10 Best Custom Mylar Bags Manufacturers In Canada


The visual appearance of a packaging bag with all the ingredients in the right place potentially builds an emotional connection with the customers. In contrast, a not-so-captivating design on top of a packaging bag can bring devastating results for business owners and distributors. So the takeaway is to make peace with the thought that a good design can lead to incredible results for your business. But then the question that still feels relevant: is that effort enough? And the answer is No.   

Many business owners fail to make a mark because they sweep one of the most important factors under the carpet. A suitable packaging bag needs a pleasing design to be paired with reliable packaging bag material that keeps their products out of harm’s way. And that’s where the mylar bag saves the day for being strong and reliable. Mylar bags and pouches provide multi-layer protection from any harmful factor, including moisture, oxygen, light, and odor, to name a few. To provide further assistance, we are introducing you to Canada’s top mylar bag manufacturers that are as reliable as a well-built mylar bag.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products: Bubble Pouches , Foam Pouches , Anti- Static Pouches

RipplePak, led by hands-on owner Ragui Ghali, a skilled chemical engineer, excels in inventing effective packaging and insulation. His thermodynamics expertise ensures optimal raw material selection. Contact RipplePak for quality custom products meeting your needs and budget. Our Markham, Ontario facility offers convenient access to major Toronto highways—401, 404, 407, and Don Valley Parkway—for efficient production.

Labels & Labeling


Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year: 1979

Location:  Canada


  • Finishing and embellishment
  • Flexible packaging
  • Folding cartons
  • Industry trends
  • Inks & coatings

Labels & Labeling, the pioneering magazine tailored for the label industry, initially provided elusive insights into trends and technologies absent in general printing and packaging media. Its international appeal drew subscribers from 20 countries in the first years, now extending readership to 114 countries. Launched in 2001, labelsandlabeling.com evolved from the magazine’s online platform to a global portal, offering daily updates on the industry’s latest innovations, case studies, and company profiles.


Source: https://www.amcor.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Year established: 2018
  • Products: Responsible packaging for food, beverage, healthcare, home & personal care and other products.

Today, Amcor has taken a significant step by becoming the first global packaging company to commit to making all its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. This bold move directly addresses a pressing environmental concern, showcasing Amcor’s commitment to leveraging its capability, scale, and reach to contribute to sustainable packaging solutions.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: British Columbia, Canada
  • Products:
  • Gusseted bags
  • Flat bottom pouches
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Flat pouches

At Roastar, we empower small businesses to exude a larger-than-life presence. Whether it’s coffee, cannabis, pet treats, or specialty foods, we’ve got your packaging needs covered. As trailblazers in custom product packaging, we’re among the few nationwide offering digital pouch printing. Recognizing your distinct requirements, we provide short runs and swift turnarounds for agility. We value your time, ensuring a hassle-free ordering process. For custom printed packaging made in America, look no further. Achieving retail readiness for the small player has never been this seamless.

Landry Flexible Packaging

Source: http://landryflexpack.com/
  • Business Type: Printing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products: 
  • Custom Printed Rollstock
  • High Quality Products
  • Outstanding Graphics
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Cost-Efficient Packaging

Landry Flexible Packaging stands as a reliable supplier of consistent and sustainable packaging, specializing in the supply, printing, and conversion of flexible packaging. Our focus primarily caters to the food industry in North America, serving customers of various sizes throughout Canada and the United States. The relationships we forge are paramount, and we prioritize treating our customers with attention and respect. Our distinctive qualities include a deep understanding of customer needs, knowledge of product application requirements, and an efficient approach to producing top-quality printing, setting Landry apart from the competition.

Coffee wholesale Beverage

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products: Filter Packs , Tea Bags

CW-USA, born from a small-town fork-to-table idea two decades ago, has grown into a leading nationwide online coffee company. Our commitment to low prices and customer satisfaction propels us forward. Milestones include partnering with Miss Ellie’s Coffee.org, expanding our product range, and embracing exciting coffee trends. Explore our exceptional brands, and join our coffee community at CW-USA.com. Sip, savor, and experience the essence of coffee with us – Your Premier Coffee Beverage Wholesaler.

Distinctive Solutions

Source: https://distinctive-solutions.ca/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 2010
  • Location: Canada
  • Products: Void filling packaging materials, including air pillows, peanuts, bubble wrap, foam, and tissue paper.

Established in 2010, Distinctive Solutions Inc. prioritizes customer interests above all. We operate with a unique approach, avoiding sole sourcing on products or systems. This broker mentality enables us to align your needs with the most suitable options available in the market. Our consultation services focus on identifying areas for improvement, aiming to reduce costs and enhance overall efficiency for your benefit.

Supply Pack

Source: https://supplypack.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products: Stand-Up Pouches, Quad Seal, Side Gusset Bag, Flat Bottom Bag

The Supply Pack team boasts over 50 years of collective experience in commercial printing, crafting designs and products for multinational corporations, online resellers, and small businesses seeking customized, professional packaging. In the era of unboxing videos, your packaging is a crucial facet of your brand experience. Opt for distinctive custom packaging to enhance brand awareness and customer engagement. We prioritize high-quality printing to create memorable pieces. Our designers are ready to offer advice, ensuring your packaging aligns perfectly with your brand and goals.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established year: 2011
  • Location: Canada
  • Products:  Food  & Beverage Packaging , Beauty & Personal Care Packaging 

Founded in 2011, KETE GROUP LIMITED stands as a comprehensive and professional manufacturer of flexible printing and packaging machines. Born from a collaboration of printing and packaging machine factories, we proudly use the brand “KETE” for international market business. Specializing in sustainable, vertically integrated machinery solutions for printing and packaging converting machines, we prioritize Quality First and Customer Orientation as core values. Committed to considerate service, we continuously upgrade and optimize machine functions to better serve the evolving needs of the printing and packaging market.

Cankey Packaging Machinery

Source: https://www.cankey-tech.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Location: Canada
  • Products: Mylar Custom stand up pouches , Custom Plastic zip packaging bags for food



Cankey Technology Co., Ltd is a leading packaging machine supplier that seamlessly integrates research and development, production, and sales. We offer customers comprehensive packaging solutions and value-added services. Our main product range includes cellophane wrapping machines, shrink wrap machines, flow wrap machines, multi-head weighers, multi-lane packing machines, filling machines, and other related products. With a commitment to excellence, Cankey Technology strives to meet the diverse packaging needs of our clients.

Final Words

In today’s era, the packaging is not an option but a necessity that, at a very base level, protects your products and eases the shipment and transportation of the items. Its inevitable use is difficult to avoid, so a million-dollar act is to associate another advantage with the packaging bags and pouches that bring profit for the seller of the products. That benefit is the aesthetic design you leave as a mark of your company’s ownership on the bag, and there is no hidden secret that attractive packages bring customers.  

Mylar bag is a flexible packaging option with a dual benefit strategy, durably holding the product with an alluring design on the top. We have already done the hard work compiling a list of the top 10 custom mylar bags in Canada for you. All these mylar bag companies are deserving contenders in this list because of their sheer determination to put forward the finest quality Mylar bags for their customers. If there is still a query or you want further assistance get a quote and get ready to order supreme quality mylar bag for your product in bulk.

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