Mylar Bags Food Storage: The Definitive FAQ Guide

DuPont’s trademarked term for polyethylene terephthalate in plastic flexible packaging materials is Mylar. Laminated plastic is present in multiple layers. They have excellent oxygen absorbers, allowing your product to be stored in the best possible condition.

Mylar, also known as BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate), is used for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation.

Mylar Bags Food Storage

Steps For Food Storage In Mylar Bags

When using mylar bags for food storage, it is important to understand all of the basic instructions and precautions.

  • If your food is dry or moist, first determine the type. Ensure that food is completely cooked and that fresh food marketed from stores is completely hygienic.
  • Choose the appropriate mylar bag based on the quantity and texture of the food.
  • Fill up to one-third of the pouch with food, using gloves in a sanitised environment.
  • Seal the resealable strip remaining 5 cm open partially.
  • Then, add the oxygen absorber to the bag and seal it quickly, allowing as much air as possible to escape.
  • Use the mylar heat sealer to ensure the proper sealing
  • After 24 hours, check the seal and then transfer the bag to a storage location that must be dark and less humid in order for the stored food to have a longer shelf life.

To avoid moisture, double mylar bags can be used. Consider the fact that the only food stored is food that can be eaten later. Food that will not consume should not be wasted. Improper storage can result in serious disorders including food poisoning and others. Therefore, it is important to prevent bacterial growth in the food that is being stored. Therefore cooked food should not be placed in an ambient environment to cool for more than an hour. Additionally, the fresh food can be frozen for a predetermined period of time to eradicate any bacteria. Aside from food storage, mylar bags can be used for a variety of other purposes.

Long-Term Food Storage In Mylar Bags

Contamination, oxygen, moisture, and light are the primary causes of food spoilage. Reduction in the impact of these factors can allow the food last longer.

Mylar bags are the best long-term food storage bags because they can be used to reduce the majority of these factors. This makes mylar bags an excellent method for preserving food for a longer period of time.

Mylar bags are made by sandwiching thin sheets of aluminium foil between sheets of food-grade plastic. These layers are the key code for extending the shelf life of stored food. Furthermore, it keeps food fresh and prevents contamination from odour and other gases.

Dry Food Storage In Mylar Bag

Low-moisture content foods, such as most whole grains, and dried foods are suitable for storing in mylar bags. Foods that store well in a Mylar bag include wheat, white rice, beans, pasta, oats, sugar, and flour.

The general procedure for storing dry food is the same. Dried food can be ground into smaller pieces. Bacterial eggs and mites shouldn’t be present because they can contaminate food. When purchasing dry food in bulk for storage, it is critical to repackage dry foods. This will extend the shelf life of your food while maintaining its quality. Grain or flour mites are not harmful to human health unless there is a mite infestation.

In addition, mites can transport mould spores and other toxins. Some people may also experience an inflammatory allergic reaction after eating the mite-contaminated food.

Advantages of Storing Dry Goods in Mylar Bags

Using mylar bags may offer the following advantages:

  • It provides effective light, moisture, and insect protection.
  • It creates a good oxygen barrier which allows the oxygen to be removed and extends the shelf life of the food products.
  • It can be produced in various sizes Some are small enough to seal a package of garden seeds for storage, while others are large enough to line a 5-gallon bucket.
  • Mylar bags can be washed and reused after the original seal is removed.

Disadvantages of Storing Dry Goods in Mylar Bags

  • Pouches are not rodent-proof and can be infected with botulism bacteria.
  • Mylar bags are difficult to stack.
  • They take up a lot of room in a tote.
  • Mylar bags can burst if they are overstuffed or exposed to high temperatures.
  • Mylar bags release toxic gas when they burst.

Food Not Suitable For Storage in Mylar Bags With Oxygen Absorber

Food having a moisture content greater than 10% should not be stored in mylar bags with an oxygen absorber because botulism bacteria thrive in moist environments. Foods high in moisture or oil, even if they appear “dry,” are not ideal candidates for oxygen absorber preservation. In addition to having a short shelf life, brown rice contains a lot of oil. Raisins, nuts, granola, chocolate chips, cookies, and crackers are NOT suitable for long-term storage in a Mylar bag.

Best Tools For Sealing Mylar Bags

The best tools for sealing mylar bags are an impact heat sealer or a clamshell.  A household iron or a hair straightener can be used alternatively.  Tack the mylar bag in the centre position with the plain iron. After that, tack it a few more times. Then, using the flat iron, seal the top completely. Gently squeeze the bag to see if any air is escaping. If so, use the flat iron again until it is completely sealed. Most household clamp-style vacuum sealers are unable to seal standard mylar bags; however, most commercial vacuum sealers can. It is important to note, however, that most mylar bags are not embossed/textured, so a vacuum sealer will not pull the air out.

