Top 10 Shaped Pouches Manufacturers In China


Packaging bags and pouches are currently in high demand across various brands. They play a crucial role in the overall functionality of a product by enhancing its visual appeal and ensuring protection and extended shelf life for the packaged items.

Eye-catching packaging designs attract the attention of passersby and persuade them to make a purchase. This underscores the importance of packaging bags and pouches for every brand, as they are instrumental in paving the way for the ultimate success of products and facilitating the expansion of businesses.

China is famous for manufacturing high-quality packaging bags & pouches. They have a long list of companies that manufacture premium quality packaging bags and pouches. They all provide excellent services to their customers. From printing quality to the presentation on market shelves, they are simply superb!

If your goal is to truly expand your brand and gain widespread recognition, these packaging companies are ready to support you!


  • Business Type:  Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Established Year:   2003.
  • Location:  China.
  • Products: Bnpak has a broad range of packaging bags and pouches. Yet they offer customized solutions to their customers. Below is the list of some of their commonly used products.
  • Weed Packaging
  • Stand up Pouches
  • Coffee bag
  • Plastic Bags
  • Stock Packaging Bags
  • Food Packaging Bags
  • Spout Pouch
  • Rice Paper Bags
  • Slider zip Pouches

Ben En (BN) Packaging brings over 16 years of extensive experience in plastic flexible packaging since its establishment in 2003. As a dedicated manufacturer based in China, we specialize in crafting high-quality coffee packaging bags and pouches. Our commitment to customization is unwavering, allowing us to accommodate specific requirements such as customized prints, dimensions, materials, and thickness. Your unique needs are at the forefront of our service, ensuring tailored solutions for your packaging demands.

Starry Packing

  • Business Type:  Starry industry is an innovative manufacture and converter of flexible packaging for food , gift,dispensary use and other non-food industries.
  • Established Year: 2013. 
  • Location:  Qingdao, China .
  • Products:  Famous products of Starry industry are,
  • Coffee Bag
  • Pet Food Bag
  • Spout Pouch Bag
  • Breast Milk Bag
  • Beauty Products Bag
  • PE Bags
  • Medical Bag
  • Tissue Bag

Established in 2013, Starry Industry is a pioneering manufacturer and converter specializing in flexible packaging solutions for various industries, including food, gifts, dispensaries, and other non-food sectors. Our expertise extends to the professional manufacturing of large-scale plastic packaging bags, paper bags, and films. With a dedicated team of over 100 skilled workers and a well-established production line, we ensure a robust system for maintaining product quality through rigorous checks.


  • Business type: Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Established Year: 1997
  • Location:  China
  • Products:
  • Stock Packaging Bags
  • Food Packaging Bags
  • Spout Pouch
  • Cosmetic packaging Bags
  • Nuts packaging
  • Coffee packaging 
  • Detergent packaging

As a trailblazer in flexible packaging manufacturing for the food, daily products, and chemicals industry, BOWE PACK has been a reliable supplier of custom flexible packaging bags and films solutions to both major and emerging brands for over 25 years. Our success is attributed to extensive expertise and experience in the field.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, BOWE PACK has achieved global industry-wide coverage through our strategically located plants and marketing offices in Gunagdong, China. Here, we’ve established a mature flexible packaging industrial park, further enhancing our capabilities.

Driven by passion for our business, we continuously push the boundaries of our know-how, aiming to provide high-quality, innovative, and sustainable packaging solutions for a multitude of international brands.

Qianli packaging

  • Business type: Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Establishes Year: 1991
  • Location: Wenzhou City, China
  • Products
  •  Paper Stand up pouch
  • 3 side seal pouch
  • Paper bag
  • Flat bottom pouch
  • Biodegradable plastic bags
  •  Paper Gift  bag
  • Paper Wine bag 

If you’re in search of the perfect packaging for your products, your quest ends with Yiwu Qianli Packaging Products Co., Ltd.! Our factory specializes in crafting high-quality, visually appealing packaging bags designed to meet all your requirements. From conceptualization to delivery, we oversee every stage of the process to ensure the creation of beautiful and functional packaging that you can take pride in.

Established in 1991, our factory boasts over 30 years of industry experience, providing us with unparalleled expertise in crafting effective packaging solutions. With an impressive annual export volume of 100 million US dollars and certifications from ISO9001, FDA, SGS, as well as Environmental Protection and Degradable certificates, you can trust that our products meet the highest quality standards.

Situated in the scenic Wenzhou City, China, our factory spans a construction area of 30,000 square meters and employs 300 dedicated individuals. Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition, and since 2002, we’ve been acknowledged as one of the top 100 packaging bag enterprises in Zhejiang Province, China, and designated as a provincial-level high-quality enterprise.

At Yiwu Qianli Packaging Products Co., Ltd., we offer a diverse range of packaging bags to cater to every need. Our selection includes food packaging bags, Kraft paper bags, pet food bags, recyclable bags, biodegradable bags, coffee bags, nozzle bags, weed bags, and more. If you’re seeking high-quality, aesthetically pleasing packaging that will make your products stand out, trust Yiwu Qianli Packaging Products Co., Ltd. to deliver excellence!


