Stand up pouches Manufacturers in China

Stand up pouches Manufacturers in China

Stand up pouches are highly demanded and consumed by customers. They serve great purposes for packaged items. From manufacturing process to purchase, they have great benefits for both manufacturers and customers. They are designed so beautifully to be caught by everyone’s eye. They stand tall on shelves and provide a longer shelf life to packaged items. 

Stand up pouches are made with such premium quality paper that protects the food items from contamination, light, moisture and harmful rays. Stand up pouches are easily transported costing a reduced amount of money. Since they are very lightweight they take less space. This reduces the transportation expense.

They are manufactured in a variety of designs and shapes. They are spacious to contain the items without congestion and thus make their customer’s life much easier.

China is a well-known manufacturer industry for Stand up pouches. There are a number of companies working in China to produce quality stand up pouches to be used for different purposes.

Habei Xiaohu

Habei Xiaohu
Source: Habei Xiaohu
  • Business Type: Professional manufacturer of Flexible packaging bags and aluminum jars.
  • Established year: 2009
  • Location: Dongguan County, Hubei province.
  • Products: Stand up pouches, Food bags, Coffee bags, Kraft paper bags, Vacuum bags

The company is a professional dealer of flexible packaging bags and pouches. They have worked with around 120 countries supplying big markets of Canada, USA, Malaysia and Pakistan. Customisation service is their specialty. They provide you with the best customisation solutions. Printing paper, colour, size and design is all according to their customers’ requirements combined with our business advice. You can get amazing stand up pouches at very competitive prices. Their top notch designs with an attractive look will add spice to our branding campaigns.

Contact them today for flexile stand up pouches that can fulfill your business needs at an affordable range.

Qingdao Huahonggxing 

Qingdao Huahonggxing
Source: Qingdao Huahonggxing
  • Business type: Exporter and manufacturer of plastic packaging bags.
  • Established Year: 2012
  • Location: Chengyang district, Qingdao city, Shandong province, China.
  • Products: Food packaging bags, Spout bags, Plastic packaging bags, Kraft paper pouches, Biodegradable bags, Pet food bags

The company manufactures packaging bags and pouches on a large scale. They have their own export and import rights.  Being highly professional in their field, they import their products to Canada, USA, Middle East and many other countries. They majorly deal in Slider bags, zip lock bags, Grape bags, OPP bags and Laminated Roll films.

Their Factory is spread over 38,000sqm and about 300 workers are working there. Factory unit is very close to Qingdao port. All the staff members are highly professional and facilitate the interested parties in the best way possible.

High quality printing machines are used for printing flexible printing pouches. You can contact them on their website and can also visit their office in Qingdao.


Source: RinPac

Business type: Professional manufacturer of flexible packaging bags and pouches.

Established year: 2003

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Products: Shaped pouches, Flat pouches, Flat  bottom pouches, Sustainable pouches, Mylar bags, Aluminum foil bags

Rinpac is one of the top manufacturing companies for flexible packaging bags and pouches. Their products are made up of high quality material and supplied to big markets of the world. They deal in food and non-food packaging bags.

Rinpac provides superb customisation facilities despite having a broad range of designs and materials. They tailor the needs and demands of their customers in a very beautiful way. Their products steal the show in the market as they hit the market’s shelves.

Their staff is so professional and guarantees excellent performance of all products with zero faults. If you want your business to shine like a star in the market, you can contact them on their website. They are available for all sorts of queries.

MST Packaging

MST Packaging
Source: MST Packaging

Business type: Manufacturer and supplier of high quality Stand up pouches.

Established year: 1993

Location: Guangdong province, China.

Product: Composite coffee bags, Biodegradable bags, Stand up coffee bags, Aluminum coffee bags, Flat bottom bags, Side Gusset bags, Flat bags

MST packaging is one the leading manufacturers and suppliers of stand-up pouches, spout pouches, recycling bags and gaining potential in making flexible packaging bags and pouches. They mostly deal in food packaging but also provide services to non-food industries.

Their business is spread worldwide like in Europe, Australia and Asia. Their vast network world wide clearly tells the satisfying remarks of their customers. They are our best choice for premium quality customised bags and pouches that too at competitive prices.

Ming Ri flexible packaging

Ming Ri flexible packaging
Source: Ming Ri Flexible Packaging

Business type: Packaging and container manufacturing.

