Types of Cannabis Packaging

Types of Cannabis Packaging

As you know, cannabis is a billion dollar industry. If you are stepping into this industry, it’s must for you to know this fact very well that you are going to have strong competition. In this type of industry with multiple competitors, you must be thinking that what are the possible ways of ultimate success? How can my brand become the popular one while there are so many already in this race? 

Well, your concerns are right! And we are there to help you. 

Packaging is the main thing that will make your cannabis brand a distinctive one in the market. By bringing some creativity in the packaging step and being a little bit more cautious about types and materials, your cannabis brand can earn a great reputation!

It is a challenging task as the overall performance of products lies on the packaging step. Top notch quality packaging helps in promoting your cannabis brand and builds a strong customer base. 

If you want your customers to get addicted to your cannabis brand only, you must bring some uniqueness in your packaging. Uniqueness makes every detail of your business more appealing than before. You can make your cannabis brand a unique one by introducing different types of cannabis packaging

There is a broad range of cannabis packaging types and materials manufactured by packaging companies. And for this you should have complete information regarding those types and materials.

Let’s know what cannabis packaging is, and what factors make it so special.

What is cannabis packaging?

The cannabis industry is flourishing with every passing year. So the states are inviting more cannabis companies to expand this industry. With the increase in cannabis brands, the packaging needs and demands are also increasing. That is why we see that a lot of packaging companies are working hard to fulfill the needs of the cannabis industry. 

For this purpose, they keep introducing modern packaging types and material. The types and materials which can fascinate the consumers and they really find something special in the packaging.

The wide range of cannabis packaging creates a deep impact on the cannabis industry. There are consumers with different types of needs, so there are different kinds of packaging types and materials for addressing those needs.

The unique packaging gives you a brand identity that distinguishes your products from the rest of companies. When there are a lot of packaging companies working, the state imposes some laws and regulations. Just like there are some guidelines in the form of regulations by the state governments, there are also many types of packaging introduced by the packaging companies. 

Packaging Regulations

Being a cannabis brand owner, you should be aware about all the laws and regulations regarding the cannabis packaging. If you are running your company in more than one state, you have to keep yourself updated about their policies. As these laws keep on changing and also vary from state to state, you have to be extra careful in this matter. Despite a variation of these laws and regulations among the states, some regulations are the same in every state. 

These laws and regulations prove to be very beneficial for both brand owners and consumers as they make your products safer from all kinds of threats. Some of the common regulations are,

  • Child resistant. Packaging should be safe from kids under age 5. Kids of this age should be unable to open the packaging. Also, there should be a special instruction note on cannabis packaging to keep it away from kids of age under 5.

  • Opaque. Usually, the packaging of edible items is transparent. But for cannabis, opaque packaging is instructed to use. The reason behind it is to keep the inner contents invisible.

  • Tamper evident. There should be safe sealing of plastic or glass around the opening for safety. Plastic or glass tampers are commonly used. It is evidence that the packaging is not used by anyone before you.

  • Reseal able. The purpose of making reseal able packaging is that if the product has to be used more than one time, it can be resealed again. So the cannabis contents remain air tight and protected from all sorts of contamination.

  • Durable. Most importantly, packaging should be durable. It should not be of that cheap quality that cannot be used in the long run. Contents like cannabis are supposed to be stored for a long time, so the packaging has to be durable and long lasting.

  • Recycled and recyclable. The most important law imposed in most of the states is that the packaging material should be recycled and also recyclable. It helps in maintaining the balance of the planet and controls the production of plastic as it can cause severe earth and size pollution, and damage to marine life.

Types and materials for cannabis packaging.

When it comes to packaging, material selection is the biggest challenge for company owners. Cannabis companies have to be very creative if they want to stand out in the market. Supreme quality material protects the inner contents from moisture and contamination. The UV rays are harmful for preserved food items like cannabis. Therefore, some special glass and plastic material packaging is required to save the cannabis.

Printing quality also plays an important role. Appealing designs attract the buyers and vibrant colour designs are caught by passers eyes. That is why there should be a strong emphasis on printing quality of material.

Just like material selection, types of cannabis packaging also play an essential role in the success of a brand. A broad range of cannabis packaging types should be introduced by the companies as there are different types of users. Some like glass packaging and some go with plastic stuff. Depending upon the needs and demands of consumers, they should be offered with a variety of packaging types. 

Normally, we see that only glass and plastic types are known by companies. But this article will also let you know about many other different types of packaging that are commonly used in the cannabis industry and serve great purposes.

  • Glass jars.

Glass jars are the best containers for cannabis. It does not change the taste of contents and comes with air tight sealing. Also, its easy to clean.

  • Borosilicate tube jars.

      Some jars are made from borosilicate glass which is laboratory grade glass. It provides complete protection to cannabis from UV rays and it is also BPA free.

  • Smell proof jars.

     The continents often contain an intense smell that comes even after packaging in glass jars. Smell proof jars are used for this purpose.

  • Polystyrene containers.

Polystyrene containers are for those consumers that are used to plastic packaging as it is brittle free and also provides protection from moisture.

  • Acrylic containers.

Acrylic containers are discreet and easy to carry, and they are perfect for storing cannabis.

  • Silicone containers.

Silicone containers are highly temperature resistant; the temperature of cannabis does not change irrespective of the temperature they are exposed to.

  • Tube jars.

Tube jars are eco-friendly and economical. They are convenient to use and provide ingredient protection.

  • Single-use bag.

Consumers benefit from single use bags in many ways. They are cheap, convenient and environment friendly. Also, they are recyclable.

  • Reseal able bags.

Reseal able bags serve many purposes to cannabis consumers. They serve long shelf life and reduce waste of food. Makes portion control easy. 

  • Pop-top tubes.

Pop-top tubes are child resistant. They are made up of biodegradable materials. Durability is their main property.

  • Clear plastic tubes.

Clear plastic tubes come in a variety of sizes and are used for storing cannabis.

  • Pre-roll bags.

Pre roll bags are strong, portable and versatile. Therefore, they are often used by cannabis consumers.

The Bottom line

Cannabis packaging is important for every cannabis dealer. It requires keen study of packaging ideas and market demands. In the cannabis industry, we observe a big competition among cannabis companies. To be successful and distinctive in this field, you have to adopt some creative trends of packaging. 

Creative packaging ideas and versatile packaging sets up a strong fan base of your brand. Your brand is praised everywhere because of unique packaging ideas. You just have to replace new ideas with old and boring ones.

We hope that this brief information has helped you in understanding the packaging importance of cannabis and also about positive effects that good quality packaging can bring to your brand.

If you really want to build cannabis brand that touches the heights of success that too in a shorter span of time, your packaging quality should be top-notch with distinctive qualities to stand out on the market shelves!

We wish you a very successful business journey ahead!

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