Best 10 Custom Mylar Bags Manufacturers In Australia


Mylar is a polyethylene terephthalate in plastic flexible packaging materials. It has several layers of laminated plastic. They have excellent oxygen absorbers—allowing your product to be stored in the best possible condition. Mylar bags can protect photos, magazines, comics, sports programs, postcards, and books. Long-term storage of clothing and shoes. Medium-term storage of herbs and spices.

Mylar bags made by the packaging industries play a crucial role in product storage and shipping.


PakCo logo

Pakco is ASSEMCO’s leading mylar bag manufacturing industry in Australia. It is based on four important principles: dedication, excellence, efficiency, and quality. The major characteristic of Pakco is that it provides the customer with a tailored solution for product manufacturing and packaging. It can expand with the customers, offering a wide range of services. It has a skilled team and cutting-edge technology to provide premium packaging services such as bottling, sachet filling, and capping. It consists of an experienced team and cutting-edge technology with quick turnarounds. It provides flexible MOQ services, completing smaller projects and assisting small businesses in taking the next step toward growth. Mylar bags are one of the packaging bags used by Pakco to ensure the safe shipping of products.

The Packaging People

The Packaging People logo

The Packaging People is an Australian-owned and family-operated premier packaging supplier. It is one of Australia’s mylar bag manufacturing industries. Because of their services in 30 different industries, packaging people have a high customer traffic. Coffee roasters, tea manufacturers, herbs and spices, baking goods, proteins for the fitness industry, pet foods, health, and beauty products, and many more are among these industries. It also maintains high-quality standards through all possible innovations that lead to product quality improvement.

The primary goal of Packaging People is to provide eco-friendly packaging bags that are biodegradable, and as a result, it is the market leader in the biodegradable market space. It is also raising awareness about the significance of packaging bags and their benefits. Customers’ innovative ideas for growth are welcomed by packaging professionals.


rinpac logo gray

Rinpac is a leading manufacturer of flexible bags and pouches. Working on shaped pouches, Rinpac offers a wide range of packaging pouches and bags. It is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality flexible packaging, including three-sided seal pouches, stand-up pouches, flat bottom bags, side gusset bags, and roll stock films. Mylar bags are one type of pouch that is used to pack a product and store it for a specific amount of time. These bags are available to both food and non-food companies.

Rinpac’s main focus is to manufacture high-quality pouches with a longer shelf life to assist brand owners, wholesalers, and distributors in enriching their flexible packaging and promoting their brand presence through high-end comprehensive manufacturing. Rinpac has a lower MOQ and the best aftersales services, making the company and products more credible by the day.


Rightpack logo

RightPack is a flexible packaging pouch supplier. This includes the supplement industry, food processors, gardening suppliers, household goods suppliers, the wellness industry, grain/seed processors, pet food companies, and other industries.

RightPack has the fastest turn-around times and produces the highest quality products to attract loyal customers. Right Pack’s main features include no minimum order quantity and free product delivery. Right packaging also offers free packaging nag for samples in order to test the quality of the product being manufactured.

Titan Packaging

Titan Packaging logo

Titan Packaging is a Melbourne, Australia-based packaging supplier, manufacturer, and consultant. It offers a diverse range of packaging products for all industry segments, including food, retail, gift, and promotional. It is the largest flexible food packaging supplier and manufacturer, as well as the featured tea bags and coffee packaging services.

It helps with pre-design requirements and labeling services. One of the most well-known packaging styles for food, grains, and powder is the stand-up pouch. Titan Packaging provides consultation on specific needs and designs packaging bags with a creative touch based on your specifications. Titan Packaging provides customized mylar bags.  

Magnet Packaging

Magnet Packaging logo

Magnet Packaging is one of Australia’s leading industries, well-known for producing a wide range of paper and kraft bags. It provides customization of packaging bags made of eco-friendly materials in order to keep the environment healthier. The best-customized bags provided by Magnet Packaging are those made of paper, plastic, and cloth. After environmental protection, the main concern of Magnet packaging is client satisfaction, so it always prioritizes client needs and demands and provides the best quality products. With effective product quality and quick turnaround times, it can handle everything from small to large projects, contributing to the growth of the nation’s economy.

