10 Best Shaped Pouches Manufacturers & Suppliers In Canada


The latest trends in business and marketing are positively connected and influenced by the packaging of the products. A product’s visual appeal takes the cake in the business world and becomes a driving force for the packaging manufacturing industries to continuously innovate the packaging pouches and bags.

The introduction of Shaped pouches ensures to tick all the ingredients customers desire in their packaging bag. All the packaging companies with world-acclaimed research and development, consultation, and manufacturing teams are putting in their efforts and energy to bring forward shaped pouches with unique designs and reliable material usage.

The question that persists in the mind of the customers is whom to choose when they are overwhelmed with the available options. This article is here to enlighten you and leave you with a handful of top-rated shaped pouches packaging industries in Canada working phenomenally well, many already a part of the world’s finest packaging industries.

Universal Packaging

Source: https://universalpackaging.ca/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products: Stand up pouches, Kraft Paper Pouches , Shaped Pouches , Smell – Proof Bags

Mahnoor Khalid owns and operates this site, representing Universal Packaging CA. We specialize in providing flexible packaging services to Canada, supporting brands of all sizes and small businesses to thrive on a limited budget. Our product range includes boxes, labels, stickers, bags, booklets, calendars, clings, and various printing products. Our standard turnaround time is 8-12 business days, and we offer an express production plan with a turnaround of 6-7 business days. To learn more, please contact us at zack@universalpackaging.ca.

In our commitment to business expansion, we offer Free Shipping and Fast production services to Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Your success is our priority.


Source: https://dispensarysupply.ca/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying 
  • Location:  Canada
  • Products: Bottles , Jars and Tins , Syringes

Having observed the evolution of Canada’s cannabis industry firsthand, our team has garnered valuable insights. Leveraging this tacit knowledge, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis packaging supplies at the most affordable prices. Our commitment stems from a deep understanding of the industry’s needs and a passion for supporting its continued growth.

SP flexible packaging

Source: https://flexiblepackaging.ca/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Year established: 2008
  • Products: Shaped pouches, Mylar bags, Stand Up pouches, Flat pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Child resistant bags, Spout pouches, Side gusseted pouches

SP Flexible Packaging is your trusted local packaging specialist, proudly serving central Canada since 2008 from our manufacturing plant in Manitoba. With branches in BC, Alberta, and Manitoba, each equipped with sales representatives and warehouses, we ensure accessible services.

As a subsidiary of Super Poly Ltd., a key player in the packaging industry since 1986, SP Flexible Packaging benefits from extensive experience. Our team, with over 30 years of expertise in agricultural and commercial packaging, is dedicated to offering tailored solutions. We excel in providing perfect packaging solutions for specialty grains, organic snacks, pet foods, pharmaceuticals, and more.


Source: https://www.stickeryou.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 2008
  • Location:  Canada.
  • Products:
  • Custom Stickers
  • Custom Labels
  • Decals
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Iron-Ons
  • Magnets
  • Patches
  • Packaging Pouches
  • Name Badges
  • Static Clings
  • Yard Signs

StickerYou Inc. stands as the premier global platform for crafting custom products that truly stick!

Our passion lies in delivering the utmost quality in custom stickers, labels, decals, iron-ons, temporary tattoos, and more. Our website boasts proprietary die-cut technology, enabling you to effortlessly create and order products tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you need just one or a bulk order, in any size and shape, StickerYou empowers you to bring your ideas to life.

Founded in 2008 by Andrew Witkin, StickerYou originated from a moment of inspiration during a walk on Los Angeles’ Manhattan Beach. Observing the significant role stickers played in the local scene and culture, Witkin recognized the need for an affordable platform that allowed individuals to create their own remarkable die-cut stickers.


Source: https://www.duropac.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1993
  • Location:  Canada
  • Products: Stand Up Pouch, Box Pouch, Shrink Bags , Vacuum pouch

Duropac stands at the forefront as a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions for the Canadian food industry. As an independent, family-owned organization, we specialize in extending the shelf life of food products.

Our team of food experts and a network of specialists enhance our capability to provide tailored solutions. We take pride in our knowledgeable customer service team, known for being responsive, efficient, consistent, and compassionate.

Established in 1993 by Yvon Tremblay, a packaging specialist with over 30 years of industry experience, DUROPAC prioritizes customer service. In 2015, Duropac transitioned to an independent ownership structure while maintaining the same passion for assisting customers in finding flexible packaging solutions. In 2019, the current owners received a prestigious award in the Succession and Business Transfer category from the 3rd largest Chamber of Commerce in Québec, recognizing their excellence in business.