Mylar is Better than Vacuum Sealing for Food Storage

Mylar bags are a better option for long-term food storage, especially for foods with a moisture content of less than 10%. When food is to be stored for a short period of time, vacuum sealing can be used. Mylar bags have a higher oxygen barrier than vacuum sealers, so no air or oxygen can pass through once they are sealed. While vacuum sealing allows air to pass through after a certain time. Another point to consider is that the mylar bag absorbs oxygen from the food, whereas the vacuum sealer does not. Furthermore, the surface of the mylar bag is opaque and thus blocks the light completely.

Where to Buy Mylar Bags

Where to buy custom Mylar bags will depend largely on your shopping preferences; if you prefer to shop online, popular places to get your Mylar pouches include Driploc Baggies, eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Aliexpress.

If you prefer to shop in person, you can easily find Mylar bags at local stores and grocery stores. There is a large selection to choose from, both offline and online, given the abundance of Mylar pouches available in stores.  However, you should pay close attention to the quality of the Mylar bag.

Best Mylar Bag

Mylar bags are the best way to store food. Because there are so many different types of mylar bags, it is important to know which one is best for the food. Mylar bags are available in a variety of small to large sizes. It should be chosen based on the quantity of food. It makes no sense to store a smaller amount of food in a larger bag. The thickness of the bag varies depending on the texture and moisture content of the food. The most common sizes are 3.5mil, 5mil, and 7.5mil. The 7.5mil bags will be more resistant to damage. They are, however, not as adaptable.  

Determining Mylar Bag Quality

The thickness of the bag can be used to determine its reliability of the bag. The bag’s durability is proportional to its thickness. The main factor to consider is whether the bag is prepared with aluminium foil but rather an aluminium sheet. Both of these materials have distinct differences. Aluminium foil has a more gleaming surface and is more flexible than sheets. The aluminium foil is thicker and heavier in weight. In comparison, aluminium plating feels lighter and softer than aluminium foil.  

Used Mylar Bags

The advantage of buying high-quality Mylar bags is that they are reusable. Simply cut the top near the seal and remove the contents. The bag should be washed, and then dried completely. The bag is then suitable for further use. Every time you reuse the bag, it shrinks slightly because you must cut off the sealed portion. However, if you can reuse the bag three or four times, they become relatively inexpensive. Aside from being reusable, Mylar bags could be cut into smaller sizes to make more bags. To get the most out of your mylar pouches, make sure they’re properly washed after the first use, and then always seal them near the top so you don’t have to cut more away when it’s time to use them again.


What Size Mylar Bag Should I Use?

Mylar bags are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 pint to 6 gallons. A 1-gallon Mylar bag can hold approximately 6-7 lbs of rice. A 5-gallon Mylar bag can hold approximately 33 lbs of rice. Beans, flour, and grains may all be stored in 1-gallon Mylar bags. Even smaller bags are preferable for spices, freeze-dried fruits, and vegetables.

How Much Food Will Fit In Mylar Bag?    

 Many factors come into play.

The size of the food you’re attempting to store (for example, some beans are smaller than others).

Thinner Mylar bags are more flexible as they can hold more food.

Quantity Of Oxygen Absorber

The amount of oxygen absorbers used is determined by the food’s moisture content. The requirement of an oxygen absorber can be determined using the moisture and oxygen absorber chart. Always be cautious and use more oxygen absorbers than you think you need! Adding more oxygen absorbers has no effect on the food. OAs are inexpensive; it is preferable to spend an extra 25 cents on an additional oxygen absorber than to waste 5 gallons of food when it is most needed.

How To Seal Mylar Bag?  

Mylar bags can be easily sealed with an impact heat sealer or clamshell. Alternatively, a household iron or a hair straightener can be used.

Do You Need To Freeze Foods Before Storing Them In Mylar?

It is not always necessary to freeze food before placing it in a mylar bag. You can do so as a precaution.

Where To Add Oxygen Absorber?

Ideally, the oxygen absorbers should be placed on top of the food before sealing. It can, however, be placed anywhere in the bag.

What Is a Foil Pouch or Mylar Bag?

Foil pouches are essentially stand-up pouches. They are made by laminating several layers of different materials together, just like stand-up bags. The materials used in foil pouches distinguish them from other stand-up pouches. 

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