Best 10 Custom Mylar Bags Manufacturers In China


Have you ever wondered why mylar bags are necessary enough that you are here to read this article and why you are looking for a good manufacturer of mylar bags that not only bring a glamourized mylar bag to the table but provide survival to the product?

Let us make you know that every established and renowned food company uses mylar bags for their product because the food absorbs moisture and heat rapidly if sustainable packing will not be provided.

And since there is a long duration between reaching the product from the manufacturing hub to the consumer’s home and obviously your product can’t give any benefit to the consumer if your packing will not support the product inside.

But mylar bags make you worry-free by providing well-being to your product. Since mylar bags are made with multiple layers of films and cease moisture and heat to seep in.

And so we sifted some top-rated mylar bags manufacturer from the crowd of China that will take your business to the next level by providing immense quality bags and pouches.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2009
  • Location:  China
  • Products: Stand-up mylar bag,  Food Mylar bags, Custom mylar bag , Foil mylar bag .

We are a trusted mylar bag supplier, providing high-quality, reliable packaging solutions. Our advanced manufacturing facility ensures large-scale production without compromising quality. We prioritize top-notch materials, offering durable, puncture-resistant mylar bags with excellent barrier properties. Customization options cater to unique needs, from design to branding. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience, delivering exceptional customer service. Partner with us for a reliable, long-term business relationship.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 1992
  • Location:  China
  • Products: Stand-up pouch, Flat bottom pouch, Kraft paper pouch, Zipper pouch, Side gusset bag, Three side seal bag, Vacuum bag, Retort pouch, Shaped pouch, mylar bag

Dongguan Yiwei Plastic Company spans 12,000 square meters and boasts cutting-edge production equipment, including a computer high-speed printing machine, laminating machine, and various bag-making devices. Established in 1992, we specialize in packaging bags and offer comprehensive production services from design to packaging. Our main products include Food Packing Bags, stand-up pouches, flat bottom bags, zipper bags, and more, made from materials like MOPP, PET, VMPET, ALU, PA, CPP, and PE. We also produce dog waste bags, disposable diaper bags, and compostable material bags with certifications from SGS, BPI, and TUV. With a global clientele from 35 countries, our core competency lies in customized services, ensuring 95% of our products meet unique client specifications. Adhering to “Quality First,” we provide attractive and high-quality packaging solutions to enhance our clients’ product visibility and success. Our meticulous quality control spans the entire production process, making Yiwei Plastic Company your reliable and quality-focused partner. Thank you for choosing us!


  • Business Type: Manufacturing & Supplying
  • Location: China
  • Products: Stand-up pouches, flat pouches, rollstock films, kraft SOS bags, kraft pinch bottom bags, and paper shopping bags.

Ouma, a leading flexible packaging manufacturer, provides a diverse range of high-quality products, including stand-up pouches, flat pouches, rollstock films, kraft SOS bags, kraft pinch bottom bags, and paper shopping bags. Specializing in flexible packaging solutions, our complete production systems comprise stand-up pouch conversion, kraft bags and pouches conversion, and film rollstock lamination. Serving the food and non-food industries globally, our facilities in Yongliantai, Ruibaida, and Jianmei ensure reliable, competitively priced products for clients in Europe, North America, Oceania, and Asia. We excel in assisting clients in choosing the most suitable packaging for their products, offering comprehensive solutions from concept to production. Ouma is your “One-Stop Packaging Solution Provider” for various industries, delivering premium stand-up pouches, flat pouches, laminated films, and accessories with quality, design, and attentive service guaranteed.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 1999
  • Location:  China.
  • Products: Stand up pouch,Kraft paper pouch,Aluminum foil pouch,Paper boxes,Packaging adhesive label etc.

Shenzhen Care Pack Limited is a highly professional and seasoned supplier of laminated packaging bags based in Shenzhen, China. With over 20 years of industry expertise, our factory, established in 1999, boasts a decade of export experience. Our diverse product range includes Stand-up Pouches, Kraft Paper Pouches, Aluminum Foil Pouches, Paper Boxes, and Packaging Adhesive Labels. We welcome test orders and provide free samples. With a commitment to OEM and ODM orders, we leverage advanced production equipment allowing printing in up to 10 colors. Our dedicated design team is available for design assistance, ensuring a personalized touch to your products. We pride ourselves on prompt replies and 24/7 online service. Join us for mutually beneficial cooperation – your success is our priority.

OK Packaging

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 1996
  • Location: Guangdong Province, China
  • Products: Coffee bags, Pet food packaging, Food packaging, Kraft paper bags, Spout pouches, True bio bags, Recyclable pouches, Stock packing bags, Laminated film rolls, and Child-resistant bags.

OK Packaging Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1996 and situated in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China, operates from a vast 420,000 square meters facility. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with specialized automated machinery, including advanced computer automatic color printing machines, automatic laminating machines, computer-controlled bag making machines, slitting machines, hydraulic punching machines, fillet machines, and other processing equipment. This technology ensures precision and efficiency in our packaging production processes.









