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Why is packaging important in the cannabis industry?

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing, with new products hitting the market every day. As more states legalize cannabis for medical use, the need for proper packaging becomes increasingly important.

No matter how fresh your weed is, you still have less control over it and that’s where your product needs suitable packaging even after leaving your shelf and becoming the customer’s priority.

The Impact of packaging on branding and customer experience:

Packaging is a critical component of branding and the customer experience in the cannabis industry. It can help establish brand recognition, differentiate products from competitors, enhance the consumer experience, protect the product, and provide convenience.

One recent study found that 72 percent of consumers say the package influences their purchase decision. And it can be more effective in making a brand stand out than traditional forms of marketing.

Overview of the cannabis packaging design landscape:

The cannabis packaging design landscape has evolved significantly in recent years as the cannabis industry has grown. Two of the key trends in cannabis packaging design include:

Minimalist design: Simple, clean designs that emphasize the product and its benefits are becoming more popular in the cannabis industry. This approach often includes the use of bold typography and high-quality product photography.

Customization and personalization: Some cannabis companies are creating custom packaging designs that cater to specific demographics or product categories.

For example, packaging for edibles might feature playful illustrations and bright colors, while packaging for medical products might feature more seriousness.

Types of Cannabis Packaging:

Different types of cannabis products and their packaging needs:

There are various types of cannabis legal products in the market, from oils to beverages, chocolates, capsules, and more but what matters most is how you package them.

It requires specific packaging formats with their unique challenges and a no-compromise policy on quality. These may include child-resistant and user-friendly, clear and accurate labeling, high moisture and oxygen barriers, UV protection, food safety, scent-proof, sustainability, and a lot more.

Popular types of cannabis packaging:

Besides the products type you sell you need to focus on its outer look and safety which can only be possible through safe and secure packaging. Some of these are shown below for you to consider:

      • Silicon jars contain nonstick properties due to which the product can strain out easily without any wastage like wax. Regular plastic contains high chemicals but these jars have no chemical leaching.
      • Mylar bags are the most popular ones so far in the market. Its low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is what makes it suitable to keep strong weed products, for a maximum period. Its smell-proof ability helps customers keep their cannabis utilization guarded.
      • Translucent jars and bottles let the customer see the product without opening it. Flowers and leaves are the most appropriate products to keep in them as their flavor and scent will be protected in their airtight formulae.
      • Tin containers are perfect to pack in bulk as they beautifully carry different forms of cannabis, such as pre-rolls, edibles, flowers, and concentrates. They also have child-resistant lids and are water resistant, resalable, and do not tear easily.

    Factors to consider when choosing packaging materials:

    Choosing the right packaging material is not as simple as it seems. Here are some factors to consider:

        • Choosing a material that is visually appealing and aligns with the brand’s values and message can help increase the chances for your product to boldly reflect your brand identity.

        • The packaging material must meet all regulatory requirements for the cannabis industry, such as child-resistant features, labeling, and tamper-evident seals.

        • No matter how pretty your packaging looks, it will be of no use without durability as it should reach safely to its consumer with no point in how long it has to travel without getting damaged. It also varies on where it needs to reach.

      Design Considerations:

      How to create packaging that is both functional and visually appealing?

      Have you ever noticed yourself picking the best fancy-looking item of your preference from the shelf? It feels better because it has already boosted you through its outlook. That’s how important functionality and visualization are. What you need to focus on is:

          • Be clever by using less material but never compromise on its quality.

          • Use attractive design elements.

          • Provide proper information about ingredients, dosage use, and safety precautions.

          • Use high-quality material for safety purposes that should be user-friendly.

        The role of color, typography, and imagery in cannabis packaging design:

        The cannabis packaging design should not be similar to normal stuff packaging. It should get some attraction if you want to stand out in the market, such as:

            • Bold colors speak louder so they would go according to the nature of the cannabis item.

            • An attractive logo should say it all.

            • Use vibrant and eye-catchy imagery.

            • Don’t write too much stuff in small places while designing the packaging. Try to remain specific.

          Examples of successful cannabis packaging design:

          The following examples would let you know why cannabis packaging should be chosen for all of your products:

              • Kiva Confections is a California-based company that produces cannabis-infused chocolate products. They use sleek, minimalist packaging that features bright colors and clear labeling.

