Elevator management by access control controller.

Elevator management is a kind of elevator control technology. A similar “access controller” system device is installed on the original elevator.

Only after the card is swiped, the elevator will be started and the cardholder will be sent to the floor to be reached.

The composition of the elevator management system:  access control server, access control authorized client, access controller,  access control card reader.

There are three modes of elevator management by access control system:

1, Mode one: Swing card calling mode:

The card reader is installed on the passage (outside elevator box), cardholder swipes the card ( or press the up and down button after swiping it.

The authorized cardholder can get in the elevator, no authorized or without card can’t get it in.

Implementation: Use the relay of access control system to control the on/off button or the public line of two buttons.

2, Mode two: Swing card to press floor with the right

The card reader is installed in the elevator, the holder can press the floor button after swiping card, no swing card and no authorized holder can’t press the button

Implementation: Use the relay of access control system to control the public line on/off for all the floor.

Remark: If the elevator box is metal, it will shield and reduce the card reading distance (or even can’t work). It is recommended to make it 1-2 centimeters higher

or choose a card reader with strong metal attenuation capability.

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