  • Business type:   Manufacturers and Suppliers.
  • Location: Guangdong , China.
  • Products
  • Pet food bag
  • Coffee bag
  • Bread Packaging bag
  • Vegetable Packaging bag

BioPack Co., Limited stands as a cutting-edge research and development enterprise, specializing in compostable and biodegradable bags. We are at the forefront of technology, dedicated to providing innovative solutions in eco-friendly packaging. Our range includes compostable coffee bags, home compostable bags, compostable bags for wholesale, recyclable bags, and various other sustainable packaging options. Our products are characterized by their health-conscious design, non-toxic composition, and pollution-free attributes. Trust BioPack Co., Limited for eco-friendly solutions that align with your commitment to a greener future.


  • Business type:  Manufacturers and Suppliers.
  • Established year: 2018
  • Location: China.
  • Products
  • Plastic packaging bags
  • Biodegradable bags
  • Food Packaging bags
  • Ziplock bags
  • Cotton Paper bags
  • Aluminum foil bags

Established in 2018, Nuopack specializes in the production of a diverse range of printed plastic bags, laminated pouches, and cleaning packaging products. Our location in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, provides us with convenient access to major transportation networks.

Our key strength lies in the extensive experience of our core team, with 12 years in the industry, enabling us to offer the most professional services to our customers. Since our inception, we have remained committed to the business tenet of “Superior Quality, Excellent Service, Favorable Price.” Through our professional approach, scientific management, stringent quality control, and efficient practices, we have earned the trust of our customers.

Source Pack

  • Business Type:  Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Established year: 2013
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Products
  • Cigar Packaging Pouch
  • Cannabis Packaging
  • Pre-Roll Tubes

Shenzhen Source Pack Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is based in Shenzhen, China, boasting a 3600-square-meter factory. We offer OEM and ODM services, equipped with 10 cutting-edge production lines, featuring 10 printing machines, 10 laminating machines, 8 slitting machines, and various other advanced equipment for comprehensive packaging solutions.

Hangzhou Food Packaging Pouch International Co. Ltd.

  • Business type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Established year: 2009
  • Location:
    Hangzhou, China
  • Products
  • Stand up pouch
  • Flat bottom pouch
  • 2 and 3-side seal pouch
  • Coffee pouch
  • Shaped pouches
  • Rice Packaging Bag
  • Spout pouches

Established in 2009, Hangzhou Food Packaging Pouch International Co. Ltd. is dedicated to continuous improvement. With over a decade of manufacturing experience, we prioritize product research, service enhancement, and staff training. Our commitment to quality extends to providing exceptional OEM/ODM services, ensuring success through meticulous attention to detail. Count on our international team for reliable export and quality assurance.

Shuangfu Packing

  • Business type: Manufacturer and trader of flexible packaging bags.
  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Products
  • Ziplock bag
  • Tea bag
  • Food packaging bag
  • Stand up Pouch
  • Coffee bag

For over 20 years, Foshan Shuangfu Packing Co., Ltd. has been a leading packaging bags manufacturer in Foshan, China. With a 15000sqm facility, 200+ employees, and 6 subsidiaries, we ensure strict quality control from raw materials to shipment. Offering diverse packaging solutions, including food, coffee, and industrial bags, we serve various industries globally. Our commitment to excellence extends to OEM/ODM services, 19 warehouses, and a mission to enhance product value through innovative packaging. Contact us today for quality and value in your packaging needs.


  • Business type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Established year: 2005
  • Location: Zhengzhou Henan, China
  • Products
  • Bottom Gusseted pouches
  • Box pouches
  • Kraft paper pouches
  • Shaped pouches
  • Spouted pouches
  • Snacks bags

Baolai is a professional plastic pouches manufacturer, offering paper, plastic, and biodegradable packaging for diverse applications such as food, juice, beverages, cosmetics, and daily chemicals. With a 100,000-class dust-free production workshop spanning 100,000 square meters, our two high-color printing lines and three high-speed printing lines ensure a daily output of over 500,000 bags and 20 tons of rolled film products. Our strong production capacity, coupled with certifications like ISO9001, FDA, and BRC, guarantees timely delivery and quality assurance. Committed to employee development, international exhibitions, and global expansion, Baolai aims to make significant contributions to the food packaging industry worldwide.

Final Words

Packaging is the demand of every brand and industry. All the products manufactured in factories need to be packaged before they hit the market’s shelf. Packaging increases the sales value of your products as it gives an attractive look and helps in increasing the overall performance of items. 

Different products need different packaging solutions. Packaging companies introduce a broad range of shoes and designs. If you really want your products to get known by everybody out there, you must search for top packaging companies.

There are numerous packaging companies that are serving very well and can help your business flourish. You must contact them for flexible packaging solutions. They give complete professional guidance to you and assist you in the best possible manner. 

So what are you waiting for? When there are a number of packaging companies to help your business grow. They are only one call or message away. Reach them now and get exciting packaging solutions.

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