Cannabis Packaging Ideas for Your Brand

Cannabis Packaging Ideas for Your Brand

Animals, with their speed and unwavering loyalty, served as the noble messengers of human communication in a time before technology. Now we live in a world surrounded by technology where its use is normalized. The business world requires a modernized messenger to market its products, and they spend millions of dollars on this pursuit. However, there is a secret recipe to save a significant chunk of that money by focusing on your product’s packaging. Cannabis products can never exempt themselves from this urge of an innovative wrap selection to market the product.

Returning to our initial point, just as animals were used to carry messages from one person to another in ancient times, packaging acts as a messenger from a brand to its potential customers in the modern world. Cannabis packaging gets all the privilege of interacting with the customers and communicating the brand’s message merely through their presence. A well-designed package gives a flawless insight into the product and owns the superpower to leave a lasting impact on the customer’s mind.

The primary objective of this article is to guide cannabis business owners on crucial factors to consider, as well as potential mistakes to avoid, to ensure the perfect appearance of their final cannabis packaging.

Trends in cannabis packaging

Cannabis products on a shelf are bombarded with a series of products that belongs to the same category. Failing to adhere to current trends and align with customer preferences is a recipe for failure. If your business revolves around such a product, let us inform you it will quickly become outdated, overshadowed by countless trendy alternatives, and ultimately fade into obscurity.

We have created a list of present industry trends that will notably elevate your business to new levels.

Sustainable cannabis packaging

A recent shift in consumer perspective is observed towards packaging options that have a reduced environmental impact and can be recycled, reused, or composted, i.e. sustainable packaging solutions. In that regard, the cannabis packaging industry is also adapting to address customers’ increasing environmental concerns by adopting eco-friendly practices to enhance its reputation and build customer loyalty.

Cannabis edible packaging

Due to the increasing popularity of cannabis edibles, the packaging for these products demands every nitty-gritty to be considered and polished to perfection. Cannabis edible packaging needs to be designed with safety and compliance in mind and has a significant capacity to preserve the product’s freshness and potency. The labels on the top of cannabis packaging should give enough information to educate the customers about the dosage, ingredients, and safety warnings.

Cannabis packaging custom design

Every brand has a unique selling point and a story that portrays its value. Cannabis packaging custom design ensures that the design on the top of the packaging tells a narrative that signifies the brand’s belief and distinct features, and that’s only possible via custom designs. With custom colors, graphics, and shapes, companies can create packaging that instantly evokes a strong emotional connection and memorable customer experience.

Innovative shaped pouches

The importance of functional benefits that product packaging provides, such as improved product quality, is quite obvious. But the second factor of branding is equally essential in today’s life and cannot be swept under the carpet. The latest trends of innovative shaped pouches in cannabis packaging involve designing unique shapes driven by the need to create a unique and visually appealing packaging solution that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Packaging of cannabis products

Packaging of cannabis products

There are many cannabis packaging ideas to consider for branding your cannabis products. For your assistance, a generic list of practical tips is provided in the last section as well. Here we are more concerned about the specific most-prominent step or instruction for a particular cannabis-based product.

Cannabis weed packaging

Cannabis packaging bags are typically sold in bulk or economy packs, so resealable packaging bags and ziplock Mylar bags are good options for frequent opening and closing. Stand up pouches can also be used to enhance the visual appeal of cannabis packaging on grocery store shelves, as they provide ample space for creative designs and give your brand an edge over competitors.

Cannabis syringe packaging

Cannabis syringe packaging demands extra caution because of its ability to be destructive in case of mishandling. So the tamper evident bags and child resistant Mylar bags fulfil all the requirements of securely wrapping the product and preventing it against hazardous entities in our surroundings.

Cannabis pre roll packaging

Cannabis pre rolls are usually available in two standard packaging. One is a convenient and budget-friendly option that comes in small single pre-roll servings, ideally stored in pre roll tubes or pop top tubes. On the other hand, large packs of cannabis pre rolls are packed in larger bags like flat bottom pouches and side gusseted bags with more space and freedom to properly showcase all the details to enhance brand identity and sales.

Cannabis flower packaging

The word ‘flower’ gives the cannabis product owner the liberty to use fresh and vibrant colors on the top of the packaging bags. They can be offered in packaging bags of different sizes. Cannabis flower packaging can also be packaged in gorgeous cannabis shaped pouches to increase its significance and attractiveness on store shelves.

Cannabis gummies packaging

Cannabis gummies, like traditional gummies, are visually appealing and may attract children. So, the recommended choice is to envelop them in child-resistant packaging to restrict their usage for adults only, and kids take them under the supervision of an adult. And as they have an attractive appearance packaging them in a window pouch can enhance the product’s aesthetic appeal. 

CBD packaging

Like many other cannabis products, CBD packaging also requires special attention because of its sensitive nature. Those options are preferred that protect against light and moisture, like a glass jar with air-tight lids or Cannabis Mylar bags. The latest trends observed in the market are the choice of minimalist designs on the packaging, which create a sense of serenity rather than an overly elaborate design typically found in other products.

Top 10 Cannabis Packaging Best Practices for Your Brand’s Success

If you are about to choose cannabis packaging or are uncertain about your packaging’s final appearance, we’ve put together a checklist that will steer you towards the correct path. From compliance with regulations to designing eye-catching labels, these tips will ensure your brand is heading in the right direction that takes you nowhere but close to success.

Consider the target audience

A profound understanding of your target audience is always the most crucial step, and possessing appropriate knowledge lets you taste success sooner. Your target audience has a deeper connection with the cannabis packaging ideas, as it will help you design packaging that resonates with your audience and captures their attention. For example, health-conscious customers prefer organic packaging options, while young people prefer vibrant designs on the packaging bags and pouches.

