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Best 10 Custom Mylar Bags Manufacturers In The USA


The delinquent progress in business and marketing is associated with the demand for packaging.  As the necessities are inflating, the need for products is further increasing with time. It is the ultimate cause of the increased advancement in the packaging industry. The presentation of the products brought the packaging industry to an elevated place. The manufacturers in the USA packaging marketplace are competent to provide standard bags and pouches of all sorts.  

 Mylar bags won the chess by having a higher tensile strength,  chemical and dimensional stability,  reflectivity,  transparency,  aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation over other packaging bags.

Due to the belongings,  mylar bags are manufactured in plurality. The top manufacturers of the USA packaging industry produce custom-printed mylar bags.

Scholle IPN

Scholle IPN logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Established Year: 1945
  • Location :  Netherlands
  • Products:  Spouted pouches,  Bag in Box & Cartons , Films, Fitments

Scholle IPN is one of the top suppliers of mylar bags in the United States. With 50+ years of deep experience, understanding, and exceptional value, the company treats all customers with great respect. Scholle IPN sells its products globally to food processing companies.  It’s a powerhouse for custom mylar bag manufacturers, with products ranging from infant formula to frozen drinks and other necessities.

With highly valued broadcast services, the company can showcase its bags and pouches. The Company’s glamorous success propelled it to the global market. Whether you need fully formed, ready-to-fill packaging or films and filaments to support your business, Scholle IPN provides a custom design solution to meet your needs.


rinpac logo gray
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Supplying
  • Established Year:   2002
  • Location: China
  • Products : Stand up Pouches  Mylar bags  Child Resistant Bags,  Aluminum Foil Bags,  Flat bottom Pouches  Mylar Zipper Bags,  Spouted pouches,  Side Gusseted Bags, and Custom packaging bags

Rinpac is the global leader in the production of packaging bags and pouches. Marketers, wholesalers, and business owners all want their products to be perfectly packaged. Rinpac enables them to protect their essentials from humidity, temperature, and other environmental effects. Superior quality materials and printing methods are used to ensure that you receive the exact product that you choose. Rinpac is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of custom mylar bags. They competently assemble those bags suitable for long-term product storage. The company’s mylar zipper bags are an excellent purchase for customers. We provide highly appealing, custom-printed bags that meet all of your requirements. Bags are produced under the supervision of a skilled team and technological advancements.

The company was founded in 2002 and has evolved into a well-rounded business marketing strategy. Customers benefit from free sample services, innovative packaging solutions for their products, and personalized bags and pouches.

You can also take benefit from Rinpac for any kind of service.  Make a quotation and contract administration.

Bag King

Bag King logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Established Year: 1994
  • Location: Sacramento,  California
  • Products: Bags, Glass Jars, Lids, PET Jars   Tubes, Child Resistant Bags, and many others

Bag King plays a great role in delivering the most desirable customized flexible packaging bags in the United States. It has grown from a small start-up to one of the industry’s top online retailers. Custom-printed mylar bags with your branding and vibrant colors are manufactured by the company. Every day, Bag King strives to improve its operations for clients. They respect your time and needs. A reliable team responds to your inquiries and orders as quickly and accurately as possible.

Customized luggage, backpacks, handbags, and travel accessories are delivered worldwide by competent manufacturers and instructors.

Check out the cooperate brand page & you’ll be successful in branding your company with Bag King.

ePac Holdings

ePac Holdings logo
  • Business Type: Supplying & Digital Printing
  • Established Year : 2016
  • Location:  North America, Europe, and USA
  • Products:  Lay Flat Pouches,  Stand Up Pouches,  Roll stock, Child Resistant Bags,  Films, Sustainable Packaging

ePac was the first supplier in North America to use wide web digital printing technology. It is the first and largest integrated network providing services of custom packaging. They strive to provide their customers with a quick and inexpensive way to purchase custom mylar bags.

ePac is a global leader in just-in-time manufacturing and highly regarded customer service.

Since 2016, ePac has served thousands of small, medium, and large brands by providing just-in-time manufacturing and industry lead times of 5 to 15 business days.

ePac grew from a small start-up to 24 plants in a few years.

ePac offers order protection, single-use packaging, and resealable packaging and can boost your business very quickly.