              • CannaCraft is also a California-based cannabis company that produces a wide range of products, including vape, cartridges, and edibles. They use colorful, eye-catching packaging that features bold graphics and playful typography. It conveys a sense of fun and excitement.

              • Marley Natural is a cannabis brand that was founded by the family of the late reggae musician Bob Marley. Their packaging features a distinctive wood-grain design and bold, minimalist typography.

            Regulations and Compliance:

            Overview of the legal requirements of cannabis packaging design:

            Legal requirements are strictly unavoidable as they are safety precautions, just as:

            Nine states require opaque packaging for cannabis products that should also be child-resistant and has no child-attracting outlooks.

            Focus on warning labels, Prohibiting packaging that resembles any commercially available food, and the provision of poison control numbers is a must.

            How to ensure compliance with local and state regulations:

            Remaining aware of the packaging, labeling, inventory, testing, recordkeeping, and keeping an eye on all the employees so they work according to the regulations of the state is not an easy task. It requires:

                • Information about which state and local agencies are regulating your business and monitoring them.

                • Trained staff who can keep records and report requirements.

                • Working through planning and making a checklist.

                • Obtaining approval from regulatory authorities.

              Potential penalties for non-compliant packaging:

              It can vary depending on the state and the specific regulations in place. Here are some examples of penalties that could be imposed:

                  • Fines are a common penalty for non-compliant cannabis packaging. The amount can vary somehow depending on the situation.

                  •  In some cases, a cannabis business that repeatedly violates packaging regulations may have its license revoked. This would effectively put them out of business.

                  •  In extreme cases, a cannabis business that violates packaging regulations may face legal action, which could result in significant financial penalties or even criminal charges.


                The importance of sustainable packaging in the cannabis industry:

                We, human, has created a massive trash problem through plastic usage. More than 300 tons of plastic are produced annually.

                According to Greenpeace, only 9% of that plastic waste gets recycled! This is why sustainable packaging is important, as it will bless nature. Plastic packaging pollutes our land while sustainable materials are often recyclable.

                Examples of sustainable cannabis packaging materials:

                Sustainable materials do wonders which several packaging materials are produced. So, some of them are:

                    • Hemp plastic is made of hemp fiber and is remarkably non-toxic and recyclable.

                    • Biodegradable plastics are made from plant-based materials that break down naturally over time.

                    • Glass amazingly recycles again and again without losing its quality. 

                  How to balance sustainability with branding and functionality?

                  Balancing sustainability and functionality can be pretty challenging. The product’s specific needs should not be compromised while selecting its packaging material.

                  Sustainability can be a vital part of a brand’s identity, and businesses can choose packaging materials that align with their brand values.


                  What are the most popular cannabis packaging materials?

                  The most popular are metal, mylar, plastic, glass, and paper.

                  Can I design my own cannabis packaging or do I need to work with a professional designer?

                  It is highly recommended to work with a professional designer as expertise and experience matter whatever you do. Also, the company has strict legal requirements.

                  What are the consequences of non-complaint cannabis packaging?

                  It may vary depending on the specific legal requirements of the jurisdiction in which the packaging is being sold. But a few possibilities are fines and penalties, product seizure, or legal liability.

                  How can I make my own cannabis packaging stand out on the shelf?

                  By creating unique designs and strong brand identity with sustainable materials and adding special features.

                  What are some best practices for designing sustainable cannabis packaging?

                  While focusing on sustainability also try to emphasize its reusability. Educate your customers about the environmental benefits of your sustainable packaging choices.


                  It’s a necessary part of a product to have the best packaging which is not possible without cannabis as it carries all that it should, including durability, customization, and longevity.

                  Different types of materials used in its packaging keep the product in its actual form with a beautiful outlook including powerful imagery, and an amazing choice of colors that is both functional and visually appealing.

                  The future of cannabis packaging design will be shaped by a combination of regulatory requirements, consumer preferences, and sustainability concerns.

                  Companies will need to be innovative and creative in their approach to design and will need to balance the competing demands of safety, convenience, and sustainability to create packaging that meets the needs of both consumers and regulators.

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