Clear and accurate labelling

Detailed and accurately mentioned information on cannabis packaging bags build transparency between consumers and the brand as it highlights commitment towards customer satisfaction. All the relevant information, including health and safety warnings and dosage instructions, must be clearly stated on the label so the customer can make an informed decision about the product.

Child resistant cannabis packaging

There are a set of cannabis products that are required to be stored away from the reach of children. So, implementing child-resistant cannabis packaging is an appreciable business practice. As a brand, it’s a moral obligation to priorities customer safety and demonstrate a commitment to their satisfaction as well.

User-friendly packaging

As the cannabis market becomes increasingly crowded and a product comes out now and then, brands need to stand out by offering unique value propositions. By designing packaging with user-friendly attributes, a brand can attract customers who value convenience and simplicity.

Reflect brand identity

Brand identity helps to communicate a brand’s values, personality, and mission and create a unique image in the minds of consumers. Cannabis packaging bags that reflect the brand’s identity is a crucial factor in establishing a strong market presence, reinforcing the brand’s message and differentiating a product from its competitors.

Compatibility with cannabis products

Cannabis products are classified as edible, and the selection of a packaging bag which can alter the quality, taste, or potency of the cannabis is highly unacceptable. Compatibility with cannabis products ensures that the material used for cannabis packaging bags is non-toxic and will pose no health risk to the consumers.

No-compromise on quality

The visually appealing cannabis packaging can attract customers to bring a particular product home, but the product’s quality will tie your customers into a life-long relationship with your brand. No business owner wants to have a one-time consumer of their product but to have high customer retention numbers is only possible by offering high-standard quality products. No customers want an appealing packaging bag wrapping a product that has lost its freshness and potency.

Consider market trends

Trends change in the blink of an eye, and to keep a brand in the race of competitive market sectors, there is a dire need to keep an eye out for the latest fashions. Cannabis packaging for your brand should also abide by the latest trends to stay up-to-date and fresh.

Use attractive design elements

After the quality of the product, the most prominent attribute of cannabis packaging is the design displayed on the top of your packaging bags. A combination of high-quality printing techniques and attractive design is a guaranteed recipe for success. When customers are offered overwhelming cannabis packaging products on the shelf, its design serves as a differentiating factor. A perfectly crafted design on a packaging bag is a blend of multiple ingredients, including bold and eye-catching typography, vibrant and complementary color schemes, high-quality graphics and imagery and creative and innovative packaging shape.

Use scent-proof packaging

Cannabis products are renowned for their exceptional aroma and fragrance. The finalized cannabis packaging bags should be scent-free to prevent any interference with the smell of the actual product, thus preserving it for as long as the consumer has the cannabis product.

Cannabis Packaging


We made every effort to address all of your inquiries in this section. But in case the list doesn’t provide the answer you were seeking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through this contact.

What is sustainable cannabis packaging?

Sustainable cannabis packaging emphasizes crafting packaging bags from eco-friendly material to reduce any negative impact on our surroundings.

What is child-resistant cannabis packaging?

Child-resistant cannabis packaging is a type of packaging developed to prevent children from accessing cannabis products packaged inside. It typically requires a certain level of strength, dexterity, or cognitive ability to open, a difficult task for young kids.

What is CBD packaging?

CBD packaging refers to the packaging used for products that contain cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant.

How can I choose the right packaging supplier for my cannabis products?

Choosing the right cannabis packaging supplier is crucial, so here are a few tips to consider:

Select a supplier with experience in cannabis packaging, research their reputation and customer feedback and ask for samples to examine the product’s quality. A few attributes like pricing, customization options availability, and minimum order requirement will also give you an insight into the supplier’s capacities.

How do I design custom cannabis packaging?

Several suppliers of cannabis packaging have their design teams, which can create a personalized design for your packaging bag based on your information. Alternatively, you can hire a graphic designer to do this job.

What is the most common type of cannabis packaging for pre-rolls?

The most common cannabis packaging for pre rolls witnessed in today’s time is pre roll tubes that hold cannabis pre rolls in small quantities.

How do I choose the best packaging for my cannabis products?

Cannabis packaging selection requires information about your target audience and their preferences and a clearly defined brand identity. Additionally, it is recommended to contact a supplier with extensive experience in the cannabis packaging field to guide you through and research your competitors to gain insight into their strategies.

What are some best practices for cannabis packaging design and labelling?

The finest practices for cannabis packaging design are a broader spectrum, and the article has covered several strategies in detail. Summarizing a few practices include concise language, readable fonts and text, warning labels and other relevant information about the product and getting feedback from your target audience about the packaging bags’ final design.

How can I differentiate my cannabis packaging from competitors in the market?

The cannabis packaging bags with unique designs and innovative features that ensure your packaging highlights the unique selling point of your business is a reasonable differentiating factor. Additionally, always comply with the latest trends and emphasize the quality of your product and packaging using high-quality materials.


Cannabis product packaging is undoubtedly an essential aspect of branding and marketing in the cannabis industry. The recent industrial growth demands keeping up with trends in sustainable, custom-designed, and innovative packaging solutions. However, it’s inappropriate to invest all your energy in the packaging design part and not to consider the product’s quality vital, as quality is the actual parameter for customer retention.

Knowledge of your target audience and brand identity and using attractive design always elevate the cannabis packaging status and let them stand out on dispensary shelves and attract potential customers. And by following the best practices outlined in this blog, your brand can achieve success in the competitive cannabis market. So, take the time to consider the packaging of your cannabis products and invest in high-quality, eye-catching packaging that speaks to your customers in a positive manner.

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