SunDance logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Digital Printing
  • Established Year: 2007
  • Location:  South Orlando
  • Products: Business materials,  Promo items, Custom Labels, Custom Printed Bags, Custom Packaging, Scratch Offers, Wine Boxes, Canvas Prints

Whether you require standard packaging bags or customized flexible designs, Sundance will provide the highest quality products at a reasonable price.

Sundance is the best printer in Orlando and a popular choice among customers.

It is a powerhouse for both design and printing in Orlando and is well-known both nationally and locally. They will create eye-catching styles for your products, extending their shelf life. Custom-printed mylar bags will keep your customers coming back for more. Sundance meets its customers’ high standards for high-quality labels and printing materials.

Experience the concierge level of customer service and ultimate quality packaging bags from Them.

Printing New York

Printing New York logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and Printing
  • Year established: 2013
  • Location: New York
  • Products:  Coffee packaging,  Custom face masks, Mylar Bags,  Stand Up Pouches,  Lamination Services

It’s been nine years, and Printing New York has been an incredible manufacturing and printing site for custom bags and pouches. It provides the most comprehensive selection of eco-friendly same-day printing products in New York, as well as exceptional service. The company has extensive experience in producing custom mylar bags of your choice in a short period of time.

Printing New York is dedicated to selling odorless mylar bags that are ideal for edible and cannabis packaging. These bags do not stand out but are extremely durable. A wide range of custom mylar bags is produced here, including white kraft, clear, and black barrier properties suitable for storing marijuana.  

Resealable and scent-proof Mylar bags are ideal to keep food fresh for extended periods of time. To please customers, child-resistant mylar bags are customized. The free sample service makes it easier for customers to rely on printing in New York. No matter how much printing material and services you purchase, the state of the company’s digital & offset press will provide you with all the flexibility and customization you require.  If you want a great packaging mylar bag with a soft touch and a longer shelf life, New York Printing is the best place to buy custom mylar bags in the USA.

Sierra Bags

Sierra Bags logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Established Year: 1965
  • Location: USA 
  • Products:  Medium Child Resistant bags,  Medium Kraft Child resistant bags,  0.5 LB products bags

Sierra Bags was created with the vision ” You dream it, we design it “. By producing customized products, the company is altering the game in the packaging industry. The local experts have 30 years of extensive experience in storage, as well as a higher level of protection for packaging bags and pouches from the elements. Customers are offered a greater diversity of products. Buyers’ preferences also influence the customization and sizing of products. Mylar packaging bags are made under the supervision of experts and are incredibly flexible and durable.

Sierra Bags are always here to help you fulfill your dreams.  Make a quotation and put in an order.

Full Scale

Full Scale logo
  • Business Type: Packaging,  Designing, and Printing
  • Established Year: 2014
  • Location: USA
  • Products:  Custom Mylar Bags, Child Resistant Bags,  Cannabis Flower Packaging,  Custom Boxes, Custom Stickers, Printing Labels

Full Scale is a new breed of creative agency that provides the streamlined services required in today’s marketing industry. Full Scale’s capabilities, traditional print shop, and global manufacturing experience assist clients in achieving excellence in their markets through high-end products. Full Scale is constantly looking for new technologies to improve its products and incorporate the latest packaging trends.

Mylar bags manufactured by Full Scale are ideal for storing edibles or concentrated products. Mylar bags of any size, from a pound to heavyweight, are prepared here. Design customization mylar bags with soft touch laminate or metallic accents are available. The mylar bags that are produced at Full Scale are designed especially for customers by a team that takes pride in their work.

Full Scale with the goal to ensure your bags look phenomenal & secure the product they hold.

