Best 10 Custom Mylar Bags Manufacturers In China


Have you ever wondered why mylar bags are necessary enough that you are here to read this article and why you are looking for a good manufacturer of mylar bags that not only bring a glamourized mylar bag to the table but provide survival to the product?

Let us make you know that every established and renowned food company uses mylar bags for their product because the food absorbs moisture and heat rapidly if sustainable packing will not be provided.

And since there is a long duration between reaching the product from the manufacturing hub to the consumer’s home and obviously your product can’t give any benefit to the consumer if your packing will not support the product inside.

But mylar bags make you worry-free by providing well-being to your product. Since mylar bags are made with multiple layers of films and cease moisture and heat to seep in.

And so we sifted some top-rated mylar bags manufacturer from the crowd of China that will take your business to the next level by providing immense quality bags and pouches.

Beyin Packaging

Beyin Packaging logo
Source: Beyin Packaging
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 1998
  • Location: Liaoning, China
  • Products: Stand-up pouches, Spouted pouches, Mylar bags, Vacuum bags, Custom packaging bags, Eco-friendly bags, Biodegradable packaging, Plastic roll stock films, and Paper roll stock.

Here comes the very first name of the top-rated manufacturer on the list. By passing over 20 shining years of customer satisfaction by providing immense quality bags and pouches, Beyin packaging comes forward with a crazy variety of mylar bags because they know every critic of a newly launched brand or an established business.

Beyin packaging is stuffed with highly qualified technicians and experts and they are rich in experience and so if you are a boss of a food brand or personal care product brand, they have magical insights for you.

You will be insane by their remarkable variety of mylar bags and the customization window is always open for you so can feel your dream bags in your hand.

Union Packing

Union Packing logo
Source: Union Packing
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2001
  • Location:  Yishui county, Linyi city, Shandong province, China
  • Products: Stand-up pouch, Flat bottom pouch, Kraft paper pouch, Zipper pouch, Side gusset bag, Three side seal bag, Vacuum bag, Retort pouch, Shaped pouch, Roll film, and Non-Woven bag.

By fast running life everyone prefers readymade food that comes in supermarkets but it is essential to make pouch and bag sustainable enough to give you benefits even after a long period of food storage and so that’s why there is another shining star in the packaging industry.

Union packing gives you a warm welcome by making top-quality bags and pouches that meet all the essentials necessary for increasing the shelf life of the product so that your customer can rely on you when they are going to pick their favorite food item.

Union packing takes your ideas and turns them into reality with the support of ultra-modern machinery, the specialists of Union packing only believe in innovation so they always strive for learning and implementing new things so that you can fly high by trusting them.


rinpac logo gray
Source: Rinpac
  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: China
  • Year established: 2002
  • Products: Shaped pouches, Mylar bags, Stand Up pouches, Flat pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Child resistant bags, Spout pouches, Side gusseted pouches, Fin seal pouches, Aluminium foil bags, Window pouches, Sustainable pouches, Anti-counterfeiting pouches

Rinpac is another top-rated creator of high-end bags and pouches in China. Rinpac has passed two decades with flying colors by enriching renowned food and non-food brands. Rinpac has created a special space in the packaging industry by molding customers’ imaginations into reality.

Rinpac welcomes you with an exceptional variety of bags and pouches, you can get your bag in any size, shape, and design that make your mark in the market. Rinpac cares for you and that’s why they come up with every type of mylar bag that suits your brand and make the product sustainable in a long run the feature of providing free sample for businesses is the cherry on top.


Hongze logo
Source: Hongze
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2010
  • Location: Guangdong, China.
  • Products: Composite films, Cold sealing films, Various types of bags, Vacuum packaging, Retort bags, Side sealed bags, Middle sealed bags, Zipper bags, Paper bags, Eight side seal bags, Spout pouches, Shaped pouches, Paper boxes, Self-adhesive, etc.

Hongze claims itself the best partner for your business whether it’s your baby brand or a mark-made brand. Hongze always comes up with a magical solution for your packaging needs because they know what a partner does to make its partner shine in a crowd.

Hongze is equipped with innovative plants and machinery and their R&D department makes it possible to go with the trend in making remarkable bags and pouches.

They are making the brands successful globally for over 10 years of enriched experience and provide every kind of mylar bag whether you want any printing method, film, size, or shape. Mylar bags would be the best friend of your product to make it sustainable for a long period of time.

DXC Packaging

DXC Packaging logo
Source: DXC Packaging
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2005
  • Location: Foshan, China
  • Products: Coffee bags, Pet food packaging, Food packaging, Kraft paper bags, Spout pouches, True bio bags, Recyclable pouches, Stock packing bags, Laminated film rolls, and Child-resistant bags.

