer in the UK, has a clear intent to provide trustworthy packaging bags with reliable printing quality. Throughout this journey of ups and downs, one thing they can take full credit for is their mindset which aligns perfectly with customers’ needs.

They have specialized in the art of offering edible packaging solutions for products that lack no attribute appropriate for edible food items, whether it’s their snack packaging or cannabis packaging. They provide valuable features in their packaging bags, a list so long for this small space regarding its opening options, transparency densities and capacity finishes.


Rosenflex logo
Source: https://www.rosenflex.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1920
  • Location: Colchester Essex, England
  • Products: Doy pouch, Flat base pouch, Gusseted bags, flat pouch, spout pouch, shaped pouch, Paper sack, plastic sacks/films, Fibcs and other packaging.

Rosenflex, a shaped pouches company, is standing tall with its deeply rooted motive of providing designs and services centered around the requirement of business owners and suppliers. Their hunger to achieve the best can be seen in their products, where every new launch outperforms their previous best and makes a separate fanbase in customers’ hearts.

They mastered the skill of perfectly cutting down the shaped pouches in the most unbelievable designs ready to be witnessed by the world and increase the sales for their customers. So if your list has a spot for a shaped pouches factory that manufactures customized shaped pouches, shaped pouches with ziplock, or any classical design you yearn to give life to, this place has the answers.


rinpac logo gray
Source: https://rinpac.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: China
  • Year established: 2002
  • Products: Shaped pouches, Mylar bags, Stand Up pouches, Flat pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Child resistant bags, Spout pouches, Side gusseted pouches, Fin seal pouches, Aluminium foil bags, Window pouches, Sustainable pouches, Anti-counterfeiting pouches

Rinpac is one of the most desirable shaped pouches manufacturers declared successful based on the list of customers’ satisfaction levels and trust they have achieved over the years. A shaped pouches company with a 360-degree perspective that is deficient in any aspect from its competitors on no grounds and has all the factors a company desire to become the next big thing.

Their shaped pouches were an overnight sensation because of the innovative designs observed by the global community. All the shapes, like their lip shaped pouches and bottle-shaped pouches, are so serenely pleasing that a customer can buy them merely based on their structure. Further, combining these bags with the services Rinpac offer, and it became powerful shaped pouches suppliers tough to neglect.


foxpak logo
Source: https://www.foxpak.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 2001
  • Location: Co. Louth, Ireland
  • Products: Stand Up Pouch, Three Side Seal, Printed Film, Coffee Pouch, Quad Seal Bag, Spout Pouch, Flat Bottom Bag and Shaped Pouch.

Foxpak is a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions through its innovative designs and commitment that inspire its customers. The identity of their products is the freshness in their designs, and when coupled with the finest quality shaped pouches manufacturing material becomes an immediate hit. They are growing their circle of clients exponentially because of their incomparable printing quality, all appreciation to their state-of-the-art machinery.

They updated their traditional stand up pouches models by adding the essence of uniqueness to come up with an eye-catchy shaped pouches design, firm enough to hold delicately carved design. They provide a library of standard custom designs that include polished shaped pouches in a convex, hourglass, and rounded corners design. They also make their handling and pouring effortless by offering sprout and cold bridges.

CS Flexible Pouches

CS Flexible Pouches logo
Source: https://www.cspouches.co.uk/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1976
  • Location: Steelpark Way, Wolverhampton, UK
  • Products: Doy style pouch with raised domed bottom gusset, k-seal pouch and three-sided seal with additional feature, Continuous Film and sachets.

CS Flexible pouches have a strong reputation for producing high-quality plastic-shaped pouches at affordable prices, appealing to business owners, distributors, and suppliers. A skillful team of 60 employees handling all the departments, whether it’s quality and management or shapes and pouches production, in a way that’s the best way forward for the shaped pouches company. A lot of factors play a significant role in the company’s progress rate, but the top objective of CS pouches is innovation. They accept all the challenges and take essential measures to beat their competitors.

Their pouches are particularly suitable and FDA-approved for edible products, and their specialty is manufacturing protein powder packaging, dry food packaging, and spice and flavor mix packaging, to name a few.

FFP Packaging

FFP Packaging logo
Source: https://www.ffppkg.co.uk/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1967
  • Location: Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northampton, UK
  • Products: Stand up pouches, Pre-made bags, Ovenable, Microwaveable and Recyclable pouches and bags, Recyclable laminates and lidding films.

FFP packaging is one of the contenders of our leading shaped pouches manufacturers for all the right reasons, whether it’s the quality or the services they have provided over the years. They offer a wide range of flexible packaging solutions that have been carefully developed by studying customer needs and market trends. They never fail to propose an on-time delivery of their reliable products.

With the introduction of shaped pouches manufacturing, they are rightfully fulfilling the company’s mission of supplying advanced eco-friendly and adaptable packaging. FFP has extensive expertise in creating superior packaging solutions for in-demand market sectors. They have bulk production of shaped pouches, and a large number of their orders constitute pet food packaging and bakery packaging.

