Stand Up Pouches Manufacturers UK

Stand Up Pouches Manufacturers UK

All the industries around us are catching up to rapidly changing trends to fit the customers’ choices, and the packaging industry is none less. All the packaging companies are adapting quickly to adjust themselves in this era with swiftly evolving customer preferences. In that regard, the latest development is the advent of stand up pouches that are a sure-shot hit because of the visual delight they bring to the table.

What does a customer demand in their packaging? A top-notch packaging pouch that holds the product intact for a longer shelf life with an uncompromised advertisement on the covering. The good news is that stand up pouches are a proud possessor of all these qualities, but only if manufactured by a trustworthy packaging company. So here comes the list of top 10 stand up pouches packaging manufacturers in the UK leading this competitive race with innovative designs and valuable customer service.

Jamo Solutions

Source: Jamo Solutions

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year:

Location: Texcel Business Park, Dartford, United Kingdom

Products: Recyclable Packaging, Stand-up Pouches, Flat Pouches, Side Gusset Bags, Coffee & Tea Bags, Bakery Bags and Biodegradable Packaging.

Jamo packaging solutions is UK’s one of the leading packaging industries that established its name in manufacturing recyclable pouches and now hold a desirable list of packaging bags and pouches in varying shapes and size. And the way they pair their products with services makes their packaging bags and pouches even more attractive.

Their stand up pouches have the full potential to bring your product into the limelight owing to their style and maximized shelf space usage. Their bags and pouches printing contribute significantly to the final look of their product’s covering. And they complement it with the finest material to protect your wrapped products from any substantial damage, including moisture, oxygen, microbes or other external factors.

Pouch Packaging

Source: Pouch Packaging

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year:

Location: Luke Street London, UK

Products: Stand up pouches, Eco-friendly stand up pouches, Custom stand up pouches and Side Gusset bags.

Pouch packaging, like its name, kept their pouches collection simple but immensely desirable. Their stand up pouches are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology with a combination of finest quality manufacturing materials and printing methods. And the outcome of their bags and pouches manufacturing produces impactful final products for the world to witness. They own a wide range of stand up pouches appropriate for both food and non-food sectors.

They have a patient consultation team ready to serve their customers in case of any trouble. So if you have any unanswered questions, you can rely on the pouch packaging team, and they never disappoint. They also offer free samples of their stand up pouches, another feature that played a massive part in building customers’ trust.


Source: RinPac

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year: 2002

Location: China

Products: Shaped pouches, Mylar bags, Stand Up pouches, Flat pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Child resistant bags, Spout pouches, Side gusseted pouches, Fin seal pouches, Aluminium foil bags, Window pouches, Sustainable pouches and Anti-counterfeiting pouches.

Rinpac is a stand up packaging company with its name enough of an introduction in the world of packaging manufacturers because of its high customer retention ratio. And the secret of their customer loyalty is no more a hidden mystery, that is, the quality and management of their packaging pouches and bags.

They own a diverse range of products, their stand up pouches and shaped pouches being the most innovative out of all. There may seldom be any market sector that does not appreciate their stand up pouches as they enhance the product’s visual delight with no match with its competitors. And above all, they provide such supreme quality stand up pouches in an affordable price range rarely witnessed in the wholesale market.


Source: Readability

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year: 1992

Location: King St Royston, UK

Products: Printed Cartons, Labels, Ribbons, Printed Pouches and Stand up pouches.

Readability is one of the UK’s top stand up pouches manufacturers that started its journey with the objective of supplying barcode labels to supermarket suppliers. Now they offer a complete range of custom printing stand up pouches that lack nothing compared to its competitor.

They keep all the policies in check to make their product safe for edible products, and their fitness packaging and snack packaging are a few of the hot seller examples of their stand up pouches catering to food industries. Whether your product is in dry powdered form or wet edible product, they have a solution in the form of a perfect wrap for your product.


Source: FlexiPACK

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year:

Location: Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Products: Stand up pouches, flat pouches and Flexible Packaging Films

Customers often compromise a few attributes because of the non-availability of tailor-made stand up pouches. In that case, FlexiPACK has answers to all your specifications and requirements. It’s renowned for its bag and pouch designs, flawless printing, several features and adds-on, all assembled to provide customers with a one-stop shop where all their needs are taken care of without hesitation.

They impose no limitations on their customers based on their product sizes. They present valuable support in the form of diverse stand up pouches ready to take in items of any shape and volume. On top of that, their products are not confined to one area of the market sector, but they are proud providers of pet food packaging, beauty packaging and many more.


Source: Surepak

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year: 1992

Location: Sherwood Business Park, Willow Dr, Annesley, Nottingham, UK

Products: Centre seal Flat pouch, Flat Gusseted Pouch, Centre Seal Gusseted Pouch, 2 & 3 Side Seal Pouch, Quad Seal Pouch and Standup Pouch.