Once you decide on your design and other features of the bags, the team will place your order and you’ll get your product in very less time.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing
  • Location: Harriman, NY, USA
  • Year established: 1982
  • Products: Custom Mylar Bags, Stand Up Pouches,  Flat Pouches,  Child Resistant Bags, Coffee Packaging,  Roll stock Films, Spout Pouch

PKGMaker became the most preferred packaging company by emphasizing sustainable packaging, space-saving mylar bags, and cost-effective mylar bags. Proper packaging is essential for maintaining product quality, and corporations are increasingly moving away from bottles and boxes. Mylar bags are used extensively in the food, herbal, and pharmaceutical industries. PKGMaker provides cost-effective and customized flexible mylar packaging bags for a variety of industries. One is simple to enjoy. Free design, unlimited revisions, fast shipping, reasonable prices, and money-back guarantees are all available. You can place your logo on any custom bag of your choice. Furthermore, the artwork on your bag will help you attract potential customers who will consider your products and eventually buy from you. PKGMaker’s mylar bags are cost-effective, leak-resistant, odor resistant, and have unrivaled storing capacities that entice your customers to keep their eyes on the shelf store. Well-known companies like Lays, Nestlé, and Walmart use PKGMaker’s packaging services.

To have incredible packaging bags, submit your artwork, approve the proof, and receive your product.

Instant Custom Boxes

Instant Custom Boxes logo
  • Business Type:  Digital Printing and designing
  • Location: USA
  • Year established: 2018
  • Products: CBC boxes, Bakery Boxes, Mailer Boxes, Cosmetic Boxes, Pizza Boxes, Gift Boxes, and Rigid Cards, Soap Boxe

Instant Custom Boxes offer customized packaging Bags. Your order will be produced and delivered to your door. The company is involved in a variety of industries, including beauty products, food, and other necessities.

Mylar bags are the most intriguing product of Instant Custom Boxes because they are ideal for displaying your brand and products in a captivating and professional manner. The company provides a flat 50% discount on customized products and guarantees perfection and flexibility. Instant Custom Boxes offers free color printing, free design assistance, free flat and 3D views, and free shipping.

 The company broadcast its services through Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, the UK, the USA, and more than 176+ countries.

Make a quotation and let the trustworthy team help you to find the perfect packaging solution for your products.

Final Words

Manufacturing industries are committed to providing the ideal solution for all packaging negotiations. Customers prefer the  Mylar bag manufacturers mentioned above. These are the demanding companies that include higher tensile strength, dimension stability, and aroma barrier properties in their products. You can directly contact them to help your business and marketing thrive. Visit their respective websites to take advantage of their services.


Is Amazon discontinuing Mylar bags? As of now, there is no indication that Amazon is discontinuing Mylar bags. They continue to be available for purchase on the platform.

Who manufactures Mylar? Mylar is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films, a joint venture between DuPont and Teijin.

What is the best mil thickness for Mylar bags? The best mil thickness for Mylar bags is typically 5-7 mil for long-term food storage, as it provides a good balance of durability and flexibility.

Are Mylar bags FDA approved? Yes, food-grade Mylar bags are FDA approved for food storage.

What cannot be stored in Mylar bags? Oily or wet foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods with high moisture content should not be stored in Mylar bags.

Is Mylar banned? Mylar itself is not banned. However, there are specific regulations regarding its use in certain contexts, such as balloon releases in some areas due to environmental concerns.

What is the difference between 5 mil and 7 mil Mylar bags? The main difference is thickness; 7 mil Mylar bags are thicker and offer more protection against punctures and environmental factors than 5 mil bags.

What is the thickest Mylar? The thickest commonly available Mylar for food storage is around 7-10 mil, but specialty applications can use even thicker Mylar.

How much rice do you put in a Mylar bag? A 1-gallon Mylar bag can hold about 6-7 pounds of rice.

Are all Mylar bags the same? No, Mylar bags come in different thicknesses, sizes, and grades, each suited for different applications.

What is the generic name for Mylar? The generic name for Mylar is BoPET (biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate).

What is the difference between Mylar and Melinex? Mylar and Melinex are both polyester films, but Mylar is a brand name from DuPont Teijin Films, while Melinex is another brand from the same manufacturer, often used for slightly different applications.

Does Mylar leach into food? Mylar is considered safe for food storage and does not leach harmful chemicals into food.

Are Mylar bags worth it? Yes, Mylar bags are worth it for long-term food storage due to their excellent barrier properties against moisture, light, and air.

Why do dispensaries use Mylar bags? Dispensaries use Mylar bags to keep products fresh by protecting them from moisture, light, and air, which can degrade the quality of the contents.

How long will pasta last in Mylar bags? Pasta can last up to 10-15 years in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers if stored in a cool, dry place.