Peel Plastics

Source: https://www.peelplastics.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products:  Stand Up Pouch, Spine Pouch , Flat-Bottom , Rollstock

Peel Plastics specializes in crafting custom packaging solutions that seamlessly align with your brand identity. Our solutions are distinctive, industry-relevant, and tailored to your brand specifications. With print, lamination, and converting capabilities housed in our two North American locations, we excel at meeting challenging deadlines. Committed to innovation and process standards, we achieve high-quality, high-definition flexographic print comparable to rotogravure.

Understanding your unique needs, industry dynamics, marketing strategies, and merchandising goals, we deliver a package solution specifically tailored to your brand. Our team of industry experts supports our products, ensuring excellence. Recognizing the contemporary consumer’s demand for convenience and quality, our flexible pouches provide a competitive edge.

Our commitment is to be the most responsive supply partner, a leader in product and process innovation, and the overall best value provider of flexible packaging solutions.

Packing Pigeon

Source: https://www.packingpigeon.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products:  One Sided Transparent Stand Up Pouch , Kraft Stand Up Pouch ,  Three Sided Seal Bag ,  Shiny Metallic Stand Up Pouch

Packing Pigeon is the trusted choice for some of Canada’s largest cannabis, food, and soap companies. With over a decade of experience, you can rely on us to produce your packaging to the highest standards, ensuring timely delivery with every order. Enjoy the added benefits of free online proofs, complimentary express shipping, and lightning-quick turnaround times when you order now. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Food Pak

Source: https://www.foodpak.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 1968
  • Location:  Canada
  • Products: Flat Pouches, Stand Up pouches, Custom Stickers, Custom Labels, Roll Stickers and Labels, Clear Stickers, Labels and Rolls, Temporary Tattoos, Iron Ons and Iron On Transfers, Custom Magnets, Large format Decals (Wall, Floor and Window)

With over 50 years of industry expertise, FoodPak takes pride in being packaging specialists. Originating as a small, family-run business in Vancouver, BC, in 1968, we have evolved by establishing partnerships covering all facets of the packaging cycle. Whether navigating choices between digital and conventional printing, trays and pouches, or tray sealers and thermoformers, we are dedicated to tailoring specific solutions that fit your needs, not ours.

Pouch Makers

Source: https://standuppouch.ca/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products: Retort pouches, Stand Up pouches, Spout pouch packaging, Vacuum pouches, Recyclable pouches

Stand Up Pouch Canada is a leading supplier of packaging bags, specializing in the manufacturing of digital printed stand-up pouches, side gusset bags, flat bottom pouches, paper bags, coffee pouches with valves, spout pouches for liquid packaging, and more.

As a direct manufacturer, our prices are unmatched globally, ensuring cost-effective solutions. We advocate for direct purchases from manufacturers to ensure complete traceability of products. With multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide, we boast over 25 years of experience, ranking among the top 25 manufacturers of digital printed and biodegradable packaging materials globally.

All our products adhere to food-grade safety standards, meeting US FDA and European Union regulations. As the world’s largest manufacturer and stockist, we offer a comprehensive range of blank and color stand-up pouches and coffee bags with valves. Choose Stand Up Pouch Canada for reliable, high-quality packaging solutions.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location:  Canada
  • Products: Bread bags, Spout Seal bags, Sachets, Pound bags , Standup Pouches

With over 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, we’ve assisted diverse clients, from large multinational brands to entrepreneurial vendors at Farmers’ Markets. Our expertise extends to designing packaging for a wide range of products, including specialty grains, pet foods, and pharmaceuticals.

Setting us apart, our manufacturing facility is strategically located in central Canada, and we collaborate with a talented network of partners in the United States and China. This unique approach allows us to offer packaging solutions that not only meet the requirements of your products but also align with your budget and timeline.

Final Words

The packaging industry is doing remarkably well but in a world bombarded with packaging solution manufacturers and suppliers, only a few succeeded and came up with shaped pouches and bags with the finest cuts and unusual expressions. All the companies we have listed above successfully grabbed a spot and are labeled as the top 10 shaped pouches manufacturers in Canada for their stunning shaped pouches coupled with incredible services.

They have mastered the art of producing shaped pouches catering to all industries, including coffee packaging, baby care packaging, and fitness packaging, to name a few.

We completely understand the apprehension and confusion that holds business owners in a desire to grab the best for their products. If you are still waiting for the last assurance to finalize your product’s packaging, get a quote from the consultation team. They are always present at your service, and their job is to take you from a state of confusion to absolute certainty.

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