Since its inception, Surepak owns a clear vision to provide packaging solutions to its customers that replicate the imaginary structure that buyers have in mind. They have successfully cracked the art of crafting perfect stand up pouches that face low competition from the surrounding packaging industries because of their maintained and polished quality in every aspect. It’s especially recommended to young entrepreneurs as they offer services that favor them to no bounds, including minimum order quantity.

Their stand up pouches have a pleasant presence across multiple market sectors, including cannabis packaging and baby care packaging. They have registered their mark in the hearts of their customers, and their prominent presence in this list of top 10 stand up pouches manufacturers in the UK is a validation of it.

Innova Flexible Packaging

Source: Innova Flexible Packaging

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year:

Location: Belfast, UK

Products: Stand up Pouch, Flat Bottom Pouch, Quad Bag, Side Gusset Bag, Three Side Sealed Bag, Sachet, Microwavable Pouches, Spout Pouches, Retort Pouch and Rollstock

With over twenty-five years of experience in designing and manufacturing flexible packaging, Innova Flexible Packaging is working without taking breaks to establish a name based on innovative designs. They have combined the creative mindsets of their team with the quality and management cell so customers can enjoy their items in the best form and visually appealing packaging solutions.

Their stand up pouches are fully customizable and are designed and printed in a way that precisely meets customers’ specifications. Their stand up pouches are the most frequently utilized packaging options and are widely employed for snack packaging and dry food packaging, to name a few. You can place your orders according to your convenience, and their fast delivery service will ensure that you receive them on time.

Tyler Packaging

Source: Tyler Packaging

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year: 1982

Location: Fosse Way, Leamington Spa, UK

Products: Stand Up Pouch, Flat Based Pouch, Conventional plastic films, Quad seal pouch, Compostable and Recyclable packaging solutions.

Just as Tyler Packaging is deservingly positioned on this list, they guarantee to furnish your products with the perfect blend of ingredients in the right locations on their stand-up pouches, ensuring that your products stand out among the competition in a similar fashion. Their team members, including consultation, design, research and development, collaborate in an ideal manner, and their efforts are evident in the final product quality and designs.

 Despite their lightweight nature, their stand-up pouches possess remarkable strength, capable of supporting heavier products. Various optional closure systems are offered to accommodate customers’ needs, including spouts, hooded sliders, and Press to Close (PTC) zippers. The punched easy carry handles on stand up pouches are another attractive addition if the customer demands.

Elliott Packaging

Source: Elliott Packaging

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year: 1996

Location: Lostock Gralam, Northwich, United Kingdom

Products: Stand up pouches, spouted pouches, Kraft pouches, Flat bottom pouches and Printed pouch packaging.

Elliott Packaging has a global reach as it effectively seized the authentic essence of nearly all packaging options, from flat bottom pouches to anti-counterfeiting pouches. They are equipped to provide top-quality packaging bags and solutions to address any packaging-related product or idea that customers may have. If you need assistance with printed products or packaging, the team provides support from the design stage to the production without reluctance. 

Due to their dual role in enhancing a brand’s marketing and extending the product’s shelf life, stand up pouches can be a challenging packaging option. However, this stand up pouches company takes care of all the necessary details to ensure that none of the essential features are overlooked.


Source: BakPac

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying

Established year: 1973

Location: Hubert Road, Brentwood, Essex, UK

Products: Stand up pouches, pillow pouches, printed films and trade services.

BakPac, a leading stand up pouches manufacturer, has a clear mission to offer customers exclusive products with authentic production material. Their product range is impressive, with stand up pouches leading the way. The warehouse and logistics ensure the orders reach their destination in optimal time and condition.

Their stand up pouches possess a durable folded gusset at the bottom so a shelf can keep it firmly even when filled. They have paid extra attention to every minute detail, and stand up pouches usage is further improved by the inclusion of a spout. They help your product packaging to stand out in a crowd of similar products, and it’s enough to instill trust among customers.

Final Words

All the business owners, distributors and suppliers fantasize about an increased sale of their products and untarnished brand image, and their marketing strategies revolve around the same. All businesses, whether online or in a conventional store, need a packaging solution for their product. If that covering somehow positively adds market value, that will be the cherry on top. And stand up pouches do the same for your product, as their surface provides plenty of room for the product’s branding and prominent showcasing.

They are flexible enough for a large category of product packaging solutions, whether edible products like dried food packaging or others like beauty packaging. If you opt for stand up pouches for your products, don’t get overwhelmed by the available options, as this list of the top 10 stand up pouches manufacturers in the UK will narrow your search. And if there are still issues holding you back, you can get in touch with our team.

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