Pac Trading

Pac Trading logo

PAC Trading is an Australian company that provides innovative and sustainable disposable packaging solutions. It provides cutting-edge designs and environmentally friendly packaging options while managing to put the requirements of the customer first. Packaging solutions are available from PAC Trading for any occasion.

Disposable containers, disposable cups, takeaway food boxes, disposable trays, clamshell packaging, mini paper bags with handles, brown takeaway boxes, disposable soup bowls, paper straws, cake boxes, corrugated boxes, cardboard food boxes, packaging boxes with windows, food wrapping paper are all part of its product line.

PAC Trading also provides customized packaging bags, boxes, and cups. Developing the wooden cutlery It proves to be the best packaging supplier to run for any local cafe or coffee shop. The company’s main goal is to develop sustainable eco-friendly products that will help the environment become healthier.  

Reitsema Packaging

Reitsema Packaging logo

Reitsema Packaging is an innovator in the Australian packaging industry and a dependable supplier of a variety of products to a wide range of markets. The company’s primary concern is to provide the best possible packaging solution for its customers’ products. It has now evolved into a one-stop shop for clients, assisting them with all of their packaging needs. Reistma packaging solutions are used in a broad range of industries, including food, retail, aquaculture, agriculture, and everything in between. The entire Reistma team is dedicated to providing the highest quality product as well as the best customer service. It is constantly looking for new possible solutions and is thus on the lookout for the next game changer in the packaging sector.

Venus Hartung

Venus Hartung logo

Venus Packaging is an Australian-owned and operated company that offers a wide range of packaging bag supplier services. Along with food packaging bags like mylar bags, it also provides a wide range of wholesale packaging supplies like heat sealers, wearing equipment, and vacuum sealers. Food wrap dispensers produce netting, citrus bags, printed rubber bands for produce, and other food packaging supplies are available in stock.

The company’s goal is to provide the best packaging solutions for both the food and technology industries. It offers a wide variety of plastic bags, adhesive tapes, films, and netting products to meet all of your packaging needs. It also offers machine maintenance services because it has a large machine servicing and spare parts team that can assist you with your machine maintenance needs. As a result, small businesses and the country’s economy will benefit.

Vivo Bags

Vivo Bags logo

Vivo Packaging Pty Ltd is an innovative packaging company that offers safe and innovative products at competitive prices. Since its commencement, the products manufactured by VIVO packaging have undergone significant evolution. Passion, innovation, and professionalism are driving this evolution.

The primary goal of VIVO packaging is to assist customers thoroughly in their business startups or personal needs, as well as to recommend the best product. Vivo Packaging has a diverse range of packaging materials, allowing us to provide a complete solution across a wide range of industries. Foodservice, cosmetics, FMCG, healthcare, agriculture, pet food, coffee, chemicals, hardware, industrial, pharmaceutical, bakery, and many more examples.

Mylar bags can be used in any of the industries listed above. VIVO Packaging envisions being a one-stop packaging solution provider for both flexible and rigid packaging requirements.

Final Words

Every business owner desires to package their product in a way that will frame it in the minds of their customers and resonate with almost everyone. Flexible plastic mylar bags have all the ingredients to grab the attention of customers and steal the show when surrounded by thousands of similar products. This keeps the workers in the mylar bag factories quite busy.

Mylar bag suppliers make every effort to come up with innovative designs that have a unique feel, which is enough to grab the attention of customers. Many mylar bag suppliers have made progress to achieve a combination of packaging and product that resembles a glove.

We have listed quality mylar bag packaging manufacturers who can craft a one-of-a-kind mylar bag that represents your product and brand vision. Are you still on the fence? You can get a quote to give you further clarity.

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