What stores best in Mylar bags? Dry foods such as rice, beans, pasta, grains, dried fruits, and powdered milk store best in Mylar bags.

Do Mylar bags need to be vacuum sealed? While vacuum sealing is not necessary, it can be an added measure to ensure the removal of air and extend the shelf life of the contents.

What can I use instead of Mylar bags? Alternatives to Mylar bags include vacuum-sealed bags, Mason jars, and food-grade buckets.

How bad is Mylar for the environment? Mylar is not biodegradable and can contribute to plastic pollution if not disposed of properly.

Why is helium being banned? Helium is not being banned, but there are concerns about its scarcity and the environmental impact of helium balloons, leading some places to restrict or ban helium balloon releases.

What is the best thickness for Mylar bags? The best thickness for Mylar bags is typically 5-7 mil for long-term food storage, providing a balance of durability and flexibility.

Are Mylar bags better than Mason jars? Mylar bags are generally better for long-term storage due to their light and moisture barrier properties, while Mason jars are more suitable for shorter-term storage and frequent access.

How many mils should Mylar bags be? Mylar bags should typically be 5-7 mil thick for long-term food storage, providing a balance of durability and flexibility.

How do you seal thick Mylar bags? Thick Mylar bags can be sealed using a heat sealer designed for Mylar bags, ensuring a tight and secure seal. An iron or hair straightener can also be used if set to the appropriate temperature.

How thick are Mylar bags from Harvest Right? Harvest Right typically provides Mylar bags that are 7 mil thick.

What thickness of Mylar is best for stencils? For stencils, a thickness of 5-7 mil is generally preferred for durability and ease of use.

How long will coffee beans last in Mylar bags? Coffee beans can last up to 2 years or more in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, maintaining their freshness.

What foods cannot be stored in Mylar bags? Oily or wet foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods with high moisture content should not be stored in Mylar bags.

Can rodents eat through Mylar bags? Properly sealed Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers are highly resistant to pests, including rodents, but using food-grade buckets as an additional protective layer is recommended.

Should I vacuum seal my Mylar bags? While vacuum sealing is not necessary, it can be an added measure to ensure the removal of air and extend the shelf life of the contents.

Can Mylar bags be put in the freezer? Yes, Mylar bags can be put in the freezer for additional preservation of contents.

Do I need food-grade buckets if I use Mylar bags? Using food-grade buckets with Mylar bags provides an additional protective layer against physical damage and pests.

Can you put medication in Mylar bags? Yes, medication can be stored in Mylar bags to protect them from moisture and light, but always check specific storage recommendations for each medication.

Are Mylar bags FDA approved? Yes, food-grade Mylar bags are FDA approved for food storage.

How can you tell if a bag is Mylar? Mylar bags typically have a shiny, reflective appearance on one side and a matte finish on the other. They are also generally more durable and thicker than regular plastic bags.

How long will garlic powder last in Mylar bags? Garlic powder can last up to 10-15 years in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers if stored in a cool, dry place.

How long will beef jerky last in Mylar bags? Beef jerky can last up to 1-2 years in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, provided it is kept in a cool, dry environment.

What foods should not use oxygen absorbers? Foods with high moisture content or those that are oily should not use oxygen absorbers, as they can create an environment conducive to botulism.

What cannot be stored in Mylar bags? Oily or wet foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods with high moisture content should not be stored in Mylar bags.

What is the best mil thickness for Mylar bags? The best mil thickness for Mylar bags is typically 5-7 mil for long-term food storage, providing a balance of durability and flexibility.

What foods last the longest in Mylar bags? Foods that last the longest in Mylar bags include rice, beans, pasta, grains, dried fruits, and powdered milk.

Can you put too many oxygen absorbers in Mylar bags? Using too many oxygen absorbers is not typically harmful, but it is unnecessary and can be wasteful. Use the recommended amount for the size of the bag and the type of food.

How many pounds of flour will fit in a 1-gallon Mylar bag? A 1-gallon Mylar bag can hold about 4-5 pounds of flour.

How many oxygen absorbers do I need for a 1-gallon Mylar bag? A 1-gallon Mylar bag typically requires a 300-500 cc oxygen absorber.

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