Stand up Pouches Manufacturers in Australia

Stand up Pouches Manufacturers in Australia

Packaging is an all-time need of every brand. Companies after manufacturing amazing stuff look for packaging specialists to ensure the success of their products in the market. Packaging enhances the overall performance of products and provides convenience to customers.

Stand up pouches are commonly used because of their customer friendly nature as they are easy to carry and easy to place. They provide complete protection from contamination and moisture to packaged items.  

Not only food companies but non-food companies take great advantage of them as they are economical and easily transported. They stand tall on shelves and are caught by every passer’s eye! 

Packaging companies bring them in a variety of colours and shapes as per the needs of customers. Because of their numerous benefits, they are all time favourites of company owners and consumers!



Source: Yarrapack

Business type: Manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly food packaging and catering disposables.

Established year: 2018

Location: Gilbly road, Mount Waverley Victoria, Australia.

Products: Shopping bag, White bag, Soil bag, Zip lock bag.

The company is known for making disposables for catering. The interesting fact about them is that their products are eco-friendly. They understand the present packaging demands very well. For this purpose, they used advanced technologies to manufacture food and catering disposables.

Their growth in the past 5 years is fabulous as they don’t only manufacture but also supply their products now. They keep bringing innovations in their designs and improving the quality.

You can get to know more about them by signing up to their newsletter or checking their website.

Rolls pack


Source: Rolls pack

Business type: Food packaging, E-commerce and retail packaging. Tamper evident packaging.

Established year: 1996

Location: 81-89 Malcolm Rd, Braeside VIC 3195, Australia.

Products: Stand up pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Retort pouches, Plastic carry bags, Retail carry bags.

Rollspack is a global network currently functional in many countries including US, China and Australia. They deal in food packaging, e-commerce and retail packaging, and tamper evident packaging. 

Rollspack is an award winning group and has been certified at many levels. They have decades of experience as they have been working since 1996. Their advanced equipment setup is second to none. 

They are members of RED cycle. Their products are recycled and used in many ways. Their satchels are used in making playgrounds for children. 

You can easily access them on their websites!



Source: RinPac

Business type: Flexible packaging bags supplier

Established year: 2003.

Location: ThornLeigh NSW, Australia.

Products: Shaped pouches, Stand up pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Sprout Pouches , Fin seal pouches, Mylar bags, Tamper evident bags

Rinpac is the leading manufacturing company active in many countries. They have customers from all around the world. They deal in flexible packaging bags and pouches.

Rinpac provides best customised solutions to their hand shakers. They understand the needs and demands of brand owners very well and bring them in unique and attractive ways. Premium quality plastic is used for packaging bags and pouches.

For best printing results, Rinpac uses advanced printing technologies that ensure ultimate success of their products. And thus adds spice to your branding campaign!

You can get best packaging solutions and uniquely printed packaging bags and pouches in a very affordable range from them. They can be easily accessed on their website. They also respond to received complaints.

Packaging Pro


Source: Packaging Pro

Business type: Total packaging & Hospitality solutions.

Established year: 1992

Location: Warrnambool, Australia.

Products: Biodegradable packaging, Dessert cups, Kraft brown paper bags, Plastic packaging and bags

Founded in 1992, packaging pro has been supplying quality packaging stuff to hospitality and commercial sectors. Their products include paper, Kraft fashion bags, plastic and commercial cleaning supplies. They have a wide range of products ranging from retail shopping bags to washroom products.

They are also suppliers of the Bio Pak range. Covering capital cities of Australia, like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. They supply the best packaging stuff. All of them are eco-friendly. Their cleaning supplies provide utmost peace of mind.

Tea lovers


Source: Tea lovers

Business type: Suppliers of specialty teas and tea ware products.

Established year: 2001

Location: Mount Annan NSW 2567 Australia.

Products: Cast iron tea pots, Glass tea ports, Tea infuser bottles, Tea infuser mugs, Japanese mugs & Tea pots, Novelty teapots.

Tea lovers is a family owned business in Australia. They are suppliers of specialty teas and tea packaging accessories to cafes and retail shops. They are wholesalers of tea ware products. 

They have a broad range of tea flavors and tea ware things, the variety you don’t find anywhere. They stock amazing tea blends from India, China, Sri Lanka and Japan. They make amazing packaging and gift accessories for teas. Thus make your experience memorable!

Their 20 years of experience does not let you get disappointed with the quality. They have the finest quality tea flavors and  tea ware products. They happily receive all kinds of compliments from their customers. For placing your best tea products you can access them at their websites.

Packaging Lab


Source: Packaging Lab

Business type: Specialised in coffee branding and packaging expertise.