Union Packing

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Location: Shandong province, China
  • Products: Spout pouches, stand-up pouches, Retort pouches, Flat bottom pouches, Pouches with a tap, Quad seal pouches, 3-side seal bags, Packaging films, Lidding films, Mylar bags

Yishui Union Packing Products Co., Ltd., situated in Linyi city, Shandong province, China, enjoys proximity to the convenient transportation hubs of Qingdao seaport and airport. As a specialized factory, we focus on custom packaging solutions, offering a diverse range including coffee bags, stand-up zipper pouches, flat bottom pouches, kraft paper bags, aluminum foil bags, pet food bags, vacuum bags, side gusset bags, three side sealed bags, and film rolls. Our materials encompass MOPP, PET, VMPET, aluminum foil, PA, PE, CPP, and kraft paper, allowing us to meet unique client requirements for powder, frozen, high temperature, and liquid products. With over 20 years of experience in plastic packaging bags, we provide expert advice on design, material selection, and thickness considerations.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Location:  China
  • Products: Paper bags, Printing roll films, Flat bottom pouches, Three side seal pouches, Stand-up pouches, Aluminum and Metallized pouches, Side gusseted pouches, Mylar bags. 

Shijiazhuang LingJie Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a prominent OEM & ODM Flexible Packaging manufacturer in China, with its HengLun Plastic Industry factory located in Dongguang County, Hebei Province. Over 29 years, we’ve earned recognition for eco-friendly packing and printing, offering various materials such as eco-friendly and biodegradable plastic. Specializing in clothes bags, paper bags, square bottom bags, and more, our advanced facilities and dedicated team ensure superior quality and environmental standards compliance. We export to 20+ countries, maintaining a fine reputation for quality, competitive pricing, and considerate service. Our ISO9001:2000 certified company values people, respect, accountability, commitment, teamwork, and integrity. We aim to exceed customer expectations, providing unique packaging solutions and ensuring excellence in every aspect of our business. Visit us for good value and professional service.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Location:  China.
  • Products: Food Packaging , Pet food Packaging , Coffee & Tea Packaging

Qingdao Zhongbang Packaging Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development and production of plastic film and bags. Our product range includes stand-up bags, zip lock bags, 3 sides sealed bags, quad-seal bags, side-gusset bags, spout pouches, packing film, and laminated bags. Compliant with ISO9001:2008 and ISO22000:2005 standards, our experienced management team, with over 10 years in plastic manufacturing, ensures consistent, cost-effective, and high-quality products. Our plant boasts a daily production capacity of 25 tons, six sets of gravure printing equipment (up to 12 colors), and 51 bag-making machines, including specialized types. With a working area of 500 million square meters, we offer various bag sizes and thickness ranges in HDPE and LDPE. We are committed to delivering high-quality products, timely service, and competitive prices. We look forward to establishing a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with you.

Guangdong Zhongbao Color Plastic

  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Established year: 2004
  • Location: China
  • Products: Pouch bags, flat pouch, sachet roll film, spout pouch, flat bottom pouch, shaped bag, kraft paper bags, shrink film/ shrink sleeve, sticker etc.

Established in 2004, Guangdong Zhongbao Color Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd is based in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, with a 15,000 square meter factory in Qingyuan city. As a color printing enterprise, we specialize in R&D, production, and sales, and have been designated as a producer of plastic packaging material by major companies. With robust technical capabilities and advanced management systems, we have grown into one of the largest packaging and printing manufacturers in Guangdong, covering various areas of the plastic flexible packaging industry. We aspire to be a top player in the field in the near future.


  • Business Type: Manufacturing and supplying
  • Location: , China
  • Products: Paper bags, Plastic bags, Compostable bags, Stand up pouches, and Kraft paper bags.

Lieka Flexible Packing, a Chinese packaging and materials company, has over a decade of experience in manufacturing and supplying flexible packaging. Based in Baoding, near Beijing, our services include developing and producing custom logo packages, creating polypropylene packaging, industrial and household waste packages, and films for various industries. Our advantages lie in a wide product range, high-quality goods, reasonable prices, unique design capabilities, minimum circulation for testing, and strict adherence to deadlines. With a monthly output of 1,000 tons and a continuous 24/7 production cycle, we invite you to partner with us for reliable and innovative packaging solutions.

Final Words

In a nutshell, you are left with the most sophisticated names in the packaging industry. If you are going to rely on them, you will be insane by their outcomes for your brand.

Because all we know is that your product can survive only when there is support for good packaging and so we compiled the top companies that will work according to your desires and tick all the boxes of wholesome as well as attention-grabbing packaging.

But still, if you want any insight or ideas feel free to contact us, we would love to acknowledge you with every possible solution.

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