Harkwell Labels

Harkwell Labels logo
Source: https://harkwell-labels.co.uk/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 2003
  • Location: Unit 2 Aston Way, Poole , UK
  • Products: Stand up flexible pouches, pillow flexible pouches, Labelling solutions and embellishments.

Harkwell Labels, for approximately two decades, has gained enough expertise, and that’s evident in the fact that it’s sharing a place with top shaped packaging manufacturers in the UK with years of experience. They utilize state-of-the-art digital label printing technology and knowledge to offer a comprehensive packaging solution for your product. Their shaped pouches factory is associated with a warehouse to keep all the products secure and under extreme supervision.

They consistently provide a lasting packaging bag solution that perfectly caters to and replicates customers’ demands. So independent of your position in this ever-growing business world, whether you are an owner of a small business or a developed one, they have a solution for all your needs.

Swiss Pac Europe

Swiss Pac Europe logo
Source: https://swisspac.uk.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1992
  • Location: Phoenix House, Rosslyn Cres, Harrow, UK
  • Products: Stand Up Bags, Side Gusset Bags, Flat Bottom Bags, Spout Pouches, Three Side Seal Bags, Paper Bags, Plastic Bags, Hermetic Bags, Vacuum Bags, Scoops, White Paper Bags, Kraft Look Packaging, Jar Shaped Pouches, Zippers, Valve and Cups and Glasses.

Swiss Pack UK is a supreme quality-shaped pouching manufacturer with its production unit in India and marketing offices in Australia and New Zealand. Their noteworthy attributes are an in-house production unit and ownership of ultra-modern machinery that facilitates the timely delivery and uniform printing quality on the shaped packaging bag. That’s the secret of their customers’ trust and achieving excellence in quality control. And they are on a continuous mission of upgrading their system in every possible way to facilitate the availability of aesthetic-shaped pouches to their customers.

They have not limited their packaging solutions to a restricted set of niches. But are service providers of a comprehensive selection of packaging options for various industries, including custom jerky packaging and cosmetic sheet mask packaging, to name a few.


Daklapack logo
Source: https://www.daklapack.co.uk/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1975
  • Location: High Road Chiswick, London, Great Britain
  • Products: Stand Up Pouches, Doypacks, Refill pouch, Gripbags, Flatbags, Medical packaging and envelopes.

Daklapack, a shaped pouches company, is recognized globally for its sustainable packaging solutions that benefit customers and the environment. This valuable asset served millions of customers around the globe and many top-leading brands. Over the years, it has built a reputation for delivering high-quality services to its customers. Quality products alone can never raise the bar unless paired with incredible services, and that’s where Daklapack leaves a mark. Their customer service played a significant role in shaped pouches factory’s success, including low minimum order quantity and after-sale services.

Their shaped pouches for snacks and candies are beautifully designed and sharply edged without glitches. The availability of such pleasing designs reserved their spot in the top-rated shaped pouches manufacturers, and they never believed in settling for less.

Norman Knights

Norman Knights logo
Source: https://normanknights.co.uk/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1980
  • Location: Unit 1 Russell Court Russell Gardens Wickford
  • Products: Biodegradable Poly Bags, Polypropylene Bags, Block Bottom Bags, Cellophane Bags, Film Front Bags, Sideweld Bags, Stand Up Pouches, Kraft Box Pouches, Printed Film Reels, Paper Lollipop Sticks, Heat Sealable Polypropylene Film and Cake Collars

The last shaped pouches company that makes its way into the list of top 10 shaped pouches manufacturers in the UK is Norman Knights. With incredible 40 years of working progressively, they surely deserve a place on this list.

They never believe in restricting their customers, whether in terms of shaped pouches’ size or shape, and that’s why they ensure the delivery of packaging bags and pouches as specified by their customers. The diverse options provide convenience to the customers and are simple to operate. They have mastered their skills after handling packaging bag orders in specific markets, including coffee packaging and organic food packaging, to name a few. But they are also open to all the industrial sectors in dire need of alluring designs and flawless quality shaped pouches and bags.   

Final Words

Packaging of a product is not a mere covering but an art with the ability to connect with the customers at an emotional level. With all the ingredients in the right place, it can do wonders for business owners. The color combination and image paired with essential text convey the message on the brand’s behalf. In that aspect, the magic of shaped pouches is their shape alone, if designed with the collaboration of a competent design and marketing team, is enough to resonate with the people and strike a chord at a deeper level. And that’s why the hype around shaped pouches is real and is not in the mood to die anytime sooner. We present you with the leading shaped pouches manufacturers in the UK that possess all the components you want in the packaging of your product.

We are well aware of the concerns and uncertainty you face in selecting the packaging bags and pouches for your product. If you need further reassurance, our consultation team will provide you with a quote and guide you through the process, helping you make a confident decision.

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