With over 15 years of remarkable experience in the packaging industry, DXC is growing every single day by simplifying brands with crazy insights into their packaging needs.

Whether you want matte, glossy, or matte and glossy at the same time you will be supported with their high-end bags and pouches. And if you are concerned about mylar bags so you would love the quality of their mylar bags because the love and dedication they put into their bags can change the whole game.

Because obviously packaging matters a lot in your brand sustainability and they care for you for that purpose DXC uses the most innovative machinery for creating alluring as well as wholesome mylar bags for your product.

Logos Pack

Logos Pack logo
Source: Logos Pack
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2004
  • Location: Foshan, China.
  • Products: Spout pouches, stand-up pouches, Retort pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Pouches with a tap, Quad seal pouches, 3-side seal bags, Packaging films, Lidding films, Mylar bags, Laminating pouches, Squeeze pouches, and Gusseted pouches

Logos Pack has been serving multiple industries since 2004 by providing exceptional bags and pouches. What is good packaging and what is harmful to your goodwill in the market, they know all the critics, and that’s why they won certification by GMP, ISO, 9001, and BRM.

Whether you are running a food industry or a non-food industry, the storage of products would be top of the list to keep the product in the best possible condition. Logos pack knows what you care for and so they bring sophisticated as well as secured packaging mylar bags and multiple other bags and pouches to your table.

Weiya Packaging

Weiya Packaging logo
Source: Weiya Packaging
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 1989
  • Location: Shantou, China.
  • Products: Paper bags, Printing roll films, Flat bottom pouches, Three side seal pouches, Stand-up pouches, Aluminum and Metallized pouches, Side gusseted pouches, Recyclable pouches, and bags. 

Like above mentioned packaging companies, Weiya packaging is not late to the party and made enough effort to stand out as the top-rated manufacturer of packaging solutions. Weiya packaging started the journey of providing flexible packaging solutions in 1989.

Weiya is not only giving its services in China but worldwide. They provide you with suggestions on your packaging needs; the printing method, size, or shape your product deserves. You can get mylar bags in any shape or size and the mylar bags would definitely pass the test of sustainability by their inspection team.


Nb-Pack logo
Source: Nb-Pack
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2010
  • Location: Ningbo, China.
  • Products: Jars, Tubes, Mylar bags, Silicone candy gummy molds, Boxes, Vials, Bottles, and Cartridges.

Nb-Pack came to the crowd in 2010 and become a renowned packaging partner in a short period of time. Nb-Pack is a certified packaging company in China. You can get your favorite packaging in affordable options that can suit your budget because every time you will find them flexible in order to make your desired packaging.

Nb-Pack offers packaging solutions to the marijuana industry, beverage and alcohol industry, pharmaceutical industry, and cosmetic industry. So if you are falling under these mentioned industries and want custom mylar bags in your favorite size or shape and want any other packaging so you can go with them.

Lanker Pack

Lanker Pack logo
Source: Lanker Pack
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2005
  • Location: Foshan, China.
  • Products: Stand-up pouches, Flat bottom pouches, 3-side seal pouches, Spout pouches, Side gusset pouches, Quad seal bags, Resealable Mylar zip lock bags, Roll stock films, Fin seal bags, and Pillow pouches. 

Lanker Pack started its operation in 2005 and now they have exported its bags and pouches to over 30 countries of the world. They follow strict quality control while making fascinating bags and pouches. They are supportive of established brands as well as newly launched businesses and you can order as small as you want.

Their options are flexible and the customization always welcomes you with satisfying results. They offer exceptional mylar pouches for food brands from juice or sauces pouches to tea, coffee, or rice, and whatever food product you offer to the targeted audience.


StarsPacking logo
Source: StarsPacking
  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2015
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Products: Paper bags, Plastic bags, Compostable bags, and Aluminum foil bags.

Last but not least at, we have another twinkling name in the packaging industry. StarsPacking offers plastic, paper, and metal packaging solutions with the support of the most trending methods that can support you to walk in a crowd.

And if you are concerned about the sustainability of the pouches and bags so they are pretty ambitious to make the packaging most sustainable. You can ask them for any kind of mylar, shape, stand-up, or flat pouches, and you won’t be disappointed by the design, quality, and sustainability of the packaging to support your product.

Final Words

In a nutshell, you are left with the most sophisticated names in the packaging industry. If you are going to rely on them, you will be insane by their outcomes for your brand.

Because all we know is that your product can survive only when there is support for good packaging and so we compiled the top companies that will work according to your desires and tick all the boxes of wholesome as well as attention-grabbing packaging.

But still, if you want any insight or ideas feel free to contact us, we would love to acknowledge you with every possible solution.

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