Established year: 1994

Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Products: Tube laminates, Laminated web, Flexible packaging bags, Snack packaging, Food packaging bags, Cosmetic tube

Ming Ri is the leading manufacturing company of laminate web and tube (ABL, PBL, and MPET). They have 30+ years of experience in dealing with different industries like cosmetic, personal care, household, pharmaceutical, and food. They have proudly served small to big companies and each of them got fully satisfied. They helped them to expand their business.

Guangdong BN packaging

Guangdong BN packaging
Source: Guangdong BN Packaging

Business type: Manufacturers of Coffee packaging bags.

Established year: 2003

Location: Fushun city, Guangdong province, China.

Products: Coffee bag, Foil bag, Stand up pouch, Kraft paper bags, Plastic bags, Food package bag, Side gusset bag

BN packaging has been manufacturing coffee bags since 2003 and supplying them to both big and small companies’ worldwide. They are committed to providing the best quality to their customers. BN packaging is a certified company. Their manufacturing plant is enriched with modern technology equipment for best quality printing.

They have both local and overseas customers. They have a proper business hub in Canada, USA, Europe, etc. Besides their own designs, they also produce customised packaging bags. Their quality and service are top-notch. For better performance of your items, you can reach them now!

Soaraway packaging

Soaraway packaging
Source: Soaraway Packaging

Business type: Specialized in manufacturing flexible packaging bags for food items.

Established year: 2005

Location: Fushun city, China.

Products: Coffee bag, Pet treat bag, Weed bag, Stand up pouch, Flat bottom bag, Flat pouch

Soaraway is specialised for providing flexible packaging solutions for food items and drinks. Like pet food, dry food, tea and coffee. Their size and design range is very broad yet they offer customisation services. Like company logos, printing style and colours can be chosen by the customers.

They have passed certification levels and have a wide network covering many countries. They truly understand the importance of packaging bags so they can manufacture such high quality bags that are unique in design and serve great purposes on shelves. The best thing about them is that they are affordable. They have a capability to fulfill your requirements at competitive prices.

Lucky Time

Lucky Time
Source: Lucky Time

Business type: Produce the highest quality packaging bags for food items.

Established year: 1997

Location: Suzhou, China.

Products: Flat pouches, Gusseted bags, Stand up pouches, Printed film, Compostable pouches

Lucky Time is a Chinese company working since 1997 to supply superior quality packaging bags for food, dairy, beverage, medicine and daily chemicals. Quality and safety are their top priorities. They assure an amazing printing quality and safety for packaged items. The company remains very concerned with the changing trends and different needs of the customers. They bring up amazing ideas in the packaging industry and make life much easier.

Coast packaging

Coast packaging
Source: Coast Packaging

Business type: Manufacturer of various packaging products.

Location: Shanghai, China.

Products: Stand up pouches, Block bottom pouches, Flat pouches, Gusseted pouches, Child-resistant pouches, Compostable pouches

Coast package provides best packaging solutions. They have a variety of materials to customize the needs and demands of customers. The professional team of coast packaging ensures the best quality of packaging products at competitive prices and timely delivery to your doorstep. They aim to build long-term business relations with their partners.

Qingdao Beaufy Group

Qingdao Beaufy Group
Source: Qingdao Beaufy Group

Business type: Plastic bags manufacturer and suppliers.

Established year: 2006

Location: Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong, China.

Products: Zip lock plastic bag, Slider plastic bag, Specimen Bag, Medical zipper bags, Stand up pouch, Fruit bags, Laminated bags, Aluminum Foil bags.

It is a large scale manufacturer and supplier for all sorts of plastic bags and films. We provide wholesale supply worldwide. Australia, USA, Canada and the Middle East are their main markets. Their plastic bags are of high quality and are ecofriendly. They are highly consumed as they serve great purposes in all areas of life!

Packaging is in demand for every brand and every item. Chinese companies are bringing innovations in the packaging industry. All sorts of designs and shapes are available. Among them, stand up pouches are most easy to use and budget friendly. They have numerous benefits and therefore are highly demanded by brands.

Stand up pouches increase the shelf life of packaged items. Their appealing look attracts the purchasers. Different materials used for their manufacturing bring innovation in their production. Since they are lightweight, they are easily transported in minimum shifts.

Beautiful designs of Stand-up pouches increase your overall sale and your business is more recognized in the market. This helps your business to expand its network worldwide.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the above companies and place orders for stand up pouches or you can customise according to your needs and demands.

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