Established year: In March 2021. Packaging lab has become a member of the Australian Covenant organisation.

Location: Office1202, 401 Docklands Drive, 3008 Australia.

Products: Stand up pouch, Spout pouch, Box bottom pouch, Flat pouch, Side seal pouch, Shaped pouch and printed rewind rolls.

Packaging lab is based in Melbourne, is dedicated for customised packaging. They assist you in growing your business and provide utmost convenience to their customers. Their aim is to provide their packaging services to both small and large companies. 

Logo printing and professional packaging designs are their specialty. Their advanced printing methods and innovative designs provide best local packaging solutions to brand owners in economical range.

Their packaging is flexible and they always tend to bring unique designs. The plastic material used in their packaging is eco-friendly and they do their best in promoting brands. 



Source: Noissue.

Business type: Custom and sustainable packaging.

Established year: 2017

Location: Sydney, Australia.

Products: Food packaging wrapper, Compostable Stand up pouches, Custom coated labels, Stock sugarcane straws, Bags & totes.

Noissue is a sustainable packaging company working in the US, New Zealand and Australia. They serve all brand owners without considering the size of their brand. They provide them with the best and economical sustainable packaging solutions. 

They make creative stuff. You can design your company labels and logo yourself by using their design-online logo tool. Mix and match colors and bring your type of designs. 

They have an option of low order minimums that makes it easier for small brands and businesses to access us. Noissue packaging is made with the materials that fit one of these frameworks; Recycled/Reused/Recyclable. 

Their eco-packaging alliance is a great way to contribute to global reforestation. For every order they receive, they plant trees in areas of need. Thus helps the globe to maintain its original balance!



Source: Luminar

Business type: Printing & Labeling industry.

Established year: They were established some 20+ years ago.

Location: 71-73 Melbourne road, River stone, NSW 2765.

Products: Stand up pouches, 3 Side seal pouches, Rewind and flow wrap, Roasted coffee bags.

 Luminar Group has over 20+ years of experience in the printing and labeling industry, and they have recognized themselves as one the best printing companies. Their unique designs and attractive labeling are simply astonishing! The labels on products and unique packaging helps your businesses expand.

The company has grown with every passing year because of innovations that they kept bringing in the printing industry. Their products are stories of their success. They are focused on the customers’ needs and new market trends. Therefore they always introduce stuff, going out of the box.

Being this focused and updated with business demands, their customers contact them again and again. As they know that their work ethics and quality are always top-notch.

If you want to try something new and give your manufactured stuff some special protocol, you must contact them now! 

They are available on their websites and helpline numbers.

Fine pack


Source: Fine pack

Business type: Supplier of reliable food packaging Australia wide.

Established year: Established some 18 years ago.

Location: 24/34 Sefton Road, Thornleigh NSW.

Products: Stand up pouches, Side Gusseted pouches, Box bottom bags

Finepack is an Australia based packaging company supplying finest quality packaging bags all over Australia. Being a local company, they are still among the few companies that use the latest printing technologies of gravure printing. Their streamlined manufacturing process helps to deliver bags in quickest turnaround time.

Their unique food packaging gives your products an appealing look on shelves, and increases their shelf life. Premium quality packaging material is used to protect the packaged items from all sorts of contamination.

 Finepack is among the top packaging companies of Australia because of their quality. They deliver what they promise and never compromise on quality and tend to be the best.

Customised opinions are also available. Printing and designing can be done as per our customers’ choice.

Pac Food


Source: Pac Food

Business type: Cost effective and environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging.

Established year: 2009.

Location: Brisbane

Products: Stand up pouches, Recycling piping bags, Custom flexible food packaging, Vacuum sealing bags, Vertical form filling film.

Pac food started their journey in 2009. They supply packaging bags for commercial needs. They supply their cook chill bags to care centers and hospitals. After making their name with these bags, they started developing vacuum sealing bags and biodegradable trolly bags.

Their customer care services are very active. After sales issues are solved immediately and they respond to all sorts of queries on their website.

Pac food has a beautiful office on the sunshine coast. But they also have warehouses in different areas of Australia including Brisbane and Melbourne. They also own a warehouse in Auckland to cover New Zealand customers.

Stand up pouches are highly demanded and consumed. Australia has a big market of stand-up pouches, delivering worldwide. Some of the companies deliver majorly to the US and its nearby countries.

These packaging companies play an essential role in expanding the business of their customers. Products are incomplete without fine quality packaging and labeling. Brand owners collaborate with packaging companies for the successful results.

The packaging simply elevates your products and makes it much easier to be recognised by consumers. So for the best results you must contact any of the above mentioned companies if you want to see your business touching the heights of success!

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